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Ok ponies, so I went and saw Deadpool (so far best movie 2016 :wub: ), but now as I'm talking to people about, with the exception of those who have seen the movie, I've discovered a rather troubling problem...
NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THE 4TH WALL!!!!!! :okiedokielokie:
No I'm serous, out of about roughly 10 people I've talked to, 8 had no clue what the 4th wall was. And I'm not talking about people with lacking education or anything like that, no educated ADULTS, I mean for buck sake even a teacher, A GODDESS DAMN TEACH, had no clue what the 4th wall is!
So my question you all of you, how many know the term "4th wall"?
I'm going to guess most on here do, simply because of Pinkiepie :) , if so how many others around you know what this is?

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Counting that I studied literary genres and techniques since I was about... 14, I know most of its tricks and pull offs.


The 4th wall, as I studied it, is the imaginary "wall" that exists and separates the normal three-boxed set of the theatre from the people, and the people can see the actions that happen in there through on their world.

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I've known what the "fourth wall" was since I was around eleven years old. I didn't learn it in school until I was about fourteen, but I looked it up out of curiosity before then. 


However, not a lot of my friends (aside from one) 'nor any adults I'm around know what it is. My guess is, they can't be bothered enough to care. 

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