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Hey there!

Daring Do

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The name's Daring Do... You've probably heard of me?


In case you haven't, I am an adventure pony! Not just any, though; I collect artifacts, face deadly traps, and compete with my arch-nemesis... Ahuitztol... I thought this would be a good place to rest before my next great adventure, because I am seeing so many good ponyfolk.


My entrance with the customs might be.... rattling though, they might come after me, according to the Constitution, and I might not be able to stay without them chasing me around. Jeeze, it's like escaping booby-trapped dungeons all over again.


See you around I guess!

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Hello Daring Do! Welcome to the forum!


You will find that this place is an excellent place to rest when you are not on an adventure. The people are nice, and the moderators and admin keep this place well secured from Ahuitztol.

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