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Princess luna stood in her chambers alone with her thoughts, her mind clouded with the evil she had done. She had never quite forgiven herself and she never would. As the sun went down she paced toward the door ready to raise the moon. 

She walked down the corridor to the balcony where she always raised the moon. She look out at the sunset, wishing that pony's loved her moon as much as they loved celistias sun. The sun went all the way down and she cast her spell rising

The moon for the night. She decided that she would go for a flight around her land, she flew first to ponyville she looked down everyone was asleep, she flew on seeing lights on a hill she flew twored them and it appeared to be a pony 

with a telescope gazing at the stars. "hmm" she thought "why would somepony look at the stars when most pony's are asleep". She decided that she would wait one more night and see if he was still there. Night fell again she flew to 

ponyville again for somereason she wanted more than anything to see this pony again. she flew twoard the hill and shurly he was there, gazing at the sky again. 


Zenith awoke from his slumber groggly he awoke grabed his bag, he strolled out of his home. everyone was heading home as the sun set. he walked to his favorate hill. layed down a telescope and got out some things to write with he looked

up at canterlot watching luna raise the moon. he then started to gaze up at the stars. he got to thinking, sleeping during the day is lonley he needs a friend, but he then rememberd how mean he was when he moved to ponyville no one 

could ever forgive him, he let out a sigh. "why does thou sigh?" a voice let out. Zenith looked behind him to see princess luna, he imediatly bowed. looking up he said, "oh... im just thinking". luna looked at all of his astronomy 

equipment and thought "odd most ponys use theese to see things far away. luna asked "why are you out here at night all alone". Zenith replied "i like to study the moon and stars it is my lifes work, the day is boring the moon's beaty 

is allmost unmatched and the stars are as numerous as there are ponys in ponyville". in her mind luna was exstatic that there was a pony that enjoyed her night, on her outside she hid that fact. she turned to him and said, "you stay up 

all night looking at the sky". "yes" he said "i also get up a little early to watch you raise the moon, i have loved to watch you do so since... since you came back." an akward silence came over the two, untill Zenith looked at her and 

said,  "I know you aren't the same as nightmare moon now, i know how you feel being a differnt person than you used to be and everyone only seeing you for who you where". "when i first came to ponyville as a filly i was quite rude, i 

would be mean just to be mean, but ive changed now and no one seems to notice." princess luna thought "oh my he is very simalar to me no friends he is misjudged... and he loves the night." luna looked at him and said i now of a better 

place to study grab you things. in a flash of alicorn magic Zenith and princess luna vanished.


Zenith appeared in a big room dazed and confused for a moment, he then saw luna and asked "were are we?" she looked at him and said "canterlot, in my personal chambers, i too enjoy my night so i had this made". Zenith  saw luna point 

to a balcony with a very nice telescope and all kinds of astronomy tools he had only read about. she walked on to it gazing up at the stars Zenith turned and said "thank you very much for bringing me here" luna just smiled. they spent 

the whole night discussing stars and the moon and their lives. as the sun came up they stopped talking both tired Zenith fell asleep Luna zapped him back to ponyville with a note. luna was overjoyed Zenith was the closest thing to a 

friend she had had in over 1000 years. 


Zenith awoke that day in his bed with a note that simply said, "I hope to see you again" -Luna. that was one of the best moments in his life he opened his door to take a stroll in ponyville in an unussaly good mood......


re reading this isnt very good....

should i continue? or just leave it as is??

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Its okay. There are a lot of grammar errors but nothing a few minor touch ups couldn't fix. Other than that its not a bad start. Might be some spacing problems but I'm reading this on my android and sometimes it doesn't fit properly.

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