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Harmonic Revelations



Hello there, you fine folks on the forums, today I'm going to be reviewing sleep.


Sleep's graphics have aged well, especially considering how old it really is. I mean, sleep does usually have blurry graphics, and for some reason, clocks and mirrors never seem to render properly, but other than that, it's very realistic graphic-wise. I'd say that if sleep were to come out today, it's graphics would receive much praise from critics and everyday people alike.


Sometimes while moving fast during dreams, your surroundings become blurry. I hope this is something that sleep's developers look into fixing sometime in the future, as the motion blur can get kind of annoying.


A major issue that might be related to graphics is that for some reason my dreams appear to be unable to be recorded with my capture card, however, this might be some kind of technical problem with my brain and not with sleep or the recording software.




Sleep's gameplay can be confusing. Especially since sometimes, when entering sleep, the gameplay does not start at all. This usually indicates a sleep disorder, and sadly, most people have not bought sleep recently and thus cannot use their warranty.


Once you are in gameplay, it becomes very confusing. Who the protagonist of sleep is is often unclear as they usually do not speak. In addition, enemies may vary (If there are any at all) depending on which level you are playing. Oddly enough, levels appear to play anachronistically, with some players being unable to reach certain levels, and others end up replaying the same levels over and over.


One odd thing about sleep is that it's genre is quite unclear, while I'd guess it's some kind of platforming game, the jump function does not appear to always work and the game often appears to crash when you fall long distances.


Some have reported that it is some kind of horror adventure game, and to some extent this appears accurate, however, not all levels are like this. When asking the programmers what they were going for, they had no comment. All we know is that whatever it is, it often succeeds in it's goal of either being scary, pleasant, or something in between. So kudos to the development team for developing something so entertaining for free.


I would say that sleep has a high replay value, although it is rare to find somebody who has beaten it. For some reason, many people do not save their progress, Maybe they don't know how, so here's a guide.


I did notice a glitch in sleep where Light switches do not usually work.




This is one area where sleep really appears to be lacking, sadly. Many people have reported inconsistencies in their dreams and the plot appears to be really incoherent. However, this unique and random style of story telling has it's upside, as the ending is not as predictable as those in some other examples of entertainment with a confusing story but obvious ending.


Sound Effects:

For some reason, many of the sound effects in sleep appear to be muffled or unpleasant. Very often during gameplay I experienced loud screams, and worse still, upon triggering these, the game usually crashes, returning me to my bed. The sound effects can, however, be very memorable, and for that, I am grateful.


Sometimes the sound quality varies but for the most part the integrity of the sound effects in Sleep are solid.







Sleep is quite an interesting thing, it's very exclusive. Some people can sit there for hours and hours trying to get it and just not get it all. Of course, once you do go to sleep, your mileage may vary, some people wake up feeling just as tired as when they fell asleep.


However, some of the positive features of sleep include good dreams, the fact that it's a nice way to kill time, the relatively good graphics, nice varied gameplay, and the fact that it restores energy. These features combined make sleep for the most part an enjoyable experience.


On the flip side, sleep can make you miss out on things, be late, you can have nightmares, sometimes it takes more effort than it is worth to sleep, the confusing storyline etc..these make sleeping into a very mixed experience.


My personal experience with sleep is that while it's sometimes hard to attain, it is almost always worth it. I have had many positive dreams in my life and I really only have sleep to thank for that.


Overall, I would say that sleep is one of those odd things that can be a mixed experience quality wise, but one that is enjoyed by almost all demographics.


Sleep is a true classic.


Sleep receives 8.2/10 stars.

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What the hell is this this isn't a review of the touching film where it is nothing but a guy sleeping what



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