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Doctor Mesme as an enemy in Undertale (Concept)

Mesme Rize



Doctor Mesme, a Snakepony that is obsessed with health and medical science, likes to dwell in jungle areas. He overreacts even at the littlest things, such as a simple sneeze or cough. He enjoys conversation about medical science and other relating stuff.

HP: 80
ATK: 30 (Attacks with blue attacks, because if the "patient" is not still, it will cause pain.)
DEF: 55

Doctor Mesme attacks with syringes and Stethoscopes, and other medical/health items.
He uses green attacks, which are lollipops. (This attack happens if you let him inspect you, and he will reward you for being a good patient.)

Opening Battle Dialogue: [Doctor Mesme slithers forth.]

Check: Doctor Mesme - ATK: 15, DEF: 55. His Stethoscope makes him look very legit.
Cough: [You cough. Doctor Mesme is freaking out.]
Sit Still: [You sit still. Doctor Mesme examines you.]
Sit Still (Again): [Doctor Mesme rewards you for being a good patient!] (Allows Sparing)
Talk About Health: [Doctor Mesme seems delighted in the conversation.]


Yeah, just a silly thing i thought up. :P

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I don't know much about Undertale, but that was a good (What's the word I'm looking for?) "Strategy". :P

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'Silly'? Mesme, Mesme, Mesme......yours truly has thought of an ENTIRE battle with Ruby Scales. You are not alone in the world of Undertale lamia battles.

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