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Szia! Hallo! Ciao! Greetings!


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I'm Silver Mist, or whichever you'd like to call me!
Well, if you can't tell, I'm quite new to this site, but we all like multicolored pastel ponies all the same, do we not?
I'm an author over at FIMFiction (you can find me under the same name ^^) and I draw, and stuff..yeah...I'm bad at introductions.
I'm going to devour all of your souls though, so there's no hiding from my. Or running. So, there's not point in either one.

I've been in the fandom since March, but I started writing fanfiction and drawing in early April. Let me tell you how bad my drawings were. They looked like they were hit by a truck and were puked on by a mule. Not that mule's aren't fun. I mean, one even wears a wig in the show!

Err, welp, I think I'm done here. Donate your soul and I'll grant you a pet of your choice laugh.png

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hey silvermist i am glad to be the first welcome you to this fine establishment (at least i think i am) :P

may i call you just "Silver" ?

im sure you will like this place :3

see you around

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Welcome to the forums Silver! Th... WAIT! Woah, woah, woah. Hold the phone. Any pet I want? You're telling me... I could have a REAL Eevee? :squee: Dood! My soul, for an Eevee? You got a friggin' DEAL! (Hah, you got gypped, I wasn't using it anyways.)


I'm sure your drawings can't be any worse than mine! I'd love to see em fer' sure. Granting it seems just about every artist has a low opinion of their own art. (It's a curse!)


And if you'd like the brony equivalent of a big brother, there's one right here; ready for duty. What's my duty? Well honestly I hadn't thought about it... Ummm... something with colors and aquatic life... man it's on the tip of my tongue. AH, RAINBOW TROUT! Yeah!... what were we talking about?.. OH, add me as a friend if you'd like and hope to see you around! (Yeah, that must of been it.)

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Brony brother?


I've always waited for this day. I'll gladly add you, only if you become my bbbff :33


You know when the season 2 finale first came out it was so AWESOME. I was already known as the "Big Brother" of our rather large brony group in NC. Twilight started singing about her big brother, who even had blue hair (I do as well!) and everyone starting looking at me with the big stupid smile on my face and yelling "Aniki, this is your song!". Hoh'man, good times! I will gladly be your BBBFF!!! yay.png

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