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(Private) Ouker's Trial

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Okay then Luna's aprentice is the judge. Okay let us begin. On Tuesday the 7th of feburary, 18:00 the prosecution woke up after going to Mr. Evilshy's party with a bite mark on his leg. the suspect was found at the scene heavily drunk with blood over his muzzle.


That is the opening statement. Prosecution, please bring in ouker your first witness.

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We somehow got involved in Evshy's idea of throwing a party with beer involved.

I myself was planning not to drink, as my body can't withold alcohol very well.

However, dear Evshy had other plans ; he gave me a drink that was supposed to be plain coke.

I believe with a sip, I was already... Under the influence.

After I came to, I was told that I had something red on my lipful area...

...So I gave them a lick, and tasted the most exquisite taste : Blood.

Still, the blood could have been anypony's : even mine, if you ask me.

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