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  1. I would really really dislike that. I don't know if I'd stop watching the series for it, that would depend on whether it's a permenant thing or not and the actual quality of the content from then on, but it'd definitely ruin the atomosphere of the series for me. I really don't want that to happen.
  2. I wouldn't have much of a problem with them but I think their designs are horrible. Some were passable I guess (still very far from good though) but I really disliked the way they did Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.
  3. For me it's definitely Burger King. A friend of mine and I have a certain "ritual" involving that place. Anytime we buy a video game or finish writing an exam or do well in something we eat in Burger King. And sometimes even just for kicks XD. There is one next to our school and this developed overtime. It's not about the food (which we actually do enjoy) or any real big reason. It's just something we got used to doing and won't stop anytime soon . It's nonsense but it's fun. Hooray for cholesterol!
  4. Even though a lot of people say it is bad, which it certainly is, I'd still recommend watching it. Despite looking mostly like a cash in to start another toy line, the movie itself was made with such love and care it's impossible not to enjoy. At least for me. It's nothing special but if you enjoy the show there are enough nods and jokes to keep you in front of your screen until the end of the movie.
  5. Even though Season 4 doesn't have the same feel to it as the ones before it for me, I see no reason to leave . Everything I love about the show and fandom is still here. I'm not going anywhere . Taking breaks? Sure, school gets too much sometimes. But this is something one does not simply leave behind !
  6. It's closing in on a year for me . I got on the Friendship Express around the time Equestria Girls came out.
  7. Being as unremarkable as possible? Dammit me, enough with all that negativity :okiedokielokie: . According to others I'm a capable writer and actor. So I'd say something along those lines . I do enjoy doing both of them even if I rarely get the chance to.
  8. I think the Equestria Games will be done by the end of this season. In my opinion, many of us would be disappointed if it was dragged out into another one. Not to mention it would make no sense at this point. I don't think it will be the center piece of the end of the season ,though I could see that happening but it would be hard to pull it off, and would most likely result in a season finale that feels like it has a bit too much crammed into it.
  9. I think seeing her appear again as a friend this time, could be made quite interesting. Especially, if they put an interesting twist to it. Though MLP certainly seems to have a lot of redeemed villains doesn't it ? So, I don't really have an idea what they could do with her that could be unique to her and her alone right now. But I definitely wouldn't mind seeing her again !
  10. I think Cloud Atlas is a severely underrated movie: I found it to be fantastic and I just can't understand why it get's so much hate. This is the only one I can think of right now.
  11. Picking your favorite game is kinda like picking your favorite child. You can't really do that without breaking your own heart . With that said... Persona 3. As of right now anyway. There is no game I like better than that!
  12. Hooray for Dark Souls ? Good luck on your midterms by the way! I'm sure you'll do great!
  13. Sure hope so. I'd really like to see where and how they live. I think there is huge potential there. Just don't make them all jerks like Gilda.
  14. Yeah, I must admit the first movie wasn't that bad. But what came after it really colored it for me. I just can't get over the major league stupidity of those movies. Especially love how they constantly force the main characters from the games in to the background to show off how cool Alice is. Great big f you to the fans. Not to mention those stupid sigh inducing plots. Even though I don't really enjoy the games anymore, I still like the franchise and I just hate what these movies do to it. To the point that most people I know think of them first when Resident Evil pops up in a conversation.
  15. The live action Resident Evil movies. Even back when I was really interested in Resident Evil I disliked them. I just couldn't find anything to like. I'm sure I have seen others that I found worse but those are the ones I found to not only be bad but so disrespectful to the source material that they just made me groan. The fact there is so many of them just astonishes me.
  16. Oh, time to indulge in fantasy... well fantasies eh ? I think I'd be the wise cracking pirate/bard type character. Using a sword, dirty tactics and a silver tongue. Looking out for number one but ultimately doing the right thing. Or a wizard. Commanding spells and incredible magic isn't too shabby either. But not the Gandalf type of wizard with the robes and everything. The bad guys know that that's the guy who throws around some major destruction. I'd try to conceal that fact and do everything to look ordinary up until I'm forced to do otherwise.
  17. On the other hand Rainbow Dash kinda has the powers of Storm from X-men doesn't she? And Pinkie Pie could be Quick Silver. Sooo... Yeah, I think we are starting to put more thought into this then whoever came up with it .
  18. Rarity's Green Lantern (or should I say Pink Lantern? Bad joke I know) power definitely. That seemed to be the most useful in this episode and was used the best way in my opinion. One of the best things in Power Ponies for me was the way they handled it.
  19. While I don't particularly miss her and I don't really find her return overdue, it would definitely be awesome to see her again . There are some fun ideas out there about what she could do in the show and I wouldn't mind those realized. Or at least get a bit more out of her. Not letting her return would just be a waste.
  20. My first GTA was Vice City. And for a long time that was the only one I played and managed to beat. I dabbled with San Andreas for a while but I haven't beat it until recently (in preparation for GTA V). Ah, Vice City, so many good memories, so many fun references !
  21. Hah, based on the title I was kinda dreading this but it was actually pretty funny. Really entertaining video. But seriously sometimes I feel like some people (both fans and haters) take this way to seriously. When the chips are down we are fans of a TV show. Nothing more nothing less. I happen to think that this fandom is one of the most awesome things that has ever happened to me and I hope it will live on well into the future but sometimes things just get out of control. Oh well, at least some funny moments can come out of that .
  22. I am fairly sure that the Equestria Games are going to make an appearance in the show fairly soon. We had much build up to it now. We might even have more in the future. It's the new "Grand Galloping Gala" in a sense. It would be a wasted opportunity not to show it and I can't wait to see what it's like to be honest !
  23. I don't think it's lens flare so much as overusing it. I never had a problem with it personally, in fact I find it quite stylish, but I can see how people could find it distracting and even annoying.