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  1. I've never really seen that about Cadance myself, i.e. I've never really seen her as stereotypical, nor have I seen her as Disney like I do like her, and even ship her with another pony, but I agree more needs to be done with here. It's a shame that some think she was "created just to sell toys", the character may have been thought while the episode was being made (this is confirmed now), but the storyline was planned for a long time, and was algedly one that was based on an old idea of Lauren's, so simply creating the character while the episode is being made doesn't mean that she was just created to sell toys. They could have just come up with the whole storyline around what was happening and just not decided on her character yet. It happens. Also, if you were joking, it's fine, but I do resent the whole "all about money" thing you say at the end of your post, Art does exist, we don't just create for money, some of us do care about the art, and storytelling. I am interested in art, but if I was able to make it a reality, and release my creations to the world, would I only care about money? No, I'd care about my ideas being shown to the world, my story being told. The same is true to many writers, singers, artists, whatever - they aren't all just in it for money, it kind of hurts that you think we are. Also, while Hasbro themselves may only care about money, it's clear that the people who write My Little Pony (not just FIM) as a TV series care about the story and the entertainment for the viewers.
  2. And, it was first shown on April 1, or at least that's when everyone was talking about it. The toy could easily be "real", just recolored since all the G4 toys look like each other, so it would be very easy to recolor one if you knew how to.
  3. All this fuss about an April Fool... this was confirmed as fake ages ago, I am fairly sure. Though I came in late, just as April Fools day was ending, and people were talking about how they were fooled by this. Not really, Hasbro have been very lazy with the G4 toys, especially compared to the G1, G2, and G3 toys. All ponies in the G4 toyline (be they ponies in the show, or toyline exclusives) are just recolors of the mane six, even if they are nothing like them in the show. The only thing lazier is when G3.5 happened, and it was just the same seven ponies released again and again. Basically, G4 toys is just what G3.5 would have been if they recolored the toys each time, and called them something else.
  4. However mature we try to respond to haters (the most mature way would probably be not to respond at all, I guess...) it is annoying when they go out of there way to "attack" us on our videos, our drawings, and our websites. This is "our" place, so why do they have to be there if they don't like it? It can be very frustrating. However, is it really just our fandom that get this much hate, or isn't this just what haters do? We probably notice it more here, because the majority of us care about the show, and the fandom. Someone came to something pony related and insulted it, and told us not to like it, even though no one forced him/her to look at it - that happens with everything. I've seen a lot of pictures on, say DeviantArt for example get responses like this from their haters. I've liked quite a few things that have been hated, but I was a lot more obnoxious about what I liked back then, so I probably wouldn't have noticed the real haters from the people who simply had an opinion, and would have probably invited the hate anyway (this, by the way, is the only thing that makes me glad I didn't follow MLP earlier in life, but I mostly regret it). My favorite Final Destination movie, is considered the worst (and the movies themselves are not popular), I am one of the few people who like both old and new Nickelodeon shows, and I have a very wide taste in music. So I have had my share of experience with haters. So why is it I notice pony/brony hate more? Are the haters nastier or not? It could be because, I am a brony so I could be taking it as an insult to myself, and people I socialize with, but the furry community gets a lot of hate too, but I have always been able to shrug that off. I do shrug off brony hate too, at the end of the day, but it stays longer, and it's worst if I'm in a bad mood. It could be because most furry haters are pretty unimaginative, as they always say the same thing (hint: it involves doing something in Hell...) which furries themselves have used as a joke (I'm not one; I just want to be, though I care more about the brony fandom). Admittedly most brony haters say the same thing themselves - that we're all watching a little girls show, so maybe they're unimaginative too, but that annoys me because it's not exactly true (MLP: FIM was actually aimed at both genders, and even when My Little Pony in general actually was aimed at just girls, it never really seemed girly to me). Sorry this was long, but I'm literally conflicted with myself here...
  5. Around the time the whole "Lyra vs Heartstrings" thing was going on, there were several other pony toys facing the same debate amongst are fandom, one of which was a pony named "Lullamoon", who very closely resembled Trixie (not sure if the cutie mark was the same, but it probably was). After we complained (rather pointlessly to be honest) Hasbro compromised with what ponies they could, such as rereleasing "Heartstrings" as "Lyra Heartstrings" (a name I already used), and "Lullamoon" as "Trixie Lullamoon". However, did they really need to correct the latter? The thing about ponies like Lyra, and Colgate (released as Minnuette) is that they fannamed, Trixie was not fannamed, so if they release a pony with a different name, what makes us think it's her? It's not like any of the other ponies had been officially named in the show (Derpy has nothing to do with this subject) so the jury was still out on them (somebrony even suggested "Heartstrings" could be a different pony, as the original was darker than Lyra - I'm personally okay witht them being the same pony). Trixie has been named in the show, so I personally think that Lullamoon was a different pony, and that an actual Trixie toy may or may not have happened on it's own. Lullamoon may or may not have appeared in the show, as in almost every generation/version there have been ponies who are toys, but never at any point appear on the show (Tales had some show exclusive ponies who never became toys, G2 was only toys, G3.5 is the only one to have all ponies in the show, and in the toyline, because there were only seven of them). "Oh, but Trixie and Lullamoon look the same, though!" True, but as much as I love all generations, including this one, it has to be said; the Friendship is Magic toyline is pretty lazy. All the toys are just recolors of the mane six, regardless of what they look like in the show. It's not as bad as what G3.5 did, but it's still pretty lazy.
  6. Luna wasn't a foal in Season 1, she was an adult mare. The reason she changed looks is because she got her powers back in season 2. It's just like how Celestia is actually just a normal pony with a pink mane, but when she has her powers she looks how we saw her. Luna was supposed to always look how she did in season 2, and would have just appeared as she did in season 1 when we first saw her because she was "powerless". Hasbro didn't really want Luna to appear that much, because who they thought was the target audience wouldn't like her, but when they saw the show had a wider audience, they allowed Lauren and the others to include her. If she had appeared in the very next episode (Ticket Master) she would have had her season 2 look.
  7. Yeah, I get that it's a portmanteau of Twilight and Alicorn, but it makes no sense to me. Twilight was a unicorn originally, and the "-icorn" part is in unicorn as well, so it could easily refer to unicorn Twilight. If she has to have nickname, it should be "Alitwi" or something, not Twilicorn (but ultimately they all sound bad to me.)
  8. Twilight is named after a pony from the 80s show, and was supposed to actually be her until copyright meant she had to change slightly. However, Lauren did plan on making Twilight a princess one day, but the name could have been a coincidence or planned, it's hard to tell.
  9. Knight Shade was stuck up? I must have missed that part, the first thing he did (even while he was still a "sort of" villain*) was advice three young ponies on how to sing better than he does, surely that makes him the opposite of stuck up. While I wasn't a huge fan of "Bright Lights" (the sudden change from "Soul Stealing" to "Shadow Stealing" caused the plotline to have no sense) I have watched it enough times to see no simularites between the characters. *He was more of a "just following orders" character than a villain, I think.
  10. What everybrony seems to be forgetting is that at no point did the show even say that Celestia and Luna are imortal either. That was another fan thing that became a fact. Longevity and imortality are not the same thing.
  11. The Show Stoppers was the episode that I saw first, and I instantly loved it (I knew nothing about the show or the fandom then) I found the CMC to be very relateable as characters, as I can compere there storyline to my own life in a way (the whole, finding who you are thing). I will always have a spot for them, and I will always have a spot for this episode.
  12. Yeah it's me. Sure, I've replied to your blog I hope that's what you meant. If not please explain further, and I'll do what you want me to do.
  13. I loved it found very heart-warming. I understand the desire to having it later though, but ulitimately it's definitely one of my favorites. So you can add me.
  14. I loved Mare Do Well, and am pleased to see some possitive opinions of it in this thread. I keep meaning to do aa whole defence thing on it, because I feel that many bronies missed the point of what was happening (specifically Dashie's personality). Wingnut, that was brilliantly written. I loved Magic Mystery Cure too, I thought it was a beautifully put together episode. Even if people didn't agree with what happened to Twilight, I don't think it should put too much negativity on the episode. Also one person also couldn't even accept that I was okay with the episode being a musical (or "music video" as he/she put it - clearly having no idea what a music video is). The storyline was in the songs, this time, and it worked for me. Also, I'm actually okay with Princess Twilight - it was actually planned from the start, and I don't think it will change the show too much, but either way it's silly to accuse it of doing so before we even see season 4. There is a part of me that thinks it's early, but ultimately I'm okay with it. I am less okay with the Alicorn T|wilight because it is kind of a plothole, but I don't mind that she is one now. I don't really know how popular my low episodes were; The only one I hated was Putting Your Hoof Down even though other episodes scored low on my list. I could say them if you want.
  15. Well, if I wrote the book I have a good idea of what rules I'd put in it. Everybrony is entitled to his or her own opinion on what episodes are good or bad, and none deserved to be insulted for liking a hated episode or hating a popular episode. Everybrony should be allowed his or her right to "ship" whichever characters he/she chooses, and must not be insulted for doing so. This can apply to friendshipping or romantic shipping. The previous generations of My Little Pony do not have to be liked, but their existance should be respected, and we should not flame/troll fans of those generations (this includes writting hateful comments about the shows on YouTube). Create don't complain; If Hasbro/Studio B do something you don't like, find away around it in your fanon - don't waste your time complaining about it on everywhere even remotely pony related. For Example: Do you prefer the brony name for a pony, more than the Hasbro name? Don't complain, create fan material using the name you prefer. Don't argue if somebrony refers to a multiple named pony by the name you don't like. Always check things before complaining; For example; Hasbro did not want to remove Derpy, and Derpy was not renamed Ditzy. If you are open about the fandom, you represent the fandom - don't give the haters more ammo than they have. That's all for now, they are not in order, and obviously if you're a girl, and you prefer the term pegasister this applies to you too, I just find it easier this way.