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I Hate you, Technology Pt.2

Rainbow    Dash


Yeah its another rave about how much technology hinders me. I finally got enough motivation to make an ask tumblr and improve my art. Feeling proud, i decided to upload all my art to the tumblr and the forums respectively. It was going all well until my scanner decided to stop working for no reason. I checked the drivers and they were fine. rolled the drivers back and it still didnt work. re-installed the program and still didnt work. So i decided to re-draw all my hard work on the computer using MS Paint. I found out that there is little to no precision in MS Paint. Sometimes i wonder if technology is really here to help us or if its there to hinder us.


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Well, i had to draw something for school and scan it on my PC.

*because i'm home schooled* 

So my scanner decided to scan it, but it kept showing the image extremely bright and no matter what i couldn't darken it enough. So i ended up getting an F on the assignment. What a shame...

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I hate my scanner so much. It can't even pick up pencil lines, and when it  does it looks crappy.

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