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The Greatest "Friendship is Magic" Stories of All Time


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Welcome one and all and

Merry Christmas!


For this holiday season, I've been interested in compiling a list of historical moments. Moments of spontaneous goodwill and kindness from the most unlikely of places. Whether you have something historical or something you just happened to witness in your day to day life, ANY story is welcome.


On Christmas day, in 1914, two armies from the western front of World War I formed a most unexpected friendship. Upon hearing the sound of singing, both German and British soldiers stopped their firing and joined together in a most unexpected truce. Enlisted men felt inspired to climb out of their trenches and joined together into choirs who sang together despite their differences. Word reached the higher ranking officers, who joined in as well. Soon enough, Germans and British forgot all about the war and did things together, like bartering with each other for war souvenirs and playing football. Most touching of all was a time set aside to bury their dead laying across no-man's land, which joined them together in descent Christian fellowship. But unfortunately, when word reached the Generals, both sides began to suffer the consequences when their friendships needed to be pushed aside for duty. Soldiers wandering freely from one trench to another were gun down unexpectedly; which soon broke apart this friendship that could never last. But, for one day, the bitterest of enemies learned how to stop fighting.


No matter what ANY hater says, Friendship is Magic!

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My History teacher used to tell this story to my class two years ago. It's a beautiful and bittersweet story, and kinda sad how it ended. But yeah you're right, moments like that really show the very heart of humanity. Thank for you sharing that story with us here. :)


Also, I didn't know this took place on Christmas day! That just makes this all the more surprising!  :o  Nonetheless, it really shows that the holiday cheer can really influence us all, regardless of any differences. :lol:

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Thanks. I'm hoping with a compilation of stories such as these that I could make a top 10 list of inspirational stories, but since I'm not a history buff it's hard figuring out where to begin. I'm glad this story was inspiring to you both.

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