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  1. [This is a Life Advice vent I wrote couple of years ago.  I wanted to save it in my blog for easier access.]

    Hi, I'm Justin Case.  You may remember me from such vents as "Can Men Be Beautiful?".  Today, I want to talk about another double standard that really irritates me.

    I'm so sick of the continued double standard than men must always do the asking, the proposing, the buying of rings, etc.  Often times, women still tend to wait to be asked out and proposed to, and if nothing happens, they assume the guy isn't interested, or isn't serious.  Is this the year 1300?!  Why don't we guys just go up to the girl's father and buy her for two goats and sack of corn meal?!  Why can't we erase these antiquated double standards and gender role stereotypes?  I often read this advice column in the paper, and the other day there was one of these stereotypical letters:

    (Paraphrasing) "I'm a thirty year old woman.  I've been with my guy for X years, and I want to get married, but he hasn't proposed or given me a ring yet.  What do I do?  I guess he's not serious about us.  Maybe it's time for me to move on."

    Why.  Don't.  You.  F*CKING.  ASK.  HIM??!!

    This kind of thing gets me really riled up.  Sorry.  And I'm not suggesting that it should be the other way around, either.  Why can't it just be 50/50?  Whoever wants to ask, just ask.

    And don't get me started on the engagement ring thing.  Why can't a woman buy an engagement ring for a man?  Or, why not skip the rings if you don't want to do it?  It's not a requirement, but people treat it like it is.  Society paints this picture of men having to win women over with a grand gesture, work hard to woo them, buy an expensive gift for them, and if we're really lucky, she'll say yes.  Why can't a woman propose to a man?  I know, I know--it's because woman are beautiful, and men are undesirable australopithacines, a fact society loves to pound into me every day.  So sick of the double standards.

  2. So I recently saw Forgotten Friendship and I am over the moon about the new outfits, mostly because the last ones were very stupid. :dry: So here’s a pic of Super Hero Sunset Shimmer!


  3. Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?   Dabbing.  Like, why the f*ck is that a thing?  I didn't even know what it was for a long time.  I kept seeing it popping up on youtube, I kept seeing the word plastered all over comments, people seemed obsessed with it, so I finally googled it to find out what it is.  Okay, so it's a dance move.  Fine.  But why has it exploded into a cultural sensation and internet meme?!  Apologies if you like it, but it just seems so pointless to me!  Like, it's fine to use it as a dance move.  Nothing wrong with that.  But people seem FREAKING OBSESSED with it for no reason!  Like, it's just an arbitrary arm position, and people just flip out and burst at the seams every time anyone does it.  It doesn't even mean anything!  Like, the wiki page says it signifies triumph or playfulness.  Alright.  Fine.  Whatever.  But it's the not greatest thing ever conceived by humankind or something!  At best it should be regarded like a thumbs up or something.  I just watched an Equestria Girls short in which Rainbow dabbed, and about 80% of the comments were, "OMG RAINBOW DAB I CAN DIE HAPPY!!!!!"

    WHY??!  WHY DO YOU CARE??!!  WHAT IS THE POINT???!!  Why don't we, just, like, flip our sh*t every time someone scratches their nose?!  OMG!!!  RAINBOW SCRATCHED HER NOSE!!!!   AAAAAHHH!!!!  I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!  MY HEAD A SPLODE!!!!  MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!!

    I dunno.  I'm sorry.  I don't know why this annoys me so much.  It just seems like the most pointless and arbitrary thing to make into a meme.  I love memes....when they're funny....and actually mean something.  Like, for instance, I love how steamed hams has become a meme.  Y'know, the Skinner and Chalmers scene on The Simpsons.  That was a classic scene from my childhood, before the internet was even a thing, and it tickles me to death that a new generation has made that scene explode in popularity on the internet.  It's hilarious, but that's because it's a brilliant scene.  But wigging out every time someone moves their arms and puts their head down?  WHY??!!!


    And that, ponies, is what really grinds my gears.

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    Hello everyone pony. I'm looking for fluff writing prompts to use? Do any of you having any? I'm looking for ones that are not ships, jsut ones you can put the name into. Comment it below.

  4. Holy cow, my last entry was in April?! Wow.... oops... well, I’m glad to report that my artist career is continuing well. I’ve been taking art classes taught by none other than Phil Young! If yall don’t know who he is, he is a professional animator who worked on The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, The Black Couldron, Oliver and company, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Emporer’s New Groove. So, YAY!!! I told him about my plans to work for PIXAR and he said that I have pretty good chances! :pinkie:  I think I’ll take another one of his classes soon. But for the mean time, I’ve got to think about art school. Here’s my problem: Pro—going to art school gives me better chances of getting a good job. Con—It isn’t a guarantee that I will get a good paying job.  Pro—CalArts would be my first pick. Con—I would be paying off my students loans until the day I die. (Not exaggerating) Pro—Art school can teach you a lot and prepare you for real world jobs. Con—going to art school is a scary/unknown/frazzling experience. (Probably. For me.) So does anyone have any art school suggestions, tips, or advise? Because now would be a good time to share!



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    Note: I dont mention any names in this text because im not sure if i can face myself but if you know me you know what im talking about


    i dont really know what happened but somehow im feeling that im drifting away from something that i shouldnt drift away from ? its like wanting to hold onto something but still move forward? i think i've been testing the waters for about year or a half now and  its starting to feel that i've kinda lost myself in the process and it feels kinda uncomfortable.

    Part of the reason that i been more active here these days is that i been trying to get a hold of myself but the more i come across the things i used to do the more it kinda conficts with the way i do them now and im not really sure which way of doing things is for the better?

    Am i really the person who i used to be anymore at the same time it feels that i am but it also feels that i am not and im not really. But I dont really like the reasoning that i gave myself to do all these things. I've been trying to lie myself and try to start over and hide from myself and i kinda played along for awhile but now i see how messed up that was and at the end nothing feels right anymore? 

    but was all this for the better? did i grow from all of this? perhaps but i cannot undo all the crap that happened. One thing is for sure and that is that im still too insecure about myself to really act the way i would like to at certain times. I cave into my own pressure or create some kind of illusion where i live because i cant face the things as they are.

    Here is how it all started

    I didnt really mean anything to happen but  as time went on i suppose i started believing my own lies and it kind of a created the root of the whole situation that is going on with me .At heart i didnt truly accept anything i denied myself because of what i expected the expectations would be  for a while i i didnt act at all i wasnt going either way it was a standstill this was early 2014 as i learned more about who i am through channel of discoveries through exploration of myself i liked it and didnt want anything else to interfere. So i shut off everything else and put 100% into this new thing that was giving me joy. It was an illusion a bubble i realized it soon enough but because things were working out i didnt want it to change.

    The time went on and i grew more and more attached to the illusion and it really started to derail my emotional balance which i had been trying to keep intact about those times i realized that i cant keep it together any longer. so i started the damage control and widened the foundation and shared the resources so everything doesnt focus on the same  section it started slowly but but after some time both sections were operating  and well  things were going well in the illusion again i regained myself and i was able to continue. 

    After some time though the growth on both sections was not stopping and it was taking significant resources to keep it going and i knew that i couldnt keep them both as i didnt have the capacity to keep them both alive then i decided that i would go with the more stable one and let the other slow down a bit this was around 2016 or something as it slowed down i kinda started losing the illusion i kept in there aswell. I couldnt get back in there anymore it would never be like it was back then  i realized that and i didnt know what to do.

    Some time passed and i started really get uncomfortable because my illusion wasnt there as  strongly as before  i started doubting myself and the illusion.  after that i desided to separate the illusion and myself for good but now the place was truly lost for me  i didnt have anything there anymore. everything was in that illusion. i had only the other section to keep me going . but deep down i couldnt really give up the illusion it had established a big part of me and i didnt really know anything better of myself  so at this point i kinda started losing myself aswell  and the rift between the illusion and the new me became even deeper. It has become even more unclear to me who i am? and does the illusion or new me even define who i am? 


  5. This song's been stuck in my head since the deaths I've been finding out about are already at like either 5 or 7 in only like a month or so...


  6. The benevolent witch is a concept that was insufficiently explored with Zecora and Meadowbrook. Indeed, this is what G4 Fluttershy might have become if she was written to be a hero that is allowed to be introverted yet self-dependent and immersed in her knowledge of nature, but that door is closed now. I realize that this article contains only my selfish musings about a single path new Fluttershy might take. That said, she should not rely on her shyness and her princess-like fondness of animals to move her own story. That is a well of ideas our glorious writers have already completely exhausted, so if the whole focus of her character is to overcome social anxiety they should just give up as they are only retracing their steps plagued by old mistakes that they were tasked to address with the new generation. This is an attempt to make Mane 6 more appealing as standalone characters who can also function within a group. They need to be interesting and relevant even when you remove all the pony friends and morals.




    Unicorns are proud and narcissistic creatures that praise power and beauty above all else. In this exclusive society there is little room for those who lack ambition. Fluttershy was one such reject. She had been orphaned at a very young age due to her parents perishing by the wrath of a dragon. With only disinterested caretakers and overly competitive peers to steer her development, the shy little filly had soon been led astray by the innumerable temptations of the great outdoors. Flowers, berries, birds, and little critters of the undergrove had become her playmates and her teachers. Though not being able to understand their chirps and squeals she had begun to learn from their behavior, slowly but surely unraveling the sylvan secrets.


    One day she met a peculiar stranger: a haunting figure masked in green, it was nor a unicorn nor a deer. Silently it beckoned her onto long forgotten trails leading her deeper and deeper into the woods. There, among the tall dark trees stood a hollowed trunk dressed in moss and lichen. Inside she found an abandoned lair of a forest witch filled with dusty tomes, rusty cauldrons, and strange instruments of unknown purpose. She knew that she should have been scared but she was not. She was home.




    From the tomes she learned how to heal, how to poison, how to perceive, how to summon. She even found a way to finally understand the language of her forest friends in earnest Slav magic. Their whispers spread swiftly among the crooked branches and she soon began discovering more and more ill and injured creatures waiting on her doorstep. Another witch was born, and with her yet another forest tale about an evil enchantress preying upon curious foals to turn them into a tasty stew in her big bubbling cauldron.


    However, nothing lasts forever, and so even her blissful solitude comes to an end. A ragtag group of strange ponies is seeking refuge in the dark woods, chased out of the glamorous unicorn capital by an overwhelming might of a great evil that has followed them into the shard. The powerful unicorn magic has been undone. And so the last pony reluctantly joins forces with the group in desperate search for magic that will be able to save their shards from destruction.


    (Origin story is explored after the Movie)



    Fluttershy is not a proficient mage. She can lift smaller objects and handle them with great care which makes her an excellent medicine mare but not much else. Her projectiles are more distracting flares than spells of destruction. She likes to form and manipulate glowing illusions, especially butterflies. Her patients absolutely love it. Speaking of patients, her lair is home to one sad squonk and a couple of ferocious giant snails that guard it from ill-natured would-be intruders. But to say that Fluttershy does not have arcane potential would be false. Witchcraft draws from nature but can also summon it to aid in time of need. Only a fool would try to assail a witch on her home turf.


    You scratch my back and I'll scratch your enemies




    Fluttershy is quite talkative in the company of most forest creatures. She also enjoys singing and mumbling (menacingly) to herself while gathering ingredients or brewing potions. However, she is far more reserved in the company of ungulates which is probably for the best since her tongue can be quite sharp and insensitive, especially towards other unicorns whom she views as mean and ignorant. The barrier between Fluttershy and Flutterjerk has become tenuously thin, as has the barrier between her and Flutterbat. As is befitting of those who walk the green path, she is as kind and nurturing as she is wild and relentless. But do not mistake her behavior for mindless courage. Her senses are remarkable and she tends to turn tail on danger like any smart creature would. A tree can grow back, a pony cannot. The forest does not produce heroes but survivors.


             When you meet her                                                                                                 When you befriend her



    Making her a visually cute nature expert should be a priority; however, giving more attention to an enticing "bad" side can create ample opportunities for character development and humor. With proper caution and smart dosing, such blasphemous poison can do wonders in elevating the character. In time, Fluttershy could move closer to her G4 counterpart without falling into the trap of stagnation since her new circumstances and convictions support stories on the basis of her as a forest witch and not as a pony who just needs to become more assertive. Consider this a vastly superior upgrade from Sunset/Starlight development model.



    I believe I'm speaking for all the neckbeards when I state that giving Flutts an Asian VA with a kawaii voice would be very acceptable desu. Diversity, my dudes!

  7. Hello, everypony

    Sorry for inactivity. We are still working on the animation. We are going to switch from 3ds max to houdini, a better program for animation. 

    We still need help from more animators. please contact me by email if you are interested.

  8. Hello, everyone!

    I don't often post blogs, but I feel like I've got something to say...

    Since finding out about the death of our friend, @TempestShadow, I just wanted to say that I feel like this is a reminder that we should be grateful for everyone in our lives because, for all you know, it could be the very last time you see somebody and you will end up regretting it... 

    Although not always in the form of death, there are a lot of people I miss in my life who I've lost, be it friends, family members and even my girlfriend, sometimes without knowing what happened to them, and I honestly regret that I did not spend enough time with them, and it does make me feel like I should get back in touch with these people, even though I'm not sure how I'm going to contact them again, and I don't want to lose anyone else. :( 

    Going off topic, I feel like everything that has been going on so far in this year has been a bit of a "wake up call" so to speak, and if there is anything you feel like you need to fix, you should probably go fix it before it's too late, and if you feel like you need to do or say something, you should probably do it, because the world isn't going to wait...

    But most importantly, cherish the time you spend with those you love, and make the most of it, because you never know when it will be the last time you see someone...

  9. TitleLandscape_Alpha.gif
         Finally coming to grips with the new tools and having something to show for it! There's been a real headache and a half over this, but hopefully it pays off with a bunch of dropped jaws and people saying "Oh, that's cool." when they first open the game..

         I need to settle into a groove! Time to crank out some content! (Check the link for the full, HUGE blog post)

  10. BronyNumber42licious
    Latest Entry

    There is a British TV show called The Undatables where people with physical or mental disabilities are trying to find a date. It’s kind of sad and I feel sorry for these people because I know what it’s like. Specifically, there are a few people who were good looking but then they had some kind of accident or illness that left them disfigured or disabled.

    These people talk about how they had no trouble getting dates until their illness. There was one woman who was beautiful, then she had most of her nose and lips removed. Then should couldn’t get dates any more. This proves that looks do matter. I am so sick of people saying that looks don’t matter and it’s all about personality and “confidence.” The people in this TV show have the same personality before and after their accidents. So then why can’t they get dates after?

    It is an insult to tell someone that they can have a girlfriend/boyfriend if they just had “confidence.” That is the word I would hear all the time. It insults my intelligence. I am going to assume that there are men who feel the same way I do. Maybe some women too, but I’m not sure. I think most people who are unattractive know that they are unattractive. I know I am. I’m not stupid. I know what I look like. I know what good looking men look like, and they don’t look like me. I know the kind of guy that women go for.

    Good looking men get good looking women. That’s how it works. Don’t lie to me and tell me that I can have that attractive woman if all I do is blah blah blah. Like there is some magic word I have to say and that is going to trick this woman into falling in love with me. Some people are attractive, some people are not. That is the reality. Good looking people have the luxury of sitting on a high horse and claiming that they chose their bf/gf based on personality. But whenever I say that I want a good looking woman, I’m accused of being shallow.

    We are all shallow. Sure, you can find some examples here and there that go against my theory, but the vast majority of cases are exactly how I’ve described it. Don’t insult those of us who are “aesthetically challenged.”

  11. Well, chapter 2 is done, and waiting for proofreading! Now I'm about to start on chapter 3, and after yesterday I'm more than ready to work on a new chapter, what with all the corrections I had to make. For some reason I kept messing RD's dialog - and only hers - that's what was so weird about it, made her sound like she was drunk as hell lol! I mean we had such gems as, "We got fin te uters Rarity!" and lets not forget, "Don't Twilight worry! The cavalry are her!" and the ever memorable, Their Pinkie for it now in!". Seriously, I have NO idea why I couldn't RD with my writing on this one, though I got to admit, now I want to write a scene for Rainbow where she's completely b-snamered off her plot just for the s&g's :lol:. Also, because I'm going to have to write some none-English words at some point for my fic, I had to set up an English-international keyboard setting. Care to know how long that took?...2 hours and 44 minutes, of research, setting and resetting my computer, sobbing, screaming and cursing out every deity I could think, and just generally fighting with microsoft...again:glimmer:. I get into it with them at least once a month, and sadly I've got waaaayyyy to much stuff  connected to their services to just drop them...and I think they know it, is the worst part, and all just so I could type this, "ö" witch let me tell you - even after all the work I did just to make typing that possible - involves the single most convoluted series of button-input combos just to type that one little letter, that I have ever seen IN MY LIFE, PERIOD! was fun...:maud:. That's (hopefully) all behind me now, so its off to chapter 3 with me, see you next time! :love:           

  12. Today I talk about the recent announcement of Nickelodeon rebooting Blue's Clues! :D


  13. 1536997__safe_artist-colon-crecious_oc_o

    Doctor Mesme, a Snakepony that is obsessed with health and medical science, likes to dwell in jungle areas. He overreacts even at the littlest things, such as a simple sneeze or cough. He enjoys conversation about medical science and other relating stuff.

    HP: 80
    ATK: 30 (Attacks with blue attacks, because if the "patient" is not still, it will cause pain.)
    DEF: 55

    Doctor Mesme attacks with syringes and Stethoscopes, and other medical/health items.
    He uses green attacks, which are lollipops. (This attack happens if you let him inspect you, and he will reward you for being a good patient.)

    Opening Battle Dialogue: [Doctor Mesme slithers forth.]

    Check: Doctor Mesme - ATK: 15, DEF: 55. His Stethoscope makes him look very legit.
    Cough: [You cough. Doctor Mesme is freaking out.]
    Sit Still: [You sit still. Doctor Mesme examines you.]
    Sit Still (Again): [Doctor Mesme rewards you for being a good patient!] (Allows Sparing)
    Talk About Health: [Doctor Mesme seems delighted in the conversation.]


    Yeah, just a silly thing i thought up. :P

  14. I had an absolutely amazing day, so let me walk you through the experience.

    Oh boy.


    The day starts off by me waking up late for school. Not too late, but I start rushing. I get dressed, shave (I look horrible with facial hair), eat breakfast, brush my teeth, grab my laptop and my headphones. My stomach then starts to hurt, so I make a beeline to the bathroom and it's not too pretty. Once I'm done, I realised something...

    I didn't do my chemistry homework.

    I immediately whip out my worksheet on nitinol and start working away. I try to work quickly, without half-assing it. At this point, my mum is wondering what on Earth I'm doing, but I finish the sheet so it's okay. I get her to write me a note and I leave for school. Fast forward and I'm at my first class, technology. My friends and I always make snide comments towards each other, it's kind of our humour. I make a comment to my friend, (who is essentially a closet brony by the way) and the teacher somehow overhears me and gets angry at me. Marvelous. It's then snack time, and due to my metabolism suddenly changing, I actually bring food as opposed to starving myself. It's a nice, healthy pear...which tasted rotten.

    We later have an assembly, and I help set up the chairs and tables. As per usual, only very few of us help. Despite my effort, I end up sitting at the back by myself, because 'I didn't get a seat fast enough', for the third week in a row. The topic for the assembly was, if you believe and do something good, good things will happen.


    After that trainwreck of an assembly, I have chemistry. I submit my homework sheet, and to my surprise, the teacher hands back a test we did a fortnight ago. I didn't fail luckily, but I literally just passed. I had the exact passing score, which is weird, because I normally do better than that. Perhaps it's a sign to stop being lazy.

    Then it's lunch, and I think to myself, 'what else can go wrong?'.

    Then, do you know what happens?


    I rip my pants. 


    I'm not talking about a small rip, I'm talking about a giant tear which exposes my bottom.

    I could've always covered the tear with my coat, which is true.

    Except there's one problem. Today was the only day so far, in the whole year, which I left my coat at home. Because of this, I had to borrow a friend's and cover myself with it. It looked rather strange, but it was better than exposing my bottom to everyone.

    After this absolute disaster of a day, I go home and try to relieve some stress. I get a cramp in my right leg.

    I don't know about you guys, but today was fantastic!

  15. Sorry that my other days haven't been recorded, but I'll do today's. In the weight room, I did 3x10 on power cleans, squats, pushdowns, bench press and 100 JR.

    Then went outside and ran on the track. 400m jog- 100m jog, 100m sprint, 100m jog, 100m sprint- 400m walk, and then the 2nd sequence again. Jumped on a trampoline, played basketball in pe.

    About to do 25 pushups and take a nice cool shower.


  16. I decided to spend some of my tax refund and buy an Xbox One X. I am happy with it despite not being able to take full advantage of what the console offers due to me not having a 4K TV. I have tried a lot of the games that are enhanced and I have to say that I like being able to have the option between the performance and resolution. Given most of the time I have to choose performance because I have no 4K TV. Games like Rise of the Tomb Raider run noticeably smoother as do games that are not enhanced. For example, I play a lot of Dead by Daylight and the frame rate can be kind of jittery on the base Xbox One, but on the X it runs much smoother. All in all I am satisfied with it.

    So, I am looking to sell my old Xbox One, but I am not really sure how much to sell it for. A store around where I live will pay $100, but I am wondering if it is worth it to try and see if I can get more. 

  17. The Artist Formerly Known as Night Shine
    Latest Entry


    Not sure who remembers me, but I posted here a lot in 2012-14 as "Night Shine." After dealing with some personal issues and losing interest in MLP for a while, I became interested in MLP again over the last year-ish, largely due to reading fanfics.

    I wanted to share some random musings I had relating various philosophy ideas to MLP, and I thought this the right place to post them. For example, I just made a post contrasting teleological ideas in MLP and Steven Universe. I initially intended to make a new account, since I am fairly embarrassed by how overly emotional and melodramatic I acted before. Since that is against the rules, though, I am using this account again.

    I do not know how much/often I will be participating in the forum community generally. Still, hi! Hopefully some people here will find my ramblings interesting.

  18. MLP:FiM and Steven Universe are both examples of recent family-oriented cartoons with positive moral overtones. However, they take contradictory positions on a millennia-old debate in ethics – so according to each show, the other’s position is not simply incorrect but immoral.

    A few notes before I explain why:

    • In the title I used the word “existentialism” to mean the belief that an individual should choose their own purpose, even though that definition is not as broad or commonly used as others.
    • To figure out the ethical ideas that a show teaches, I assume that if the protagonists of a show explicitly believe in an ethical idea, their antagonists explicitly believe the opposite, and the protagonists win in the conflict between them, then the show is teaching that those ideas are correct. This assumption would not work for all shows. However, it probably works for these two because they were designed partly for easily understandable moral education.


    Outline of this post:

    1. Crash Course Aristotle
    2. Horse Teleology
    3. Rock Teleology
    4. An Uncomfortable Ethical Trilemma from the Contradiction of Rocks and Horses
    5. TL;DR


    Crash Course Aristotle 

    Before understanding the ethical conflict between MLP:FiM and Steven Universe, one must understand a few basic terms of the conflict: telos, eudaimonia, virtues, and universal essence. I will try to keep the explanation brief.

    Almost 2400 years ago, Aristotle distinguished 4 different ways to explain something: its matter, form, agent, and end. For example, Aristotle would explain a hammer in these four ways:

    1. A hammer’s material cause is the matter out of which it is made: wood and metal.
    2. A hammer’s formal cause is the form of the matter which makes it a hammer instead of something else: the design of the hammer.
    3. A hammer’s efficient cause is the agent that brought it into being: the person who created it.
    4. A hammer’s final cause is the purpose for which it exists: hitting nails to build structures. The Greek word for final cause is telos, which is why teleology is the study of things in terms of their purpose.

    The telos of a hammer may seem obvious, but what is the telos of a human? Aristotle said that the function of a human is to reason well [1]. While the precise definition of “virtue” can take paragraphs to flesh out [2], virtues are basically “good moral habits” [3] which help one attain the highest good, eudaimonia. That term is often misleadingly translated as “happiness,” but can be more accurately translated as “human flourishing” or “a complete life” [1].

    Even asking about the human telos, though, assumes that all humans have a telos. Without delving into religious questions [4], note that Aristotle based his teleology on a belief in the universal essence: the defining trait of a category, which exists fundamentally in all members of that category at once. To Aristotle and other essentialists who believe that such essences exist, we categorize things based on their essence: e.g. we call something a “human” if-and-only-if it contains the essence of humanity [5]. According to Aristotle, a living thing’s telos is part of – or identical to – its essence


    Horse Teleology 

    Some people[6] don’t believe they have a telos, but I bet they would be more easily convinced if it was stamped on their butt!

    In MLP:FiM, a pony’s cutie mark represents its telos because it represents 1) the purpose for which that pony exists, which 2) cannot be created or altered by a pony’s beliefs or choices, but instead 3) is permanent and unchangeable throughout the pony’s lifetime. Each of these is stated or implied in MLP:FiM.

    First consider “Magical Mystery Cure.” The cutie marks of the Mane 6 were swapped, and consequently each of them believed and chose to follow their false cutie mark because “It’s what my cutie mark is telling me.” When Spike asks Twilight why she does not fix her friends with a memory spell, Twilight responds that “It's not their memories, [but] their true selves that have been altered!” After Spike raises the possibility that “our friends will grow to like their new lives,” Twilight asserts that “They're not who they are meant to be anymore” because “Their destinies are now changed.”

    Twilight’s language brims over with teleology, especially considering that a telos is what something “is meant to be” objectively. Changing a pony’s cutie mark, beliefs, and choices is insufficient to change “who they are meant to be,” so the pony’s purpose must be objective and intrinsic. What “ponies are meant to be” according to Twilight comes from “their true selves” which exist independently of belief, choice, or representation in a cutie mark. 

    By using the term “destiny,” Twilight implies that a pony’s purpose – the referent of that pony’s correct cutie mark – is determined before that pony makes any choices. “Magical Mystery Cure” shows that, try as they might, a pony cannot alter their purpose by believing or acting as if they have a different purpose.  “The Cutie Map Part 2” is even more explicit. As the villain, Starlight Glimmer urges the Mane 6 to “Free yourself from your cutie mark”   and “Choose equality as your special talent.”

    I will note a major difference, however, between the teleologies of Aristotle and MLP:FiM. To Aristotle, every human necessarily has the same function, but to MLP:FiM, every pony necessarily has a different function. Before Starlight shut her up, Twilight said that “Everypony has unique talents and gifts, and when we share them with each other, that's how rea—.” She presumable meant to say something like  “how real friendship forms.” Compare Aristotle's idea that friendship is the mutual pursuit of the highest good by virtuous people [7]. Also note that in “Call of the Cutie,” Cheerilee defines cutie marks as “that certain something that makes them different from every other pony.” Since this matches the definition of a universal essence, a pony's telos is its essential identity.

    Each pony may have their own telos, but they are still directed by objectively-defined virtues towards a highest good analogous to humans’ eudaimonia. I am unsure whether to call it Friendship, Magic, or Harmony, but that is a distinction without a difference given that the three are identical. The title states part of this equivalence as bluntly as possible: Friendship is Magic. And in “Friendship is Magic Part 2,” Applejack asserts that the Mane 6 “really do represent the elements of friendship,” which Princess Celestia confirms. If the Elements of Harmony are elements of Friendship, then Friendship is Harmony, which should be uncontroversial given that those terms are nearly synonymous in their normal use. I will call this highest good of ponydom “Harmony,” for convenience.

    In the same way that Aristotle says all humans strive for the good of eudaimonia, all ponies strive for this good of Harmony, because the Elements of Harmony relate to Harmony itself in the same way that Aristotle’s virtues relate to eudaimonia. The five main Elements are defined as virtuous traits. At the end of “Friendship is Magic Part 2,” Twilight says that each of the others in the Mane 6 “represents the spirit of” that trait, i.e. the virtue defined by that trait. But the last Element is different: “the spark that resides in the heart of us all” creates the Element of Magic. That “spark” is the essence of ponydom. Because the Element of Magic requires all of the virtues, and emerges from the essence of ponydom, it is the highest good of ponydom.


    Rock Teleology 

    At first glance, it may appear that the gems of Steven Universe are teleological in the same way. Rose Quartz points out in “Greg the Babysitter” that “When a Gem is made, it's for a reason. They burst out of the ground already knowing what they're supposed to be, and then... that's what they are. Forever.” This brief description covers the criteria for a telos as previously described: it exists throughout the gem’s lifetime regardless of that gem’s beliefs or choices, never changes, and is that gem’s essential identity.

    However, the apparent telos of a Gem is not the morally correct purpose for them to pursue. The protagonist Crystal Gems, under Rose Quartz’s ideology, assert that the correct purpose for a gem to pursue is their chosen purpose. Consider how Bismuth describes Rose’s ideology in “Bismuth”: “[Rose] was different because she decided to be … Gems never hear they can be anything other than what they are, but Rose opened our eyes.” The idea that identity can and/or should be altered by choice is incompatible with teleology. Bismuth later cites “[Rose’s] talk about how Gems could take control of their own identities” and “how we'd been convinced to ignore our own potential,” which confirms that identity can be changed by choosing a different one.

    Choosing one’s identity/purpose is upheld by the protagonists in Steven Universe, so it is presented as good. Conversely, adhering to one’s given/intended/innate identity/purpose is upheld by the antagonists, so it is presented as bad.


    An Uncomfortable Ethical Trilemma from the Contradiction of Rocks and Horses 

    The fundamental contradiction between MLP:FiM and Steven Universe is that the former claims that one should pursue only their inherent purpose regardless of belief or choice, whereas the latter vehemently disagrees by claiming that one should pursue only their chosen purpose regardless of their inherent purpose. When the two conflict, MLP:FiM says to pursue inherent purpose, whereas Steven Universe says to pursue chosen purpose – a direct contradiction.

    From this contradiction, we are forced into one of the following strange conclusions (under the assumption that we can know that actions are right or wrong): When innate purpose conflicts with chosen purpose…

    1. …one should pursue innate purpose, so Steven Universe teaches immorality by implying the opposite. The Crystal Gems of Steven Universe should have followed their design and intended purpose.
    2. …one should pursue chosen purpose, so MLP:FiM teaches immorality by implying the opposite. 
    3. …the right choice depends on the context, so claims about moral purpose can only be judged as true relative to their context.

    As a side note, I would have included that the Mane 6 should have followed “what their cutie mark was telling” them in “Magical Mystery Cure” – and were wrong to overthrow Starlight Glimmer in “The Cutie Map” – as part of option 2, but in both cases the ponies who had chosen to pursue a purpose different from their telos conveniently changed their minds and chose their telos. This potentially shows another difference between Harmony and eudaimonia: the former, being Magic, is a goal but also a force that can interact with the world to bring itself about. It's also a tree. That raises its own weird metaphysical questions, but I will shelve those for now.

    Anyway, to my knowledge, the three options of the trilemma are mutually exclusive (if one is true, then the others are false) and mutually exhaustive (necessarily at least one is true, such that no alternatives exist). Which of the three do you believe? Alternatively, is something wrong with my reasoning? (Probably.)



    MLP:FiM calls it good to do what one was created for and to follow one's intrinsic purpose (what Aristotle called a telos). Steven Universe calls that bad and instead says to create one's own purpose. Either one of the shows is morally wrong, or purpose is only right or wrong relative to context.



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    4. Note however that the 13th-century Christian philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas fleshed out Aristotle’s philosophy and merged it with Christian theology. The philosophy he created is called Thomism, which is still “the official philosophy of the Roman Catholic Church.”
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    6. Myself included, for the record. I think MLP:FiM shows what the world might be like if final causes existed.
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