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Hello! Welcome to my page here on MLP Forums!

I generally go by SFyr online, but for anyone interested in knowing, my first name is Jonathan. Currently, I do general art for Poniverse, perform sectional moderation for Octavia's Hall, and run the Poniverse Tumblr (less so now that school is kicking my butt, but I love drawing for it!). I am dominantly a digital artist, but I aspire to work with traditional mediums on the side, and occasionally write up some stories here and there, even though a lot of latter two will never make it online. If you're interested in seeing any of my work, you can find most of it on my deviantart page linked below!

Beyond this site, I'm a student currently engaged in earning a degree in both Biochemistry and Computer Science, and after that, maybe a doctorate in a field relating to the former. Basically, I love science, and academic topics in general, so feel free to open up some discussions on that front if it's something you're into as well!

In reference to the fandom, I have a strong fondness for bat ponies. SO many of my characters have wound up with little fangs and leathery wings. There's just something about them that has grown on me--though upon reflection, part of it may be that they're a lesser explored species of Equestria. My favorite characters of the show are probably the 'main' princesses, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. I love some of the fandom explorations of them, and overall they just seem like they would have a lot more depth and respectable life stories hidden behind their lesser appearances. I kind of get the feeling that they are SO complex and have had a lot go on in their life, but it's all in the unspoken background. Plus, each seems to be an honest, loving caretaker by nature but express it in different ways.

For this forum in particular, my activity waxes and wanes. However, I love hearing from new people! That, and browsing around, seeing what people are up to, and maybe either contributing or commenting on people's works of art. So far, I've really enjoyed my stay here. I also sometimes share a good bit of that fun with my best friend Nervous Stitch, who joined this site with me, and contributes her awesome plushie-making skills to the fandom. If you see her around, don't be afraid to talk to her, she's a pretty awesome person (who admittedly does supply me with my plushie fix in exchange for drawings).

I don't have a true "ponysona," but I've taken on a pony by the name of Intern as my personal stand-in. He's a bit of a mock puppet based on some of my own qualities.


Also, for anyone who would prefer a human face over a pony, here's a picture of my mug--prepare yourself! :


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    Drawing, Writing, Math, Science, Nervous Stitch, getting things from QT, Loving on Cats

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