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S01:E01+E02 - Friendship is Magic


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3 hours ago, Pascalle said:

I think it's a good introduction to the characters.

It does establish itself really well. Everything is nicely paced, you learn about each and everyone in their own place at their own time. It helps that the Mane Six have such different and distinct personnality and deisgn, it really helps cementing them as their own characters, instead of just being Twilight's friend.

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Ahh the first two episodes, man, it has been only like 9 months i started watching Mlp and became a brony, but it already feel like it has been years haha.

i don't have a lot to say about it, if i be honest, it's also just a episode where i can't hate it because of how iconic and special it is to me, i feel like the only problem i have with it, is just how Twilight easily and like really rushed turned into one of the mane six, it just felt like "oh hey we barely have any ideia who the hell you're, we barely had any conversation that important, but i guess we are best friends now since u will defeat Nightmare Moon.".

I really enjoy how the 2 ep plot keeps going showing each character their element by their personality and how they handle specific situations, i also enjoy the adventures vibe it has, Lauren wanted the show to be named "mlp: adventures" and i'm pretty sure she was going to focuse more on the Mane Six exploring Equestria around, i'm not sure if i like how this ideia didn't go far in the show, because i love episodes like "Dragonshy" and some few others, it shows that she was still trying to put the original 80s Mlp story style but less childish as hell and something enjoyable for everyone.

Oh and yeah, the vibes that both episodes have are kinda unique to me, the first episode has some few tracks that never played in the show again, and they are so "2000s cartoon" vibe, the second ep with the Everfree Forest at night with that beautiful colorful dark blue sky and overall just the colors that i don't feel it has been used in any other episode like it did with this one, you can really see how they were trying their best to find what would make the show great and definitive, both episodes in general feel like a pilot, it shows us the main characters their personalities, ponyville and a little of Equestria lore itself, it's bland and simple, but in a way that made these two episodes so iconic to me. 

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Man I loved it. Honestly, one of the only reasons I ever watched it was that I have an obsession with all things lasery and glowy and I also thought the plot was decent.:Cozy:

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  • 2 months later...

I loved it! It got me hooked on the show. I also really liked the storybook introduction with Celestia and Luna and how it introduced us to the characters. 

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