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First Sketch

Totally Nyx


I've decided to try my hand at digital art and figured I'd throw a little something together to keep track of my progress. Don't expect much, as I'm pretty much starting from zero. I'll try to keep this updated every week or two for as long as my desire to continue improving persists.

And that's, well, I suppose that's it. Please be kind. :kindness:



This one's really just me getting used to my new drawing tablet, trying to copy an already existing picture. I think you're familiar with the original. (I didn't leave enough room at the top and it got a little squished :adorkable:)


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Please be kind. :kindness:


I am, I suppose. Take into account that I am always very honest.:mlp_wink:

As the first drawing it is good. :-PAs the first drawing is good. Generally (in my opinion) hind part of Lyra is (legs, tail, flank with cutie mark) look better.

Practice makes perfect. So good luck in the next sketches!:squee:


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Hey, great job! This is really good for a first time sketch. I'm certain it can only go up from here if you keep at it. ^_^

The finer details will come with time. Be proud of what you've done here. :)

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I think it is brilliant! Especially for first try. You'll be good soon! Keep it up!


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