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Hey There! Allow Me To Introduce Myself and Share My Story


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Hey there! My name is APonyToRemember but my real name is John. I am 18 going on 19 in April and I have just created my account here on MLPForums. I also took the personality test via Bronyland and I have been a brony for about four months now. As cliche' as my story sounds I actually caught a glimpse of the show for the first time first thing in the morning while living in the desert (in CA). It was a cool brisk morning and I had been playing Minecraft all night long, (which my friend had just gotten me that very same day) and had already had a couple of drinks so I was a bit buzzy :P I was about to watch some of my usual runs of anime (Sekirei) before I finally went to bed when all of a sudden my niece woke up and pointed to "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" in the Netflix Instant Queue asking if she could watch. I pressed "A" on my xbox controller and was about to go to sleep in the other room when I heard that beautiful theme song for the first time. Now see, I'm a pretty open-minded guy who actually adores cartoons and such so I decided to sit down and watch one episode with having no prior knowledge about it or the existing fandom. 

I will never regret it. 

I started from the very beginning E1:S1 and I'm currently on S2:E17. I loved it from the very beginning and I felt a bit strange for liking it but had overheard my good friends from high school (other bronies) talking about the show and I talk about it with them now just about every day for hours. I guess you can say that we're moderately obsessed :P 

We make pony pixel art on Minecraft and pony emblems on Black Ops II for the Xbox 360, watch the show, read fanfiction, and listen to and cover songs from the show on various instruments. We also own memorabilia including; MLP Trading Cards, T-shirts, Headphones, DVD's, Downloaded tracks and episodes, and other things. I would like to get my hands on a Rainbow Dash Plushie so I can sleep with her at night and a pair of Rainbow Dash headphones to listen to my various Metal/Rock n Roll iPod setlists. 

I guess what appeals most to me about My Little Pony is well, everything! The show has a kind of nostalgic feel, the kind that you had back in the 90's when you ran home after school to catch your favorite show whether it be on Cartoon Network, Nickolodeon, or Disney. The characters, animation, and voice acting is top notch with talents such as Tara Strong and Ashleigh Ball among the cast and their producer, Lauren Faust is amazing at what she does. There is a personality for every person in every pony and the lessons at the end of each episode are incredible and the meanings get deeper and deeper as you delve more and more into the show. There's things that we forget to mention or remember as adults and MLP is a good example of etiquette and self-reflection among many other great things in today's society. 

Lastly, I am a proud, competitive, loyal, and supporting brony. While I do not go around boasting about MLP to everybody that I run across in daily life, I do however spread the message of love and tolerance as much as I can to those who need it or will accept it. I wish and hope that you all do the same. I support everyone in the community, even (dare I say it?) *cloppers* :o but honestly I do not judge and I know that everyone is wired differently so I am accepting of all. Just try and keep your preferences to yourself if you can unless I say that I'm comfortable otherwise. XP Thanks and have a great day everyone!



~Rainbow Dash~ <3
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Always good to see more Dash fans :3 Welcome to the board, that's quite the tale you have there. I'm C.Discord, self-proclaimed leading Discord fan, writer and a big Dash fan myself. You've just so happened to join the largest growing pony community forum out there, and I'm more than sure you'll not only enjoy yourself but have a lot of fun participating in everything we have to offer :3


After you're all set in getting settled, be sure to check out our Resource Map, it's a one-stop guide becoming less lost on things, and having all sorts of common questions answered.

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I haven't read a good introduction to the community post like that in a long time.  Gives me some hope that, despite the community being hyped, there are still plenty of genuine, devoted fans entering.


Welcome to the forums.


I started from the very beginning E1:S1 and I'm currently on S2:E17


Spoiler time:

Twilgiht gets wings.




Have fun with the whole series ruined for you!

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A very good and thoughtful introduction. Sounds like we'll get along great (I tend to with other Dashie fans ;) ) Enjoy finishing the show and welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here :) 

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Welcome to the forums! I'm Jokuc and as you probably can see, Pinkie Pie is my favorite. If you ever have any questions about the site I'd love to help and of course I hope you will have a great time here with us.



Black Ops II for the Xbox 360

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy! But here's my GT so add me maybe. "Jokuc"


I had to.

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Welcome to the MLP forum bud.


Trust me. I thought it was awkward watching it the first time too. But after I noticed that other people watched it too. It made it less awkward for me. Bronies and Pegasisters forever!

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