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Conflict is an essential part of harmony

Mesme Rize


People have dreamed of an ultimate peaceful world with no worries, no war and absolute harmony. But when you actually think about it, most people don't really understand the true meaning harmony and rather mistake harmony with peace, considering ultimate peace is not achievable in a realistic way in our known universe.

It all starts with turning on your Television and seeing war around the world, which for many people consider as a consider as a conflict. But conflicts don't just happen on the battlefield, they happen in our everyday life, be it in our jobs, when we are sick, when we argue with our friends and family, wherever you essentially go.

Now you probably say, that it would be better to just go along with what the other say. But that is not good. A good argument and conflict can make you stronger physically or from a social standpoint. Believe it or not, if we look inside of our bodies there is a big conflict going on as we speak. If anyone of you have a microscope, try to squeeze out a little bit of blood and you see under the microscope that there is a big conflict is going, between millions of red and white blood cells. Without this conflict, our Body just can't work and Life as we know it would just not exist on this planet.

war and peace must coexist in the same universe to create harmony, else this universe wouldn't work.

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You're right about that, Mesme. Even in a relatively action-less show like Friendship is Magic, there's some conflict that needs to be resolved, like Rainbow Dash trying to find a study method that works for her, or Zephyr Breeze learning he really CAN do anything if he does so, in spite of the fear of failing.

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32 minutes ago, WiiGuy2014 said:

You're right about that, Mesme. Even in a relatively action-less show like Friendship is Magic, there's some conflict that needs to be resolved, like Rainbow Dash trying to find a study method that works for her, or Zephyr Breeze learning he really CAN do anything if he does so, in spite of the fear of failing.

You're correct. Conflict also happens in our TV Shows, because Conflict is the essence of classical drama, which the old greeks also knew when they started doing theatre plays. Conflict is also there for entertainment, because without it life would be boring.

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This is more or less my entire life philosophy. Everything bad that happens happens for a reason. It's healthy to want to put an end to the negatives of human nature, but without conflict what reason would there even be to live?

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I hear ya. More often than not, seemingly opposite forces are actually complementary, in the sense that one simply cannot be without the other. Good things exist because bad things exist. Likewise, you can't bring peace to a world that has no conflict it: it would be illogical. I feel like that's what harmony means. It's the natural balance between opposite sides that, y'know... keeps the world spinning.

I think this is sort of how the concept of the Chinese Yin-Yang works? I could be wrong.

Of course, there's the entire philosphy behind the act of war and the taking of innocent lives and such. But as you said, solving that wouldn't equal to world peace. It's a very broad, thrown-around term.

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I see what you guys mean, socially its true, you learn to get along better everyone has their differences to work out etc.

But this balance thing, eh. Like, some kids are born with painful diseases, and die wondering why god is punishing them and thinking they did wrong or are not good enough. I would not exactly call life balanced, or the black death plague everyone would be having a jolly ole time with icecream and carnivals and stuff. Like, the boils wouldn't be painful, they would feel good, but cost them mobility, that's balance. And reminds me of Kiwis(thought to have went extinct because they did not comprehend predators due to being away from predators for a while), or kids born without the ability to feel pain.

But for species that survive, like wolves, it is more of a balance. Like, if deer had no predators, they wouldn't be as good at surviving as deer are in the presence of a predator.

So you could argue for a continuous harmony, it requires balancing out your convenience, with your struggle. Too much struggle is bad, too much convenience is bad, both can lead to maladaptive behaviors which lead to extinction.

But, there are objectively people who enjoy more in life, and those who suffer more in life. So, in that regard, no, its not balanced in the slightest. And technically good and bad occurrences do have tangible explanations, but I see no reason a new child has to die to some defect or disease and calling it even/balanced/fair.

And in the distant future, its entirely possible humans are intelligent enough and capable enough to predict every problem of their lives before it happens, namely, after the singularity and flawless educational patterns. Everyone loves to learn that far into the future, and the technology allows all living members to be capable and learn whatever they fancy, and fix every problem before it starts. So, technically some people have inherently more free time than others due to random chance, would be that society's only conflict. Well, and heat-death of the universe. Anything they want to experience for the sake of experiencing can be in a direct non-invasive to brain virtual reality experience. The only conflict they would get is from stories or producing stories, and how much cognitive dissonance those things end up causing. Which they might not even take the dissonance seriously, because they know exactly what it is and why, so its not a conflict, just a state their brain is in.


And I don't think they would ever get bored from the lack of conflict, fiction is endless, learning is nigh endless, before you master one skill, another skill loses its edge and you need to keep up with it. Amazingly long life due to technology could potentially be extremely fulfilling.

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