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Ponies from my fanfics


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Hey all!


Here's some ponies from my up-and-coming fan fictions:




Smores is a blank-flank living in the town of Bridleton in the San Palomino Desert. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders come to visit, Applebloom tried to introduce her to apple-based sweets!






Tracker is a pony whose special talent is finding lost items, including lost ponies! (This was a gift for my sister.)




And finally, Blue Moon:


Blue Moon was going to be Princess Luna's acolyte, much like how Twi is Princess Celestia's - but with this new Twilight Sparkle Princess shake-up, not sure if I'll be continuing that line. :) In the original story she was going to be the same age as the Mane Six, but without her Cutie Mark as she doesn't know that her special magic only manifests at night... that is, until the Mane Six help her find her special talents.



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