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  1. Here is The Heart Carol (or "A Circle of Friends) from MLP:FiM's Season 2 Episode 11 (Hearth's Warming Eve) on the Organ.


  2. WARNING: VERY Long Blog Post - Remember to pause and rest your eyes :P 

    Last November, I built my first custom PC, a simple budget-friendly rig with an Intel i3-6100, 8 GB of RAM, and a GTX 1050 Ti. Overall, it suited my purposes and did quite well. But, recently, the poor thing started to have problems, the biggest of which being just overall system instability. Shortly before the upgrade, it had gotten to the point where my system was crashing at least three times per day. After investigating, I determined that it was multiple things causing the frequent crashing. The biggest two were a dying motherboard and CPU. You see, when I built my system, I wasn't as tidy and careful with it as I should've been, it took a few tumbles...

    Anywho, back to this topic of this post, upgrading my PC.

    Recently, I had the opportunity to take $1250 USD and upgrade my PC. So, after much consideration with my friends in the PC building community, I settled on this parts list:

    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600
      • Cooler: AMD Wraith Spire OEM Cooler
      • I switched to Ryzen because it came highly-recommended by my friends, and it was cheaper than buying an Intel i7 and compatible motherboard.
    • RAM: 16 GB DDR4-2400 Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM
      • I just had to buy one stick, I salvaged the other one from my old PC :P
    • GPU: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Mini
    • PSU: EVGA 600W Semi-Modular Power Supply - 80+ Bronze certification
      • This also came highly-recommended and has really good reviews.
    • Storage:
      • Primary: 480 GB SanDisk SATA III SSD
      • Mass: 1 TB Seagate HDD
        • This was also salvaged from my old PC because it has all of my games and programs on it :)
    • Motherboard: MSI B350M Gaming Pro MicroATX Motherboard
    • Chassis: Corsair Carbide Series 88R MicroATX Chassis with side-panel window 

    Now that the parts list is settled, let's discuss what actually happened and what went wrong.

    The night before the originally-expected delivery date, FedEx pulled up with a small package from Amazon for me. The package had the motherboard and RAM in it. At first, I was not pleased when I saw that FedEx was going to be handling a portion of my order because they've always had a hard time finding my address. So, imagine my surprise when I saw the FedEx truck pull up into my parking lot. They must've thought that I lived in the building next door because they drove right past us. My brother-in-law and I literally had to sprint after the FedEx truck in order to flag it down so I could get my package. In the end, I got my package and had to wait an addition day for the rest of my parts to arrive via UPS because everything got delayed due to a recent snowstorm.

    The next day was busy for us. The week before, we were all doing our Christmas shopping online and, consequentially, all of our stuff started showing up. So we had UPS trucks coming, FedEx vans literally coming one after the other and our P.O. box was overflowing with packages for all of us sent by every store from Walmart to Famous Footwear and the WWE Super Store.

    That afternoon, I was pacing back and forth waiting for a UPS truck that had the rest of my parts to show up, I was starting to worry since both Amazon and UPS' online tracker said that my package was preparing for delivery. I was worried that they lost my package, over $1000 worth of PC parts. So, as you could probably imagine, I was ecstatic when UPS arrived and the driver said that he had two packages for me. I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself. The first package, the big one that weighed in at a whopping 9kg (20 lbs), had the rest of my parts. The second package, a smaller one, had the PC toolkit that I needed and a Rick and Morty t-shirt.

    After getting the box opened, I got right to work taking inventory to make sure I had everything, and I did! :D

    Actually Upgrading:

    The first thing I did was rather simple, I took my new SSD, connected it to my old PC, downloaded the free version of Macrium Reflect, and cloned my old SSD's data to the new one. This saved me a lot of time (and frustration) because I'd have to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and download all of the updates if I couldn't clone my old SSD.

    After that was done, I got to work dismantling my old PC so I could salvage the RAM, 1 TB hard drive, and DVD optical drive from it. This didn't take too long, but the wiring was a real pain, especially when it came to removing the RAM because I had cables all over the place inside that old PC.

    Once I had all of the parts I needed, I set my old PC to the side and got to work assembling my new one. The first thing I did was prepare the motherboard. I took the motherboard out of its box and included anti-static bag, sat it down gently on my table, and got to work installing the CPU, RAM, and CPU cooler (this is where the first problem started). After the motherboard was ready, I started preparing the new chassis. I installed the power supply and routed its cables, mounted the SSD and hard drive into the chassis' included hard drive cage, and mounted the optical drive after popping off the face plate covering the optical drive bay.

    After the chassis was ready, I began the slow process of installing and wiring up the motherboard. The biggest pain was dealing with those annoying little front-panel I/O cables, but I got them wired up (not properly though, this is the second problem). After that, I wired up all of the power connectors and SATA data cables for the SSD, hard drive, and optical drive.

    Once the motherboard was mounted and wired up, I got to hold my new GTX 1080 graphics card in my hands for the first time. It felt great, the card was heavy and had a sturdy all-metal back plate. Feeling like this was a truly magical moment, I slowly popped out the required PCI-e covers from the back of the chassis and slowly installed the graphics card into the slot on the motherboard, after hearing that click from the socket latching onto the card, I slowly pulled back and endured what I could only describe as a religious experience. I felt the ascension from being an entry-level PC gamer to being a part of the Glorious PC Master Race. After that life-changer, I connected the PCI-e power cables from the power supply to the graphics card and got to work on cable management.

    The task of cable management is not to be taken lightly and I grossly overestimated the difficulty of it. I never realized there were so many potential combinations for cable management, but one bag of zip ties later and the deed was done and my PC looked great (to me at least :P)

    After closing up the chassis and admiring my work for a few minutes, the most crucial moment in any PC build was upon me, the dreaded first boot, the period of time where you'll figure out if your parts work or if a battle between you and the retailer for a replacement or refund lies in the very near future. I was sweating bullets as I connected the required cables to the PC and pushed the button... A few seconds pass, and nothing happens. Oh no... I tried again, still nothing, then I pressed the reset button by accident and it turned on :wau:. Yep, I wired the power and reset buttons incorrectly, but at least the system powered on. Then I had to wait for it to cycle and run the Power On Self-Test (POST) and, boy oh-boy, you should've seen me when it booted and loaded Windows. I was actually, literally, jumping for joy. An hour and a half of work and it all paid off. I had it, the PC of my dreams.

    I spent the next three hours installing all of the drivers and getting stuff up and running properly.

    The Problems:

    As with almost every beginner PC builder's second build, there's usually one or two things wrong, and I was certainly no exception.

    The first problem, as mentioned above, had to do with the CPU cooler. You see, I'm used to installing Intel's stock cooler, it just clicks into place with little force needed. But AMD's Wraith Spire cooler required a lot of force for me to install properly, I was actually worried that I was going to break the CPU or damage the motherboard while I was wrenching down on this cooler and, oh man, it put up quite a fight. While I was installing the cooler, it would let go of the threads on another screw holding it to the included back plate, so I'd have to go and fix that, then another one would break, and I'd have to fix that.

    At the end of it, I thought that I had the cooler mounted properly, so I decided to play some games for benchmarking purposes. Halfway through benchmarking a game, I get a notice about the CPU overheating, so I downloaded AMD's "Ryzen Master" software and looked at the CPU's temperatures. It was idling at 70 degrees Celsius, uh-oh... So I had to power down the PC, unplug it, power cycle it so there'd be no residual voltage left on the board, and began round two with that damn cooler. This time though, I came prepared, I held the PC down by pressing my chest onto the case while I wrenched down on the screws with all the strength I could muster. Again, I worried that I was killing my CPU or motherboard, but I eventually got all four holding screws properly threaded and tightened. That was a pain, but with the task done, I reconnected everything and powered on the PC, and sighed in relief as it booted into Windows with no issue. Then, after logging in, I opened up Ryzen Master again and saw that the temperature was now idling at 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, the range AMD said to expect in the manual that came with my CPU.

    The second issue has to do with the power and reset buttons being inverted. Turns out I just connected the cables to the wrong jumpers. I haven't switched them yet though, mainly because it's not important. Leaving them "as is" won't damage anything since they both have the same required connections and voltage. I may fix it at some point, or I may not.

  3. Hi Everyone, 

    I am just wishing to share with fellow bronies. Not get viewer traffic. Here is the open captioned version of "A Stroke Of Endurance" to make the film accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing, along with official trailers and bloopers below. 

    Crip Video Productions presents "A Stroke Of Endurance" 

    Film Synopsis: A college student with Cerebral Palsy named Ava, and her classmates must deal with the emotional and physical ramifications when their professor has a stroke that leaves him disabled in the middle of the semester when they least expect it. 
    Feel free to share on email lists, social media etc. 

    Tumblr blog versions 

    “A Stroke Of Endurance” full film open captioned 

    “A Stroke Of Endurance” trailer 

    “A Stroke Of Endurance” trailer open captioned 

    “A Stroke Of Endurance” bloopers 

    “A Stroke Of Endurance” open captioned bloopers 

    Youtube versions

    A Stroke Of Endurance, a film by Margot Cole

    A Stroke Of Endurance, a film by Margot Cole (Open Captioned Version)

    A Stroke Of Endurance Bloopers by Margot Cole

    A Stroke Of Endurance Bloopers (Open Captioned Version) by Margot Cole

    A Stroke Of Endurance (Official Trailer) a film by Margot Cole

    A Stroke Of Endurance (Official Trailer Open Captioned Version) a film by Margot Cole 
  4. Darkmoon Glimmer (David Glimour)side1pegasus.png

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    Rhythm Weaver (Richard Wright)wright01.png

    River Waters (Roger Waters)robert01.png

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  5. So the way I have made Pegasi work is actually quite simple: if you’re a Pegasus, you are born with an awesome tattoo that gives you your magical wings and the ability to fly! Plus the tattoo also doubles as the cutie mark.


  6. Hello, everyone!

    So one of my friends from back when I was still a member of Equestria Daily has recently started a Discord server for people who are interested in writing, called the "Anything Goes Writer Workshop", and since the server is pretty inactive currently, I have decided to help her out a little and give you all a server invite:

    If you are interested in writing, and own a Discord account, I would highly recommend you visit the server!

  7. Stardust Balance
    Latest Entry

    Season One.


    Season Two:


    (Credit to Shadow Beam)

    Season Three.


    (Credit to Shadow Beam)

    Equestria Girls.


    (Credit to Denis: )

    Season Four.


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    Season Five.


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    Season Six.


    (Credit to Raven Rawne)

    It's come a long way, and I can't be more grateful for that...

  8. One year ago today I uploaded the very first video on my channel! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIDDLE BOX! Time to celebrate with a compilation :D


  9. So, yesterday was Capcom Cup 2017 and it was really exciting. I think Tokido with his Akuma was definitely the favorite to win the tournament, but I think people totally slept on Mena RD and his Birdie. He ended up winning the tournament. Tokido just couldn’t come up with an answer for his Birdie. 

    And after that, Capcom revealed the new character. Everyone already knew what character it was going to be based on the hints they had given, but it was still exciting to finally see Sakura in the game. They also showed the other characters coming to the game which includes Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat.

    I am definitely excited for Arcade Edition because I am hoping it brings more players to the game. It’s definitely a good point to jump into the game if any one has been thinking about it. Ranks are going to be reset and the meta will probably change due to nerfs and buffs. 



  10. MesmeApplejack.jpg

    Mesme convinces AJ, that it wouldn't hurt to just relax and eat one apple from her trees. At first, AJ wasn't sure, but the very stubborn pony soon felt deeply relaxed by Mesmes eyes, thinking that his idea dosen't sound so bad, making her smile a bit.


  11. There's no question that we've made an enormous amount of social and scientific progress over the centuries, perhaps most of that progress being in the last half century or so.  Even though the current political landscape and discourse can make us feel the contrary, things are definitely the best and most evolved that they've ever been in the history of our species.  However, as I see it, there remains one major hurdle that desperately needs to be overcome in the near future: clearing up misconceptions about atheism, which is the purpose of this essay.

    Whether you are an atheist or not, we need to start having more honest conversations about the topic.  We can still have disagreements, of course.  People can disagree about the existence of a god(s), but do so in a civil way in which no one is portrayed as a villain.  Here's the short of it: atheism is nothing more than a lack of a belief in a god, but an inordinate amount of people, still today, believe that atheism is some sort of immoral doctrine.  This insanity has to stop.  Let me explain this very plainly.  Atheism is not a doctrine nor a dogma, it's not a belief "system", nor a choice.  It simply means that one hasn't been convinced that a god exists.  That's it.  "I've seen the arguments for and the evidence against, I've read the books, and I'm simply not convinced that a god exists."  Nothing more.  And yet, it seems that there are still a lot of people who think that atheism is some sort of unethical, immoral, evil, dogmatic belief system, some sort of hedonistic chaos doctrine that says, "nothing matters, so let's all just have orgies willy nilly and kill each other."  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Atheists, by and large, belief that life matters a great deal.  In fact, it is specifically because of the finality of death that we believe every moment is precious, but that's a larger tangent that I don't want to get into right now.  The point is that atheism isn't a set of rules or some sort of satanic belief system.  It just means one isn't convinced.  If I handed you a copy of Harry Potter and said, "Now, do you believe that Lord Voldemort is real?", you would obviously say no.  Even if the book itself said that every word was literally true, you probably still wouldn't be convinced.  Not without evidence.  What if I asked you if you believe in fairies?  Unicorns?  Dragons?  You wouldn't be convinced of the existence of any of those without evidence.  It's not outright impossible for any of those to exist, but we have no reason to believe they do.  We've never seen a shred of evidence.  So, you wouldn't be convinced.  It's no different with respect to atheists and god(s).  We're just not convinced.  It's not a choice, and it's not an active rejection of any of the good teachings of god or the bible (of which there aren't many.  :/ )  It's simply a position of looking at the bible and going, "Eh, I just don't see any evidence.  I'm not convinced."

    Before continuing, I'd like to add that atheist are not dogmatic.  We don't say that it's impossible for a god to exist, and absolutely nothing can change our minds.  No, not at all.  Quite the contrary.  You show us some evidence, and our minds will be changed accordingly.  If a god descends from the clouds and says, "Here I am," they by golly, I'll be a believer.  I simply don't believe in things for no reason with no evidence.

    Not being convinced that a god exists is clearly an amoral belief--neither moral nor immoral.  It has nothing to do with whether you're a good person or not, just as not being convinced that unicorns are real has nothing to do with morals.  Arguably, not believing in a god often results in better morals because one must get their morals from themselves and other people, and modern people are far more moral, and far better arbiters of morality than an ancient book.  Moreover, most religious people don't get the majority of their morality from their holy book.  If they did, they'd be executing gays and stoning their children to death for back-talk.  Religious people still get the vast majority of their morality from the other people in their culture, and that morality is a product of centuries of secular progress.  For instance, figuring out that gay people are just people, and deserving of the same respect, rights, and compassion as everyone else, was the result of secular ideas and pressure.  This realization didn't come from rereading and reinterpreting the bible.  We have become more moral and more ethical throughout the ages because we are thinking beings with an innate ability to reason, to tell right from wrong, and improve our morality.  Morality doesn't come from a god.  It comes from us.  But whether or not you believe in a god, it's time we stop thinking that atheism is inherently immoral.

    I chose the subtitle for this essay because there have been so many social hurdles that have been cleared, and are now commonplace and widely accepted, but atheism still has so far to go.  In the not too distant past, the issue of the day was civil rights, racial equality and integration.  Even though racism is still a problem, there is absolutely no comparison to how it was in the 1960's and prior.  We've had a black president, interracial relationships are completely commonplace, and there's lots of black people in the entertainment industry, and in media, and has been for many years.  Even though it's not perfect, I'd say we're basically past that hurdle.  In my generation, the big issue has been homosexuality.  I'd say we are by and large past that hurdle as well.  We got gay marriage, and there's a quite a lot of gay representation in entertainment.  I mean, you've got sitcoms like Will & Grace, you've got gay characters on shows and in movies, you've got entire LGBT networks, and hell, just the other day I say a jewelry commercial--y'know, one of these "a diamond is forever" things--that featured a lesbian couple.  Sure, there's still lots of gay hatred and intolerance, but homosexuality is brazenly out there in the media, and most people seem cool with it.  Most shows/movies/networks don't seem afraid to have a gay character.  Most filmmakers or tv show producers, or game developers for that matter, don't seem to be scared that if they include a gay character, they'll lose their audience.  It's not an issue.  But atheism hasn't made much headway, here.  Atheism is still kept in the shadows, and having an openly atheist character is taboo.  The only openly atheist characters on tv are edgy cartoon characters like Brian Griffin and Rick Sanchez.  The makers of these shows get away with it, in part because of their target audience, but also, I believe, because people have an easier time stomaching this position from a cartoon character who isn't real.  I suspect that if live action sitcom characters were openly atheist, people would have a completely different and objectionable reaction.  I suspect they'd become soured, start hating the show and the character, and possibly even conflate the character with the actor, thinking that they are immoral and such.  Cartoon characters don't seem to have this problem as they are so much further removed from the real world.  Personally, I think it's tragic that the Big Bang Theory guys are not openly atheist.  Of all people, they absolutely should be, and yet with some of them, they just don't mention it, and with others, they are "culturally" religious--they identify as a particular religion, but don't seem to really practice it.  I have no doubt that the writers felt that openly atheist characters would drive the audience away.  This is absolutely shameful.  It is time that we have atheists represented in entertainment at the same level as gays.  One of the only openly atheist characters in television history was Mike from All in the Family, a show that was far ahead of its time.  Atheism needs to be commonplace in the media.  The misconceptions about it will probably never stop until people start seeing atheists in the media and realizing that they're just people, not a cult of vampires or something.

    We need to start talking honestly about atheism.  We need to stop tiptoeing around the word, saying it hushed tones, and being afraid to admit that we're not convinced that a god exists.  Regardless of one's beliefs about a god, it needs to be understood that atheism absolutely is not something unnatural, sinister, or immoral.  You may have noticed that I always used the phrase "a god", not just, "god", like a name.  I do this intentionally to raise awareness that the Abrahamic god is not unique, special, or different from the thousands of other gods that have been created throughout history, thousands of which are still worshipped today.  The god of the bible is just one god--one among many.  Every believer is an atheist with respect to every other god that's ever been worshipped.  We non-believers just take it one god further.

  12. Kept you waiting, huh?



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  13. Over the long summer, my mandarin oranges developed and finally ripened into these delectable sweet treats! It's been about half a year from blossom to fruit and everyday was worth it :smug:




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    I randomly thought about how these things were all the rage back on the MLP Wiki 3-4 years ago, so I thought it might be fun to create one now! Maybe some already exist, but this is my version.

    To play, just take whatever day of the month your birthday is (X), and that will correspond to a forum member. Then, look at your birthday month to get the situation!

    Forum Members (X): (the first 31 I could think of, completely randomized order)

    1. Chrysalium
    2. Prospekt
    3. Lightwing
    4. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man
    5. IronM17
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    8. ChikoritaCheezits
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    Birthday Months:

    January: You find out that you and X are distantly related! :ooh:

    February: X proposes marriage to you! D'aww :kindness:

    March: You and X are stranded on a deserted island together! :wacko:

    April: X decides to boop your snoot every day for an entire year! :yay: 

    May: You and X have a dance contest! But who will be the judge? :mustache:

    June: You and X go on an epic quest to take down evil monsters! :o

    July: You and X have been turned into cats! :catface: 

    August: X bakes mystery cookies for you. How nice! :nom: 

    September: You and X team up to take over the forums! :umad:

    October: X dresses up in a creepy costume and scares you! :wau: 

    November: Oh no, you and X are banished to the moon! :orly: 

    December: You and X get into a crazy huge snowball fight! :raritysillyhat:

    EDIT: Oh, I forgot to do mine! Looks like @Twisted Cyclone will be joining me in another attempt to take over the forums! I totally didn't put that for September on purpose

  14. Hello and welcome back to Music Monday, where I discuss songs/albums/artists and explain them! Today I'll be going over a softer, romantic song that I find to be one of my favorites in this band's discography. This is I'm There by Hey Violet.




    I must say I'm never like this
    I'll break it down so you don't miss
    My point is that you got something
    I've been hopin' and lookin' for a real long time
    So I'm not gonna waste it

    In between the heart and mind
    So much lost in so little time
    I know a word can be spoken
    And then a world can be opened up
    And faith reborn
    And then we'll never waste it

    So if you don't wanna be alone
    And I just want a heart to call my own
    You just have to say the word
    And I'm there
    I'm there
    Cause no one wants to be alone
    And feelings like this they need a home
    You just have to say the word and I'm there
    I'm there

    Stand still don't give me a sign
    I'd love to think I'm yours and you're mine
    I'll be wherever I'm needed
    Wanted or even deleted
    Blind or all things clear
    However you want it

    So if you don't wanna be alone
    And I just want a heart to call my own
    You just have to say the word
    And I'm there
    I'm there
    Cause no one wants to be alone
    And feelings like this they need a home
    You just have to say the word and I'm there
    I'm there

    We can go we can stay
    We can kill yesterday
    We can laugh we can cry
    We can live never die
    Separate or unite
    Let our souls just collide and give in
    Give in….

    We can go we can stay
    We can kill yesterday
    We can laugh we can cry
    We can live never die
    Separate or unite
    Let our souls just collide and give in
    Give in give in
    Give in…..

    So if you don't wanna be alone
    And I just want a heart to call my own
    You just have to say the word
    And I'm there
    I'm there
    Cause no one wants to be alone
    And feelings like this they need a home
    You just have to say the word and I'm there
    I'm there

    Breathing out and breathing in
    The pieces of what we'll begin
    Whisper truth or drown it out
    We'll build it up or break it down

    Breathing out and breathing in
    The pieces of what we'll begin
    Whisper truth or drown it out
    We'll build it up or break it down


    This song is about falling in love when you aren't usually the type to do so, and trying to convince the person you're in love with to give you a chance and be together. It's a great song to listen to when you find yourself falling in love with someone, and are scared of how things might turn out if you confess your love.

    I must say I'm never like this
    I'll break it down so you don't miss
    My point is that you got something
    I've been hopin' and lookin' for a real long time
    So I'm not gonna waste it

    Rena starts out the song by admitting that she's never usually like this- as in falling for someone, and breaks it down for them. It's made clear that this person she is attracted to has something special about him, or she wouldn't of fallen, because she isn't like that a lot. Rena is hopeful and has been looking for someone compatible for a long time, and she doesn't plan to let this spark of love go to waste.

    In between the heart and mind
    So much lost in so little time
    I know a word can be spoken
    And then a world can be opened up
    And faith reborn
    And then we'll never waste it

    The first line here, 'In between the heart and mind', is a relate-able situation many people find themselves to be in when in love, me included. People don't lie when they say that love blinds you, as you do let your heart win and your logical thinking takes a step back. And in love, a lot can be lost. The word that Rena mentions, of course, would probably be love or the phrase "I love you" as when those words come out, a world does open up, and give people faith in love, and the 2 people in love aren't putting the faith in it for no reason.

    So if you don't wanna be alone
    And I just want a heart to call my own
    You just have to say the word
    And I'm there
    I'm there
    Cause no one wants to be alone
    And feelings like this they need a home
    You just have to say the word and I'm there
    I'm there

    The guy Rena is trying to get doesn't want to be alone, and she wants someone's love to call her own. They're in a situation of not telling eachother their true feelings, and Rena is relying on him to say those words and she'd be by his side in an instant- once again a very relate-able situation. The 2nd half of this chorus is general truths about life: No one wants to be alone, and the feeling of love needs another person, or, a 'home'.

    Stand still don't give me a sign
    I'd love to think I'm yours and you're mine
    I'll be wherever I'm needed
    Wanted or even deleted
    Blind or all things clear
    However you want it

    At this point, Rena is willing to do anything for this guy she is so clearly in love with. She wants it to be a real relationship, and no matter the stakes, she doesn't mind it anyway the guy wants it, whether blind or clear.


    We can go we can stay
    We can kill yesterday
    We can laugh we can cry
    We can live never die
    Separate or unite
    Let our souls just collide and give in
    Give in….

    She wants to forget the past, have fun, laugh, cry, act like they're going to live forever- a typical teenage relationship. Rena is telling this person to give in, as she believes their souls will collide, or fall in love.


    Breathing out and breathing in
    The pieces of what we'll begin
    Whisper truth or drown it out
    We'll build it up or break it down

    There's not a lot of meaning to these lyrics, but it's spelled out clearly: There are pieces to what will begin, and it'll either be broken down or built up.



    While this song has less in-depth meaning than others I've covered, I still find it to be a beautiful love song that many can relate to. If someone needs a beautiful, slow song to vibe to- this is it, especially when you're in love. It's got a nice guitar backing and restrained vocals to create a more or less common love song, but I still believe it has uniqueness to it and pulls it off well enough to be on my Music Monday series.



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    I'm doing a Christmas party art stream - mics on, Discord voice chat will be streamed too and very likely to have my webcam enabled too so you can watch how drunk I get! 
    Denz is off at his work's Xmas party so im having one for myself. I plan to draw those who join the discord chat whilst drinking Cider through the "night". It's possible that Denz may appear late in and join in, but we're talking midnight kinda time - We'll see what happens. 

    So how does this work? How do I get an invite?

    2 Ways to join in the fun:

    ~ Join our Discord server and get on that voice chat and join in attempted singing and just general banter as if you would an Xmas party. 

    ~ Join the text chat on my Twitch channel and just watch the mayhem. 

    ***********Please only join the Discord chat if you are ok with having your voice streamed -otherwise please stick to the text chats. ****************

    Feel free to grab a drink for yourselves! I will be piping a playlist with Christmas songs mixed in the background on low volume too. This will be a total experiment! I do hope you come join in and enjoy! 





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    Pasted from a post I made on a thread:

    Unpopular opinion, but I think that not much will change without NN.

    I know there's been a few instances where companies were caught blocking things, but the FCC has either fined or ordered them to stop, all without NN. One ISP in North Carolina was ordered to pay $15,000 by the FCC for blocking Vonage, and when Comcast blocked the BitTorrent protocol, the FCC ordered them to stop as well. Plus, many experts, such as Marc Andreessen (the creator of Netscape), Mark Cuban (multi-millionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, with Internet start-ups in his history), and Peter Thiel (creator of PayPal and an investor in Facebook) have all stated that NN would extremely limit investment in broadband networks, since if they cannot charge Netflix or some other company for bandwidth as NN says, the ISP cannot get a return on all that fiber they've been installing in cities (as many ISPs have been doing).

    As for the "paid lanes"? That seems like a far stretch, and with many ISPs converting their existing bandwidth to fiber optic, they should be able to handle that traffic. Plus, you know how cell providers are starting to not charge for data on streaming services (such as T-Mobile not charging for data on Spotify, and AT&T not charging your data on DirecTV NOW)? Not allowed on NN. People love this policy, and a lot of people would hate to see it go.


    If you want to see the Internet become extremely unprofitable, where companies choose to not invest in websites or starting their own services, then NN is for you. ISPs like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and the sort need to charge these companies for bandwidth in order to cover their network costs, and if they cannot do that, as Net Neutrality orders them to, they take a huge hit in their bank accounts, since that monthly fee you pay to your ISP cannot nearly cover the bill for bandwidth. Internet backbones like Cogent and Level 3/CenturyLink charge quite a bit of money (sometimes within millions of dollars a month to big services like Netflix), which ISPs also need to connect to the world as well (do a traceroute to a website, and you're likely to see a company like Level 3, Cogent or Telia pop up as one of the routes). If they cannot charge ISPs or services as well, they take a huge hit too.

    I don't know, maybe people want the Internet to become where people are afraid to invest in it, like it was after the dot-com bubble, where companies had lost millions in start-ups that would go bankrupt a year later. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  15. Hello everypony! ^^

    I was thinking on holding a vote about Who should return in January. You will decide which pony i already used should return for a whole month! :D 

    The deadline will be 31th of December.

    If you already voted, please share this post so more people can also vote :3

  16. Rhapsody
    Latest Entry

    Alright, so I know a lot of you will be saying, "hey, that’s not how Wasp looks!” But I drew this picture just after the Ant-Man movie came out with only the end credits scene of the wasp suit to go on, so chill. I will probably revise it soon.


  17. Back in July, I made this blog post regarding NN.

    And then just recently, I stumbled upon this article.

    This is exactly what I was talking about. The internet is a medium of the public that can be used in many ways, especially voicing our opinions; speech! Just like unlimited political funding! (yes there are definitely some rules but it's essentially just like that).

    I concede that some websites may have a political bias (Pai referring to Twitter), but I'm afraid that this is the least of any concerns under net neutrality and getting rid of it isn't going to make the internet free and open if entire websites may not be able to sustain themselves under new rules (or lack of them).

    To limit the internet is to limit free speech, a constitutional amendment. I wish someone would realize this and bring this issue to the Supreme Court, present these ideas, and put an end to the debate about NN and keep things they way they are as they should be.

  18. So, I made this thingie. I lack money to get FL Studio, and even if I did, I have no music ability or any creativity to make music. So I want to take a stab at Vaporwave. Not to discredit vaporwave, it's just more accessible to me. Not sure if I'll make more, but it's a start. 


  19. This is my first "serious" drawing that was not based on a vector or anything. Rough, nothing but pencil. If you have any advice or notice anything off, don't hesitate to let me know. I know Fluttershy doesn't look properly lit, but I didn't want to try and redraw her face for the billionth time, her and Angel bunny were actually the hardest part of this drawing.

    I actually started out happy with it, then as it progressed, I got more and more dissatisfied with it. I don't know, just feels a bit "childish." Maybe it's the trees. Well, it is what it is. I guess.


    I don't know what I'm doing, pls help.