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writing A new me


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If I were to forget myself

Even if only for a moment

I would imagine a whole new me

But then I would have to ask

Just who am I now?

Would I carry on the way I lived?

Or perhaps start anew?

What if I stand by my limitations?

Or maybe live for me?

I could be who I wanted

In this one moment

And I could do what I wished

What my former could not

But, in an instant

It all fades away

No more dreams of a change

And a life with a different me

For I am who I was made to be

Which is why cannot find peace


-David Favret



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I have never thought about this. What if you forget who you are? Would you learn everything about your past self and act just like you were, or would you forget that and create something new, something you have always wanted to be?


And how would your mind be affected? If we are a product of nature and nurture, and you forget the nurture, what does that leave you with?


Oh, the questions you create with your amazing work...

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