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Nikolai Nevski, Minister for Defence,

Equestrian Parliament,

Canterlot Castle,



November 1st 2012;

We were in the Parliament hall, listening to Princess Celestia make a big speech. This time, it was something serious. She began to rant about Discord, the god of chaos, and how he came back to life with an entire army and that we should be prepared for a war. Didn't startle me, I witnessed both The First and Second World Wars in the human world.


I went to back to my office, where there was something on my desk. A Telegram. It read...


Dear Nikolai,

As you heard from my speech in the Parliament, Discord has come back to life. But that is the least of it. This is something that needs to be discussed with you, and you only. Meet me in my Office at 5:00 PM and we will discuss the matter at hand.


Yours sincerely,

Princess Celestia.


At 5:00, I headed down to Celestia's office. I sat down. It was the first time I was in this room, and it looked pretty. Her mantlepiece was flooded with trophies and photos. The huge picture frame behind her seat was her and 6 ponies. Then, she walked in. 'Sorry I'm late', she said, 'I had to reply to a letter by my student, Twilight Sparkle'. She sat down at the desk. 'As you know, Discord has come back to life, and he is stronger than ever. He has his own army gathering in Fillydelphia, I want you to go undercover and check it out. And also, if you ever have the chance, assasinate Discord. He will be visting Fillydelphia and he will be in an open-top staff car. It would be a day for the history books. You would be a world hero'. I thanked her for giving me the honor of doing the mission and headed off. Assasinating Discord. I couldnt pass up an oppurtunity like this.


OOC; http://mlpforums.com/topic/73428-operation-discord/

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