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Pony Merch Hello!!

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Hi Everypony!

My names Mary and I'm a buyer for a toy store in downtown Seattle


Happy Salmon on pier 56

1201 Alaskan way S #102

Seattle WA 98101


I am so excited for the MLP convention in July!!!! and I just wanted everyone to know that even though I can't go (stupid work :roll: ) I hope to see people wandering downtown between convention events.

I'm stocking up on pony merch!!! We've got lunchboxes, mugs, cups and more! And I just placed pre-order on the full line of Plushies that look very promising.


Hope to meet some of you in person.

And I am excited to be here on Everfree!


-luv Mary

Happy Salmon.

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Woah, that sounds awesome! It's too bad you won't make it down to the con. Keep your schedule free for next year. ;) Hope you get lots of business that weekend! Welcome to the forums.

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