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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Finally, a season 6 episode that I liked. But then, it's Rarity *automatic win*
  3. I just couldn't enjoy this episode. Fact is, I just don't like where they've taken the show in general these past 2 seasons. I feel the writers have just lost touch with favoring the fan pandering over story content and this episode just lost it for me
  4. Ya, they upset me somewhat with this announcement that Alicorns were not born. I just personally feel that it subtracts from Luna and Celestias importance.
  5. I actually feel that it should have ended at the end of season 4 Not that I didn't like some episodes in S5 *doose Rarity ep's* But I am getting the feeling that this has finally started it's downhill slide
  6. This movie was by far a much better story then Frozen imho
  7. Why not.... It worked for Kevin and Kell
  8. I think they just went off the deep end. I didn't like this season opener and i think they just shot themselves in the hoof with this whole alicorn thing. And while i know it was just fanon, the idea of never haveing a born alicorn until now just diminishes the rolls of Celestia and Luna and erases the importance of Twilight altogether. I honestly think im done with this story
  9. Happy birthday old man :P

    1. Argumedies


      Old man... ya, you got that right. Thank you :)

  10. Ponies & Stargate:

    1. Argumedies


      The link did not work

  11. This may be usefull for a sequel of your fanfic:

  12. NOOOOO!!!!!.... THEY REDEEMED MY FAVORITE BAD PONY.... AND THEN DID THAT OTHER THING... NOOO NNOOOOO NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!#!#!!!!!!!#!## THIS EPISODE DID NOT HAPPPENN!!!!!!! (and the worst part is that i totally loved it!!)*sob* congrats cmcs! No really, an awesome episode
  13. Keep the beginning Keep the ending (keep the "Sweetybell is on to your sh*!" Big Mac moment) BURN EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!!
  14. Awake at 4 am because my Tantibus really hurt me last night. I post that only because i know only here would that be understood.

    1. thegoodhen


      It's not understood cuz I dunno what Tantibus is.

  15. Well i guess look at it this way, in a movie where there is only obvious plot lines, its one of the few things left up for debate. *shrugs*