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i need a timeout from this place

Mesme Rize


hey everyone

I know, some people might be rather shocked at this sudden decision of mine, but i think i really need a time out for this place.

Some might say "is it because of the premiere and the reactions?" Yeah, kinda. But also because i just need a general time for myself.

It's just, for the last few months i tried to stayed out of the debate pit and i was okay with that. I rather like to have fun with my friends and talk about pones from time to time.

Now all of a sudden, it seems the debate pit came into ponies and now i can't ignore it. So before i rampage any further and ruin more friendships, i rather take a break from here and watch the next few episodes by myself.

I have no idea when i will come back. But to my close friends and the people who know me, i have no grudges against you and i am not mad at you. I love you all still and i will return at one point.

For now though, i will leave you with this. If you wanna speak to me, try to reach me on Skype, Discord and through PSN.



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Well, as you know, I'm always open on Discord to talk to, hang out with (and snuggle). Hope you feel better soon about all this.. *hug*

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Honestly, the mods should be moving that stuff right away. Did you report any of the OP's?

I feel bad because I sorta participated in some of those...

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Good grief, I'm not taking a break from the forums but that doesn't mean I'm not constantly rolling my eyes at the political debate here. The climate of threads about the S8 premiere has become reminiscent of the Debate Pit. Frustrating! I wish mods would step in, because there's a place for those kinds of arguments and it's not the Show Discussion section. It's fine to bring up themes and theories--in fact, I love that in principle--but there's a fine line between respectful discourse and nastiness. And this isn't even the only instance of that... I think it started a few months ago when one of the MLP kids books depicted Scootaloo's parents as a same-sex couple.

So I don't blame you one bit, @Mesme Rize. ;) Take care!

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Given how it has been here lately, I can't really blame you for wanting to take a break from the forums for a while.  Hopefully you will enjoy the time off.

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It's really sad that people try to twist a topic that had NOTHING even remotely to do with politics... into something political. The whole School Daze thing was one of a vast amount of instances, MLP or otherwise. I'm tired of that, but people's need to be problematic can't really be fixed... They'll just start drama regardless.


I don't blame you. I would've done the same thing long ago if I didn't need this place to vent, occupy my time, and actually communicate with other people. After all, too many people have tried to stir up drama here recently and I've been sick of it for at least a good couple of months now. This place has been going down the drain over the past few months, I was even beginning to notice it when I was here on my old account... Seriously, I've been hopeful that maybe it will quit happening, but instead it actually only seems to get worse. This place used to be really nice a few years back (sure there were a few people that I'm GLAD got banned), but it's slowly becoming a cesspool of crud.

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We’re going to miss you @Mesme Rize, I hope your break helps you unwind, and hopefully when you return the show discussion isn’t a political debate.  

Also, don’t know if you consider it part of the forums or not, but as far as I’m concerned you’re always welcome to drop by on movie night, I’ve never seen our conversation there get political. 

In the meantime, rest up and we will be looking forward to your return.

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Definitely understandable. While the show does parallel the real world, I think people get a little too carried away in how close the parallel is actually supposed to be. I have noticed the constant insistence of political topics such as imperialism being encouraged in the show, and I just don't get that impression at all, among other arguments that seem to have nothing to do with the episode's contents (I'm still baffled by the whole "white unicorn" thing in one of the threads, like what the heck? where on earth did that come from?).

You have my regards.

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