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  1. You know some songs in MLP are SO good fill you with a magical feeling and emotion. One such example is 'The Present Is Filled With Presents'. So jolly, upbeat and cheerful!

    1. Kujamih


      "Say goodbye to the holiday" was my favorite.

  2. Back at it again, baby! Working on a practice level I plan to upload if I can finish it. Using ArcaneSoul's 'Total Destruction'.

  3. Here's a detail from the Lorax I imagine many of you have overlooked. (watching it with some friends)



    Gru's Shoes. Reference to Gru and his Minions from Despicable Me. Lorax and DM were made by Illumination.

  4. Untitled11_20201016232459.png

    My friend Minty the Ducko of Chaos on Discord just finished making this for me, free of charge, and I'm SO happy with the result! ^^
    It's the custom keyblade I imagined as a special reward for truly 100%ing every Kingdom Hearts game.

    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      It was so nice of you to use the castle from my Cutie Mark to represent our friendship

    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      Yeah, as does the red and blue colors! ^^ 

  5. After so long, I've finally 100% completed every Kingdom Hearts game I can play on PS3/PS4, including Kingdom Hearts III. I feel so proud and happy that everything is officially complete and done with, a VERY big goal I'd always wanted to work towards accomplishing.
    I feel so fulfilled, so satisfied, so PROUD!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      If I were an amazing artist, I'd totally draw myself a special keyblade. Wings as the handles, a golden crown keychain, the teeth would have KH on the end, like this.



      The part of the sword connecting the vertical and horizontal handles would have my Cutie Mark design on it..


      I'm actually gonna try and make my own keyblade design!

    3. You


      There are quite some mini games that are a pain to complete in the KH series.

      ...like the ice cone something in BBS.

    4. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      Ice Cream Beat? It's not that bad if you have timing down. No, no, the biggest pain was Fruitball against Pete.

  6. When you pick up an Enemy Card in Chain of Memories you were gonna grind for later on anyway:


    Nailed it!! - Success Kid - quickmeme

  7. Me spamming Mega Flare on enemies be like:


    "BURN, BABY!" - Axel

  8. image.png.ae5ef7da598fcd92d59d52041298069d.png

    I feel accomplished!

  9. I discovered the show purely because I was bored and curious back in 2013, I'm pretty sure. Seeing it on Netflix, and deciding to give it a watch, I found that I was super into the show. So I watched the next episode...then the next....then the next, then the next...soon after I realized how much I truly enjoyed the show. It lead me to meeting many brony friends on Minecraft, on a now-closed server known as Pony Concordia. That's where I met most of my friends. It lead me to joining Legends of Equestria for a year or two, until my sister ended up getting me banned for reasons I won't disclose. It lead me to joining Discord in 2016, where, of course, I met many of my friends. And then, I joined MLP Forums on September 29th of 2017, and in February 28 of 2018, that's when I met and befriended my best friend, @Will Guide. I'm so happy to have been able to meet all of you!
  10. Happy 10th Anniversary, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Ten years ago today, you sparked one of the greatest fandoms known to humankind.

    1. Tacodidra


      Happy birthday to the greatest show of all time! :rarity: May the fandom live on for many more years.

  11. Today I shall be playing a new game, Superliminal! A game about perception and illusion! Check out the demo on Steam!



    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Considering I played the full game myself, I would like to see your reaction to it.

  12. From this day forth, let it forever be known, that I was the person who did every Kingdom Hearts game playable on PS3 and PS4 100%!


    I truly am the god of Kingdom Hearts!

    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      And I am so glad to be best friends with such a god. :mlp_smug::P

  13. I've FINALLY DONE IT! My biggest goal accomplished at last! I've finally beaten No Heart, Vanitas Remnant, and Mysterious Figure, and done everything as one character, Ventus! 



    Everything is finally complete! I'm SO HAPPY! 


    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Congrats! I could never get around to doing that. :derp:

    2. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Congratulations, King of Kingdom Hearts!

  14. Everyone? I've got incredible news. Regardless of the method I used, I've finally done it. I've finally downed the dastardly adversary, No Heart!! And look at what spoils the victor received!








    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Well I consider you the King of Kingdom Hearts. Congratulations my close friend

    2. Tacodidra


      Congratulations, my friend! :yay: