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  1. The occasional misspelling/grammar mistake is forgivable. It only becomes a problem when it is habitual. Oh, and on the texting note: No mercy. It is no trouble for me to use correct spelling and grammar while texting, so it can't possibly be that difficult for you. Yes, I know this is a fallacy, but I don't care. To my understanding, both are correct. Anyway, I would rather have an overuse of commas than an underuse.Example:
  2. Got back from Spokane, WA today. I am now officially in the Marine Delayed Entry Program. Ship to Basic in just over a year.

  3. Well, I was gone for a while as the app wouldn't load (it would just crash right before the loading screen). After the new update, I got 40 chests and 210 hearts, for a total of 250. I feel so good right now. Thank you guys (and gals).
  4. Honestly, this is one of the only things that annoys me. Twilicorn just sounds horrible. I prefer Alicorn Twlilight or Princess Twilight. And yes, I feel very strongly about this.
  5. Getting up in six hours to take an AP Language test. To bed!j

    1. Yamato


      I took that today. It was... You know, I'll just let you find out yourself... Best of luck to you sir.

    2. Master Blade the Bearded

      Master Blade the Bearded

      Thank you. The practice tests I have taken weren't too difficult, so here's hoping.

    3. Yamato


      The multiple choice bit was easy-peasy...

      The essays... Well, let's just say I hope you know what you're doing.

  6. Been on Akinator for a while now. It has guessed everything I've thrown at it, including every pony I've done. I freaking out a little.

    1. OEG5789


      I know, that akinator is smart

  7. Been reciting the Rifleman's Creed all day. For the past three days, for that matter.

  8. I'm in the same boat. I have 27 gems...and I need 600. This should be fun... Also, has anyone been having trouble with the game and internet connection? Many times it has said that I don't have a connection, so I can't do the social. But when I check, my connection is fine.
  9. My hand was just stabbed by one of my hairs. That was strange.

    1. longgone


      Your hair is THAT spiky? O_o

    2. Master Blade the Bearded

      Master Blade the Bearded

      No, I just looked down and there was one of my hairs sticking out of my hand, so I pulled it out. But this is even more strange...I think it was one of my arm hairs.

  10. You have to take into context the time this is taking place. This is during Nightmare Moon's reign and directly after. So maybe eventually they might make Twilight an alicorn, but I don't see it happening any time soon.
  11. That would take a while. But lucky for you, there's a huge list in the first post of this thread! Or you could just post yours and have us add you, though you will probably get more friends adding them. Oh, and mine's nsmaster88.
  12. It doesn't necessarily mean that she is important. Lucky was 77k, and that was just for St. Patrick's Day. And later on in the game, that's not really that much money.
  13. Yes, I know that she moves around when she is off screen long enough, but I just go OCD and start staring at her and trying to tap her, hoping that it will work.
  14. Anyone else have this problem all the time? Derpy behind the one kind of parasprite you can't get rid of. It would be nice of Gameloft to stop this from happening, but I doubt it's going to happen.
  15. Got back from San Diego last night, now doing homework for Monday.

  16. My average is 344, but the best I've gotten is 370. The key is to wait until the ring around the ball is a little under a centimeter away from the ball, and swipe, not tap, the ball back. At least that's what I do, and it seems to work pretty well. Edit: I'm on an iPad, so the distance might be different for you, depending on what you are on.
  17. About to get on the plane headed back home. Homeworks awaits me.

  18. Goodnight forums, see you in the morning.

  19. Hey man, you know I'm always here for you. Hopefully everything goes up from here. Here's praying.
  20. Leaving for San Diego. Might not be on for a while.

    1. Starflower


      Have fun! ^__^

    2. Master Blade the Bearded

      Master Blade the Bearded

      NVM...flight delayed. Leaves at 6:50 now. Three hour wait commence!

  21. Third day of Spring, and it snows. Twice. Gotta love the Northwest.

    1. I am TheBronyHeart

      I am TheBronyHeart

      I honestly cant get enough of the snow.

    2. Master Blade the Bearded

      Master Blade the Bearded

      And it stopped. Completely. Instantly. All of the above.

  22. gusta. I need to get out my legos sometime soon.