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Which Character From My Little Pony Are You?


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13 hours ago, TempestShadow said:

I would be surprised if this has not been up here before, but here we go!

Which Character From My Little Pony Are You?



I´m turned out to be a Fluttershy pony, hmmm this is straight the opposite to Tempest Shadow :) how come ?




Same as you -- I got Fluttershy.

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Kind of disappointed that Starlight isn't a result you can get cause I often feel I am the most like her.

I took the test and got Twilight, I have no clue why cause like... Dude, I am NOT a bookworm, I am not always striving to learn more, I don't really see myself as the glue holding my friends together either. Yeah I don't really agree with the test. I haven't seen pony personality tests in a LOOOOOOOOONG time tho so like this kinda took me back. 

(update) So I realized there was another link and took that test and I got best pony (Rarity) as a result 
This test really AND I MEAN REALLLLLLY places me firmly in the Rarity group.

Photo Finish - 2 
Rarity - 2
Sweetie Belle - 2 
Princess Cadence - 1 
Zecora - 1
Twilight Sparkle - 1 
Princess Luna - 1
Applejack - 1

Didn't even get rarity first Apparently the test says I am most like Photo Finish, I guess. Given my love for photography that is way more accurate than it should be.  
It's more accurate than saying I am like Twilight. I'll give it that, but I still believe I am most like Starlight.

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I'm surprised at results from both surveys. I got Luna in the OP. And this in the other one. 






That's probably more accurate than I want to admit. 

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Now, this was unexpected...

You got Rainbow Dash!

You’re super competitive, love sports and have made your peace with competitors, except when you get to show off your moves. You’re super cool, and you want everyone around you to know that as well. You’re at the top, and you’re strongly built and have great reflexes. You don’t let anyone stand in your way, and you protect your title if you have to. You are loyal to your friends.


Second one is closer to how I am...

The nicest and kindest teacher of them all, Cheerilee is a much beloved member of Ponyville's education system. The Cheerilee type loves to share and expand knowledge with other ponies; and they're also eager to help the little ones grow up, encouraging each of their unique talents to blossom. Cheerilee types are hardworking and incredibly patient, often sacraficing their spare time if somepony requires their intellect and wisdom. Dedicated to their job, they won't easily settle down with someone or take time for a vacation.

Cutie Mark: Flowers, representing a gift to help others bloom.

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7 hours ago, PiratePony said:


I did not  "try" to get this, I swear.



*Sure* you didn't. :P

In all seriousness, you're *so* lucky to get your favorite pony as your final personality test answer! 

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