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Vickes art and progress


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Hi everypony!


I cant upload my pics on my other thread, i keep getting ''This failed to upload'' so i guess i have to make a new thread?

So if any mod/admin sees this, please delete the old thread of mine. Thanks!


My first one. I am really happy with this one.






First one colourd.







My second

This one is OK i guess. Got a little stressed and hyped so that probably why some parts are off!







Please. Tell me what i can improve on, and yes. These are my first serius images i've made.

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You are pretty good

The second ones eye seem a little bit off to me though


Yeah, but to late for changes :D


they look cute :)

what do you use to draw? ~


I do all my pony-art freehand, with a mouse in ms paint


I use a tablet.

And thanks ;)


You've deinfitely got the style down, I suggest using lineart so you can have much neater lines ^^


Yeah i know, but well. I am both new to PS and the Tablet. And drawing in general.



Thanks for some critics btw.

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