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gaming Fallout 3: My Little Pip run; discussion topic.

Phoenix Wright

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I'm doing what I call, a "Pipsqueak" run in Fo3. It's where I try to imitate the stats of Little Pip from Fallout:Equestria. Don't know what that is? Google.

Discussion starts now.

What should I do with Butch and the sweetroll?


Oh my lord. I just took the goat and my job was Pip boy programmer.


I feel special for even finding this out. This was by complete accident.

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I've never read fallout equestria, but I freaking love every single one of the fallout games (except for brotherhood of steel, which apparently isn't canon and that is absolutely fine in my book)


I'll have to give it a read and participate with you guys.

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That's an awesome idea except I really hate stealth in RPGs. I prefer to go in screaming like a banshee looking like a bad ass in some souped up armor listening to 60s music on my radio :3

Other than that, that's an awesome idea... tell us how it goes!

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