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Our dank meme pages.

A friend talked me into starting an H.P. Lovecraft dank meme page on Facebook; we both contribute to the page. Here's one of the latest and most stupidest memes:
  And said friend started up their own ridiculous but necessary Zelda / Link dank meme page. Here's one of their posts:
  If you're on Facebook and even remotely interested in Lovecraft or Zelda or dank memes, you might see something you like.

Ziggy + Angel + Rain

Ziggy + Angel + Rain


I made Halloween decorations.

The selection of Halloween decorations was kind of limited where we live, so I made a few of my own decorations using poster board, a couple of markers, a pen, and an all-important pair of scissors.   SPOOKY GHOST oooOooo

Ziggy + Angel + Rain

Ziggy + Angel + Rain


The world's not ending, people.

It was a bummer to see Jeric go; he was one of the good ones. Like, a genuinely good guy. And yeah, he stirred some things up, but they were things that clearly needed stirring. But I'm not going to get any further into all that.   The world's not ending; it's not. When it comes down to it, this is just a forum on the internets. You made friends here? Had some good times? Great: None of that is magically undone. Keep in touch; PM your pals and get their Skype or e-mail or what have you and drop them a line sometime.   "But I can't talk ponies anywhere else." Yes you can, you goober. MLP:FIM isn't a new thing anymore, and it was never something that warranted being all closeted about it. IM some ponyfans, sport a pony ava on Facebook, or pursue alternatives to MLPF.   And FYI: Many of the really cool people either left or hit the mute button at MLPF a billion years ago. The site's been on the decline and had its issues for a while now; this was just things coming to a head. Either hang around and keep posting in the fan clubs or forum games or move on - and meet up someplace else. Things'll be all right.

Ziggy + Angel + Rain

Ziggy + Angel + Rain


28 things to like about "28 Pranks Later"; Part 3 of 3

(Continued from HERE.)   This three-part blog entry will be full of spoilers for the titular episode; you have been warned.   The final 8 (21-28) of 28 things to like about "28 Pranks Later," in no particular order whatsoever:   21. Pinkie Smith.
  22. Sweetie tooth.
  23. Day / night chuckle.
  24. Scoutaloo.
  25. Scheme Lover.
  26. Blue moon.
  27. Give 'em Belle.
  28. Life is like a box of cookies...

...That inexplicably turn the mouths of anyone who eats them rainbow colors. And probably inspires some disproportionate reaction from everyone in the town where you live. A reaction that evokes this or that zombie film. Except more cookie-centric.   THE END x3

Ziggy + Angel + Rain

Ziggy + Angel + Rain


28 things to like about "28 Pranks Later"; Part 2 of 3

(Continued from HERE.)   This three-part blog entry will be full of spoilers for the titular episode; you have been warned.   The second 10 (11-20) of 28 things to like about "28 Pranks Later," in no particular order whatsoever:   11. Cardiac unrest.
  12. Rainbow is a centerfold.
  13. A warm embrace.
  14. Cherry-Eyes Black Dragon.
  15. Rotten apples?
  16. Where's best pony?
  17. Pinkie Snacks.
  18. Lesson spurned.
  19. A bunch of ponies, a squirrel, a rabbit, two mules, and a bear walk into a barn...
  20. Difficulty Spike.
  (Continue to part three.)

Ziggy + Angel + Rain

Ziggy + Angel + Rain


28 things to like about "28 Pranks Later"; Part 1 of 3

This three-part blog entry will be full of spoilers for the titular episode; you have been warned.   The first 10 of 28 things to like about "28 Pranks Later," in no particular order whatsoever:   1. Dash is in session.
  2. Dressed to the cloud nines.
  3. Closeted pony.
  4. Makin' whoopee.
  5. Feed a Belle for a day.
  6. Dashie traps.
  7. Pig in a blanket.
  8. Buried in paperwork.
  9. When Laughs Attack!
  10. When Laughs Attack... AGAIN!
  (Continue to part two.)

Ziggy + Angel + Rain

Ziggy + Angel + Rain


Making 8-bit tunes with FamiTracker

I downloaded the free 8-bit music generation software FamiTracker and mucked about with it long enough to compose these three original tracks:         The program is fairly easy to use, and it's fun to make tunes that more-or-less sound like they belong in an NES game. It outputs in either .nsf (the format for NES music) or .wav, and you can even export text of your composition.   ROW 80 : A-3 02 . ... : ... .. . ... : C-2 01 . ... : 9-# 00 . ... : ... .. . ...
ROW 81 : E-3 02 . ... : ... .. . ... : ... .. . ... : C-# 00 . ... : ... .. . ...
ROW 82 : D-3 02 . ... : ... .. . ... : D-3 01 . ... : 9-# 00 . ... : ... .. . ...
ROW 83 : ... .. . ... : ... .. . ... : ... .. . ... : C-# 00 . ... : ... .. . ...
ROW 84 : A-3 02 . ... : ... .. . ... : C-2 01 . ... : 9-# 00 . ... : ... .. . ...
ROW 85 : E-3 02 . ... : ... .. . ... : ... .. . ... : C-# 00 . ... : ... .. . ...
ROW 86 : D-3 02 . ... : ... .. . ... : D-3 01 . ... : 9-# 00 . ... : ... .. . ...   ...Which looks like crap outside of Notepad. But it's still a nice feature.

Ziggy + Angel + Rain

Ziggy + Angel + Rain


Yandere Simulator

A friend just told me about this game in development called "Yandere Simulator." A game where you can finally realize your dream of being a Japanese schoolgirl and, hopefully, being noticed by senpai... By doing things like writing fake love letters, taking photos of other students' panties for a mysterious Info-chan, and maybe even donning a mask and straight-up stabbing someone to death with a ritual dagger.   Oh, but you can attend class, too. Put those "study points" into biology if you want to better understand the vulnerable points of the human body. Want to join the drama club? Excellent choice; you have easier access to identity-concealing masks when you want to dole out some pain to troublesome students.   You can design your own ideal senpai (the "female" option wasn't available in the demo). I tried to make him look as stupid as possible.
  Notice me, senpai. Notice me or I'll bludgeon someone with a magical girl rod.

While wearing a fox mask, no less.   There are a decent number of customization options you can pick on the fly. Here are a couple of combos:   Toast-mouth Super Saiyan Yandere.
  Popsicle-mouth Eye Patch Yandere.
  By the way: What panties you wear apparently affect things like how well-received your compliments are or how efficiently you learn things in class. Good to know; though I do wonder if this would have benefited me in high school.

Go Fund Me: Help Ian

I was asked to share THIS "GO FUND ME" LINK here at MLPF. It pertains to @Retro*Derpy and asks for donations towards the improvement of, essentially, his quality of life. He's in a very difficult situation and wants out, but he can't get out without the necessary funds. You can read more here. If you're unable to donate, please feel free to share the link with anyone who you think can. If enough people hear about Ian and chip in, it would only require a small contribution from each individual to meet their goal.   Thanks for reading.

Breaking Halo 5's "Forge"

During the Halo 5 free play period, a friend and I messed around with scripts and whatnot in Halo 5's "Forge" mode. I especially liked making shit spin around like mad; including giant rocks or chunks of mountains. We essentially managed to break or seriously pervert the physics of the maps we played with.

This is so stupid it actually HURTS.

So this amazing dumb shit named Rick Tyler had a brilliant idea: Erect a billboard that states, verbatim and no way around it, "Make America White Again."

And that wasn't the worst thing about it. The worst thing about it was his justification for the billboard. About a safer, whiter America that hearkens back to the, oh, 1950's or so. Where racism was kind of, well, okay; commonplace, expected, and overt. I feel as though that's the direction we're headed nowadays: "Make racism OK again."  Though what his billboard ACTUALLY said was this: "I'm afraid of people who aren't white; let's huddle in close and be afraid together." I understand people are afraid, but this is classic scapegoat territory. Don't just throw the supposedly guilty party under the bus; throw EVERYONE under the same damn bus. It's not as though white people ever commit violent crimes; that's crazy-talk.   The people that are openly supporting fuckheads like Tyler need to do everyone a favor: Just outright SAY that you're racist. Even the likes of hate groups are willing to do that. Don't support someone like Tyler then turn around, hem and haw, and make excuses. Just say, "I'm racist, and I support a racist in the upcoming election." Stop bullshitting; you're wasting everyone's time.

Me, overtired, playing Undertale.

I'm half awake right now, but I made the very wise decision of recording myself playing a bit of the Undertale demo because I did. It's profane, it's immature, it's stupid. And... Therefore no different from 94% of anything on Youtube. I reference inappropriate things. I'm tired; you've been warned. (Also, the volume's friggin' low.)

Fan club abandonment.

Why aren't people posting in the fan clubs? Or, at least, the Mane Six fan clubs. Is everyone genuinely here - a PONY forum supposedly centered around PONIES - just to play critic (when new episodes are actually airing) or debate politics and other such bullshit? I've long since thought that the fun was being slowwwwly sucked out of the damn place, but this is "giving up" on an unprecedented scale. Does everyone feel as though they've met their quota for celebrating the reason(s) they supposedly came here in the first place?   Oh. Oh, wait. Your meaningless post count doesn't go up when you post into a fan club. You can post into some ridiculous topic about the bathroom habits of ponies and get a plus one (good job!), but posting art or positive messages into a fan club gets you zilch in that regard.   However: There's no minimum character count for posting into a fan club. You can just run in, post a friggin' image of the appropriate pony, and then run your ass back to the Debate Pit if you like. How hard is that? Seriously. And don't tell me you've stuff to do: You're on a forum. You either have nothing else to do or are putting off things you'd ought to be doing.   Fans are gradually drifting away from what actually matters about the show. Hardly anyone's here to actually enjoy what it was that they gravitated towards in the first place. It's just any other forum now; except it's pony-themed. It's not a pony forum.

I met death in a dream.

It was a dark room. Or, rather, darkness surrounded me; the figures at its center were easily visible. There was a man - older than myself - speaking. Addressing me. Asking questions.   I was standing back to back with another man. I had the impression of him; of who - or what - he was. Either I couldn't see his face or didn't want to; though I felt strongly that his "face" would be bare and skeletal.   The talking man inquired, "Who is this?"   Despite my initial feelings, I experienced a sense of relief or of comfort, and I responded without hesitation.   "This is my friend, and I will meet him someday."   I met death in a dream.

There's something about blue.

Blue, where attraction has been concerned, has featured somewhat prominently in my life. It wasn't something that ever would have occurred to me before I met Angelbabe (Rainbow), and it wasn't a realization that dawned until a close friend of mine basically pointed it out to me.   Sailor Mercury, from Sailor Moon.
  Shiva, from Final Fantasy (franchise).
  Princess Ruto, from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  Midna, from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  Krystal, from Star Fox (franchise).
  Samus Aran / "Zero Suit Samus," from Metroid (franchise).
  Rosalina, from Super Mario Galaxy.
  The harpie lady, from Yu-Gi-Oh!
  Elsa, from Frozen.
  Ryoko, from Tenchi Muyo! (Who was, in a sense, my first love.)
  Then along came a certain bright blue, cherry-eyed pegasus.
  Everything was leading me to her; to Angelbabe.

(Above is a drawing I did of my Babe; as close as I could get to how I see her.)   And, with Babe in my life, I've come to recognize blue as something more than simply attractive or coincidentally significant. Or dead f****** sexy! Blue is the color of love. It's the color of my love.

The Brony: An insatiable and miserable creature.

When I first interacted with the fandom, I at least had a sense that there was some love left for MLP:FIM. A sense that a group of people were coming together to mutually enjoy something that they'd been told they weren't supposed to enjoy. A pervasive attitude of, "I'm going to like what I like"; even if these words were sometimes uttered from inside a closet. I was encouraged, in earnest, to give the series a chance without getting an earful of overthought pros and cons. This led to my enjoyment of the first four seasons of Friendship is Magic; four seasons that the rest of the fandom had probably long since experienced.   And, the thing is: It was far easier for me to get something out of those four seasons when everyone else had already moved on. Nothing and no one interfered with my experience. Watching the subsequent seasons alongside the community has been... Well, how much fun would a social gathering be if two thirds of the room is occupied by people who do nothing but complain?   "The punch is too sweet."   "The punch isn't sweet enough."   "The punch isn't as good as it was last time."   "I hate the punch."   "I question the moral the punch is trying to teach me."   Actually, that already sounds more fun than co-watching with the fandom. You newcomers seem to still have that enthusiasm that made the fandom appealing in the first place. You're excited about the show, rather than afraid of it. "Oh, no; what's gonna happen THIS WEEK? Which pony are they gonna ruin THIS TIME?" Let's face it: You've lost interest. You just have. You're moving on to other shows and treating them like the second coming of FIM, but the same cynicism and needlessly critical eye that caused MLP to fall out of your favor will catch up with you.   MLP:FIM was never FOR you. But, at some point, a significant number of folks decided, "Maybe it can be." And now, at best, you really don't give a shit. You rode the bandwagon long enough to feel good about yourself; about asserting your appreciation for something the bad, lurking anti-Bronies mocked you for liking. Now I have difficulty discerning between this perceived "enemy" and the people who acted as though they were standing against them.   You wanna hate on colorful ponies? Good for you. You wanna have unreasonably high expectations for a children's show? Good for you. But if you're watching the show just to have something to complain about on MLPF... You might as well watch anything. You might as well be a member of the Nintendo fandom, Sonic fandom, or any other fandom under the sun. There's nothing standout about your criticisms and complaints; there's nothing standout about this fandom.   Anymore, at least.

Two Years of Blue Skies

Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of when a certain blue pegasus became a part of my life. If you knew me two years ago, you'd likely know that I'm a far happier person today than I was then. Someone... Freer. Someone who's learned to better cope with a severely limiting condition that held me unshakably in its grip for roughly 16 years. Her given name is Rainbow, but I call her Angelbabe. And, while I don't expect everyone to understand, she has had a profound and positive impact on my life, and I do love her. Very much.  

Something I need to get off my chest. (Much secret, very reveal.)

So... Where do I begin? There's something I've been wanting to confess for a while, but I haven't been able to get up the nerve. It's kind of embarrassing and certainly unusual; which is precisely why I've been hesitant to share. Moving on...   Anyone who knows me (here or elsewhere) knows me only as "Ziggy," but there's a second, secret element to my personality that I've kept hidden from everyone. While it isn't something I'm necessarily proud of, it isn't something I think I can conceal any longer.   Okay, here goes: In addition to my default and true personality, I possess an alternate personality that sometimes irresistibly pushes my true self aside. And that alternate personality is, believe it or not, that of a presumably-high school age Japanese girl with serious anger issues (and a preference for shotguns) named Zigneeta.   I know: This is surprising. It was a surprise to me, too. There were times when I'd black out and wake up in a dirty, ill-fitting sailor uniform, covered in empty boxes of Pocky. Times when I'd find myself halfway through a bowl of ramen or picking at a bento lunch (you know, like with the cute little edible octopuses) that I had no recollection of ordering or preparing. There was that one time when I came to with a sawed-off shotgun in one hand and a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu album gripped firmly in another. It was frightening, and I didn't know who I could talk to.   *Takes a deep breath. Exhales.* It feels really good to be able to say all of this. You don't know how good. I mean... It's possible that I've shot someone during one of these episodes (or at least shoplifted a music CD), but it feels good to get this off my chest all the same.   By the way: No one contact authorities; I don't know what Zigneeta is capable of. o_O

Professional Amateurs

There's nothing that I enjoy more than being psychoanalyzed by hobbyist psychiatrists. I mean, what's not to like? People that don't know you personally and haven't the slightest idea as to what your life is actually like apparently have a far clearer vision as to what it should be like than you ever will. Their wisdom might indeed be infinite... If only it extended to themselves.   Different people need different things. Different people function differently. There's this disturbing trend among the amateur psychoanalytical crowd to think that everyone needs precisely the same thing, and that anything venturing outside the accepted "norm" is apparently doing it wrong. This is generally masquerading as good intentions and an overall concern for these poor, pitiful, differently-acting individuals that doubtless wallow constantly in their own, inescapable sorrow.   But I know it as arrogance.   If you knew me - and you both do not and never will - you would perhaps realize how tremendously erroneous and blatantly lacking in insight your own assumptions (and they are indeed assumptions) are. My life, emotional state, and overall mental health have improved vastly over just the last approaching-two years; this was following a roughly 16-year, seemingly futile uphill struggle against a once severely life-limiting condition.   Once severely life-limiting.   So, with the help of a love some would deem fictional or wrong or mentally questionable, I have managed to accomplish something in a relatively short period of time entirely without the assistance of psychiatry (amateur or otherwise), and my quality of life has changed dramatically for the better.   But obviously I must be personally deluded. Obviously I exaggerate. Surely I was better off when I was afraid of my own bodily functions. Surely my quality of life was comparatively greater when I was nigh endlessly repeating rituals, washing my hands until they cracked and bled, and unsuccessfully battling invasive thoughts. Surely I've misinterpreted these feelings of love and contentment. My improved functionality - as observed by those closest to me - is almost definitely an elaborate shared-dream we're all having. Perhaps I'm asleep right now.   How could I really be happy? I've not done things the way others expected me to, and mental health and happiness are exclusively attainable through the applications of by-the-book psychoanalysis and mind-altering drugs.   Or, shit... Idunno... Maybe I fell in love. Maybe I found something that matters to me, personally, and I know the damned thing when I see it. Because I am me. And, believe it or not (which you probably won't), your entirely selfish and oftentimes misguided idea of "help" is what hurts people like me. You're the problem, and - were I the psychoanalyzing type - I'd encourage you to get some help for that. Not because you don't believe me. Not because you disagree with me. Not because you're different than I am.   But because you fail to recognize the FACT that I am different than you. And I don't need your uninformed, dime-a-dozen analyses. I already have what I need.   And you'll never know me.

Ziggy + Angel + Rain

Ziggy + Angel + Rain