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Hi, everypony!


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Hi, everypony! I'm brand new to the Bronie community. I've been watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for only a day now and I already love the show!


I was told that I can find some of the most accepting and amazing people on the forum, so here I am! :)


So far I think my favorite pony is Ranbow Dash.

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Welcome to the forums and also, a big welcome into the most loving and caring community you'll ever find on the Internet. I can say from personal experience, since I've been in this community for a year now, that you're in for an awesome time. The Internet gets 20% cooler* when you're a brony.


*pardon the overused pun

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Welcome to the forums and to the fandom in general! You have lots more fun ahead of you, trust me.


Are you watching the episodes in order? Because you really should. Some jokes won't make sense otherwise (pinkie sense, for example).

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Why hello there, and welcome to the land of magic and ponies. I hope you will enjoy your stay in Equestria's finest forum. We have muffins.



Rainbow Dash would like to salute you on behalf of the forums. And for saying she is best pony.


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