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OOC Rebirthing

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Darkness has fallen. The light has gone out. Hope has been lost.

Will you let it die?

Snow falls down on the cold estate as a group of ponies prepare for one of the oat painful processes to ever come to them: the regenerative process. All hope had been lost for the world for quite some time now. An entity known as The Dark One has taken over half of the land of Equestria, and now this small group must take him out. But they aren't going unassisted. In their quest, they have been granted the ability of regeneration, which they may use once if they are close to death. Can this group stop the vile Dark One, or will these regenerating ponies lose their lives in vain?

It's time to find out in:



Welcome to Rebirthing!

For this roleplay, please heed the following rules:

No god modding

Only use your regeneration if you absolutely have to. If you die after the regeneration, you're dead. Simple as that.

Use good grammar.


Character's Name:

Race of 2nd incarnation:

Appearance of 2nd incarnation:

I thought this would be pretty original, and that some people would like it. Here are the slots:



super2379: Light Streak

Delernal: Night Comb







Have fun! Feel free to join at any time! Sign- ups are always open! :)

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