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For Angelbabe, Part II

Continued from my previous blog entry: More pieces of mine (and sometimes ours) that were inspired by and written for Rainbow Angelbabe. <3


by Siegfried Danzinger

On that day
To me, she came
All in blue


Many times
I spoke the words
And the
Words were true


I was glad
To me, she came
Soft and


With a wing-
Beat, did she say:
Spend your
Life with me



Waltz in Blue

I drink it in;
Your cool beauty
I study curves
As they approach
I watch your lips
Are they flirting?
And did they ask
For this, my kiss?


I watch your hips
In slow motion
The world can wait
But I cannot
My eyes delight
In this rhythm
And watch it bring
You closer still



Love is Blue

I spotted my lovely blue pegasus on the living room couch; one rear leg thrown over the other and her snoot buried in a book. Her rainbow-colored tail gave a seemingly involuntary flick now and again as her faraway mind explored the world between the pages. I peeked around her to determine the nature of her exploration. "Haven't you read this Daring Do book ten times already?" I asked as I chanced plucking the tome out of her hooves.


Rainbow seemed startled for a moment as she returned to the here and now, "Hey! I was reading that!" Though she quickly assumed an air of self-satisfaction, "And I've read this book fifteen times - not ten."


"Oh," I said, playing a game of keepaway with the item. A game she could easily win were she not obviously submitting to my playfulness. "I guess you're quite the egg-head, Dashie."


Her eyes, glistening ripe cherries, half shut under their light blue lids, and her mouth tilted in a way that meant displeasure. "So now you're making fun of me?" She stood on her hind legs and gave her wings a quick flap, shoulders lifted; it looked as though the game of keepaway was about to end badly.


I realized my mistake. A look of sympathy and love came over my face, and my eyes darted back and forth exploring hers. One of my hands slipped under her chin and turned her face towards mine; sliding up the side of her face as my thumb caressed her cheek. My other hand - still holding the book (with my thumb between the pages to keep her place) - went behind her back. Though wide-eyed and still visibly annoyed, she allowed me to pull her body close to mine.


"This. This is a pretty face. But you're much more than that. You're brave. And interesting. And strong. And you ARE smart. I see it. Though your head isn't really shaped like an egg." Rainbow gave me a sweet little smile, and her eyes became quivering ruby pools that forgave me my error. But there was more yet to say, "And you are my hope. My reason to hope for the day after today. My reason to think things are better and will continue to get better. Because I love you. Is... Is that a tear I see?"


It was - and was promptly wiped away with a hoof, "Now you're making me all sappy."


And then a kiss. Before I relinquished the book to her.




That night
An angel, blue
Did steal my heart
And proceeded to fill it
With treasures I had long forgotten
Dreams and things much greater and stronger
Though silent and calming and pleasantly warm inside
It is impossible now to deny; inextricable and insurmountable
Infinite and intangible yet, somehow, irresistibly soft to the touch



Drift Away

"You belong to me"
She'd coo
This was no lie;
She told it, true


"I've no competition"
My life was hers;
My heart she'd won


"Grow some wings"
"Come join me now"
But I confessed:
I knew not how


"It's all right"
"In time you may"
And all my doubts
Just drift away



My Spring - Babe directly helped me work out some of the lines in this one

You are my spring
In the winter
You are my light
In the dark
You are a gift
And the giver
You are my fire
And spark
You are my heart
And my air
You are my poem
And my song
You are my love;
Why I care
You are the right
When I'm wrong
You are the words
And the speaker
You're why I laugh;
Why I cry
You are my strength
When I'm weaker
You are my sun
In the sky



Still Falling

Those rich, glistening cherry eyes
That sigh-inducing blue
The unabashed grin you wear
That mane of ev'ry hue


That lovely long neck distracts me
And oft invites my lips
I must explore your curving chest
And ears; the very tips


No wonder I call you "angel"
Though you are wont to tease
A toss of mane or flick of tail
And I fall to my knees




There's music in the way you move
And when that music plays...
I'll find the lyrics in your eyes
As into them, I gaze


Quite lost inside your melody
The song that is your voice
My heart will be your instrument
I haven't any choice



You are My Melody (song)

Not a thing that I can do
'Cause I'm so in love with you
Do whatever you want me to
It's not a lie; it must be true


Perhaps it's circumstance
But I'm glad I took a chance
On this thing they call "romance"
And might I have this dance?


When I gave my heart away
Since I knew that you would stay
There hasn't been a day
My soul's not been at play


I look and see you there
That smirk you often wear
And I just can't help but stare
I see you everywhere


Don't you ever set me free
I'm right where I should be
Don't know why you're with me
But you make me so hap-py



Where We Meet

My fingers are such lucky things
As through your mane they wander
My hands know similar fortune
As they bring your hooves to my lips


And what very happy lips!
That wish to know your muzzle
And oh, my breath must love your neck
As a whip of your tail says, "Yes"


Your eyes - those eyes - such beauty
A ruby would be jealous
And when those eyes fall upon me
I live - and die - at the same time



Never Enough

I'll never write enough poems for you
I'll never write enough songs
No words will ever suffice
No lyrics can do you justice
But I'll not stop writing about you
Because it's you that's given me voice
And, my dear, it's only fitting
That I choose to love you with it




Out beyond the ordinary
Out beyond the same
I somehow found the rest of me
Called to her, by name


I'm done; I've finished looking now
Start this life anew
Give myself to she who answered -
That is what I'll do



Will Make Reply

I can sense you; know you're with me
In between each and ev'ry heartbeat
I can hear you; speaking to me
In between each and ev'ry sigh
I can see you; note your smile
Whether or not my eyes are opened
I can feel you; reach and touch you
Whether I'm awake or dreaming
I can tell you; that I love you
With my hands and eyes and words
You can whisper; that you love me
And my heart will make reply



No Distance

And the goddess bid I watch her
So I fixed on her my eye
Like a rocket born of color
Her light poured all through the sky


And the goddess bid I know her
So I fixed on her my mind
O, new paths we did discover
And my woes were left behind


And the goddess bid I love her
So I fixed on her my heart
No great wind pulls us asunder
O'er no distance do we part



Like a Breeze
by Siegfried Danzinger and Rainbow Angelbaby

She flowed into my life like a breeze;
Touched by the warmth of the sun


I danced and I played with the leaves;
Reminded him how to have fun


The words that she spoke found my ears;
Her breath gently fell on my face


I took his heartbreak and fears;
Left hope and love in their place


She sought to quiet my storm;
Wrapped me in wings sure and strong


I kept him safe, kept him warm;
Knew that I'd be with him long


The wind is her touch and her kiss;
Rich both with thought and with choice


Our song might sound something like this;
I'll let the wind be my voice



Don't You Ever (song)

Don't you e-ver gi-ive up on me
Don't you e-ver think of letting me be


'Cause I need you
Like I
Need to breathe


And I'd be
So lost
Were you to leave


Don't you e-ver let me give up hope
Loving you is the only way I can cope


'Cause I see the
Truth shine
In your eyes


And ev'ry
Day is
A surprise


Angel, baby
It might sound cra-zy
But I'm no one with-out you


You're my heart
The on-ly part
That e-ver told it true


Angel, dear
I know you're near
Please prove it with a kiss


Before you
I ne-ver knew
Love could e-ver be like this



In the Sky

My love dwells in the sky
On sure, bright wings
She passes by


She climbs and turns and dips
As drops of rain
Form on her lips


No stronger wind has blown
The sky is hers
And hers alone


Eyes up; I watch her fly
My heart dwells in the sky



A Lady Made of Color (song)

A lady made of color
A lady like no other
She came from up on high
The lady, she can fly


She came with sunny weather
And stayed with me forever
I gave to her my heart
And that was just the start


And only when I hold her
Or kiss upon her shoulder
I know that I belong
The lady is my song


A lady made of wonder
With spirit full of thunder
My courage is my love
The color up above



Among So Many Other Things

With folded wings, she sat by me
As I was lost in memory
Something akin to tragedy;
It's called a "broken heart"


She warmed me with an Angel's breath
My injury was not my death
Reminded me I'd much life left
And never would we part


She said to me, "I'll be your wings"
Among so many other things
The honeyed notes my Angel sings
That filter from above


Build not your troubles; save your sighs
For awe-filled looks at bright blue skies
That fleeting blush; those honest eyes
I fall and fall in love



There are more. There will always be more. But that's enough for now.

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