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    'rocket Grace'

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    'white Lightning'

  3. :WhiteLightning:

    Post your OC!

    Because I have to show off... Name: White Lightning Type: Pegasus Gender: Male Appearance: Light Brown coat, Shaggy, Dark brown mane and tail, Green eyes. Cutie Mark: A single, simple, encircled white lightning bolt Hobbies: Relaxing, slacking off and cutting up when not at work (Primary occupation includes manufacturing of storm clouds.), Additional Details: White Lighting has a talent and calling for producing beautiful storms himself, he's something of an artist when it comes to the dangerous line of work. The calling chose him, as a colt, when he got too curious about the storms while on a school tour to the Cloudsdale weather factory. Stricken by a bolt, he awoke several days later, with his cutie mark. When not working, he's "one of the good ones", telling jokes and stories, regaling friends and strangers alike with limericks and humerus verses. He is known to be very approachable, with the undeniable allure of a soft-spoken confidence that can be seen in his stride alone. Name: Rocket Grace Type: Pegasus Gender: Female Appearance: Light tan coat, short, fiery red mane and tail accompanied by orange streaks, Ice Blue eyes. Cutie Mark: A single missile with accompanying wings on either side. Hobbies: Being a general antagonist to friends and foes alike, Rocket spends most of her time being snarky and snide. She enjoys being with friends, and in loud environments, markets, gatherings, clubs, anywhere she will blend with the crowd even while being loud and boisterous. Rocket also enjoys solo flights, largely because she's one of Equestria's fastest fliers. As a speedster, she doesn't boast her skill, though this is largely in contrast to her boasting nature. Additional Details: Gifted with incredible Wing Power, Rocket enjoys tearing through the clouds. When she's not doing that, or with friends, she is known to enjoy her time alone, in silence. During these times, she's known to be abnormally approachable, and not her usual caustic self. In public, she is quite rude and pushy, and some even joke (not to her face) that her name is a direct reflection of her nature - That she is with a Rocket's Grace, direct and quick in nature, often with devastating results. It stands to argue that Rocket can be more than domineering, though some see that she could be destined for greatness if she were to assume a softer side and a leadership role. Her father, a Captain in Celestia's Royal Guard, is one of those who see's the brighter side of her future.
  4. :WhiteLightning:

    Snow Days

    I thought I'd pop in with my latest to share with you guys! A little something I whipped up with White Lightning and Rocket Grace enjoying a day of playing in the powder. Enjoy!
  5. :WhiteLightning:

    Favorite Villains

    So its no secret that my two favorite villains of the series are Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon respectively. I'm tempted to do a few more so I can get the whole villain set, but I figured I'd see what the response is to these first. Feast your eyes.
  6. :WhiteLightning:

    Equestria Girls

    Hey no worries, and thanks! I could probably do more research on such things from time to time, What can I say? I shoot from the hip XD
  7. :WhiteLightning:

    Equestria Girls

    I'm probably a little late to the party here, but I recently watched Equestria Girls, I wasn't aware that it was available til recently when a friend let me borrow a copy. I do tend to ramble on so let me break from the usual here and cut to the chase - I rather enjoyed it. Despite having graduated from both high school and the high school mentalities some years ago, I found myself pulled into this movie quite a bit. I wasn't at all put off by the HS element in there, I attribute this to great storytelling on the part of the studio. Honestly, it was a lot like a regular episode sans pony for the bulk of it. I also enjoyed how it wasn't set apart from the usual canon, but rather, it was just another one of Twilight's tests, it even continued the next step of her beginnings as a princess. I think now would be the time to point out that all I'm really doing is going on about how I liked it and nothing more. Honestly, this post doesn't even warrant a reply, heheh. Just thought I'd state my piece. Sometimes its good to just get those thoughts into black and white, right? Anyways, I wasn't looking forward to this movie much, and what little I was, was with a great deal of cautious optimism. I was not disappointed, and I have impossibly high standards! XD I guess at the very least, this post could serve to say "hey, if you were putting it off, see it at some point." Its pretty alright. Like a long episode. Also, we need 1 hour episodes, who's with me?!
  8. I like to pop in from time to time and share some of my latest things with folks. I dare say, I feel I'm getting better at this pony thing. What cha think of my latest epicness? This all was brought on in thought when I wondered to myself of my OC's. What would they do in the event of the war between the NLR and TSE? When Night and Day clashed, which sides do these two go to? It was of some interest to me to find each of them and their characteristics veering far away from who they are currently. Rocket followed in her Father's footsteps and swore allegiance to the Solar Empire, Lightning was betrayed, trust broken and sunny disposition lost forever to the Night. Enjoy-joy your art, its good for your eye holes.
  9. :WhiteLightning:

    N L R

    I whipped up this little diddy with the intention of having a 4-5 inch vinyl decal printed up and slapped on the back glass of my truck, so's everyone knows just where I stand. Overnight it became the primary most popular and prominent piece of pony propaganda in my portfolio. Its nothing fancy, just a quick vector of a wallpaper piece for the NLR. The design doesn't sport the crescent moon and wings like most NLR banners would, but I particularly enjoy this one. its simple, and it sports the silhouette of Nightmare Moon. Maybe I'll work on one for TSE soon too, but there are lots of great ones for those of you who love the Light, so who knows. Edit: Curse the white BG of post! The white moon BG and white NLR lettering doesn't show up too great here. Bah! For a more deluded look, check it out here; http://awesomeeight.deviantart.com/art/New-Lunar-Republic-377225736 Sorry for the off-link, but its easier to view in all its glory there.
  10. :WhiteLightning:

    Post your unpopular opinions

    If there were more guns, there'd be less crime. Honestly, who's going to rob a store if they know everyone will just turn and fire? (Same principle applies to nuclear armaments) Smokers are treated like second class citizens. They're addicted, thats not an easy thing to deal with. Men are disgusting pigs and women are crazy hookers.
  11. :WhiteLightning:


    Addictions are tough, so few people actually know what it is to be addicted. But when you become addicted to something, you know. Smoking became my addiction. Sure its not something big like alcoholism or heavy drug use, but its the same when you crave it hard. I never really put much stock into being addicted or not, smoking, drinking, pick your poison y'know? But then, I've always been very strong willed. I've smoked for years, but not much. Always just when I felt like it, never enough to cross over to craving it full time. Some people go through a pack a day, I would go through one in two weeks or more, heheh. So yeah, never was big and crazy into them. Any time I didn't feel like smoking, I didn't, any time I did, well... you know how the story goes. Then just one day at the end of a pack I figured 'what the hell', and just went and bought another. Not for any reason like I just HAD TO HAVE it or anything, but I didn't really care whether or not I stopped or kept going so, I kept going. No big deal to me. Once I was up to three packs a week in the course of a month or so, I figured it was time to back off, again, no big deal. I just knew that it'd be better in the long run to cut that out before things got out of hand. Of course, by then I had developed myself an issue. Definitely found myself addicted. You can tell when you crave something and even though your resolve is strong, and your will in tact, you still manage to break down anyway. So, for a few more months I'd do that "I need to really quit this... Maybe after one more" thing til I finally had to start exercising some real restraint. Never really cared about all the anti-smoking propaganda or how many people die a year from it, specially when you put it into a perspective of how many people don't die a year from it, how many people live into their 90's, how many more people are killed just drivng a car... I'm no advocate either way really, if you want to, do it, if you don't, then move along and stop trying to run everyone's life. Smokers got it bad enough being addicted, you don't have to treat them like second class citizens too. Oops. I got ranty. My bad. Aaaanyways, I cut it out cold turkey for a few months, then, every so often just like always, I'll buy a pack when I'm feeling like lighting up. But one thing's for sure, I got an eye on it. Addiction to anything is not a thing to be tested, and if you're an idiot like I am and you test it anyway, at least keep a sharp look out cause it'll sneak up on you. The only time you realize is after its too damn late. ... I love story time!
  12. :WhiteLightning:

    What do you think about when you can't sleep?

    When I can't sleep its usually because I'm thinking. And that really just perpetuates the problem. The brain is always going on and on about some project or another. Or why the plastic ends on shoe laces are called aglets. Or if Wil Wheaton's first film role really was in Secret of the NIMH. Or who found out how to harness gaseous substances such as helium in a manner so that they could actually define the characteristics that make them all separate for one another... Welp... here I go again....
  13. :WhiteLightning:

    whats your passion?

    Lots of passions on here, some interesting ones too... My passions are... a damn lot. I guess you might have to say "Life", heh. There are enough that they change all the time though, they just kind of go in one big circle. I spend a couple months being a video game nut, then just as quickly want to do some kind of weird arts and crafts project. Funny how that works.
  14. :WhiteLightning:

    Fourth Wall Breaks

    Currently I'm not taking requests, I've got a LOT of stacks of work to do all over the internets so I'm kinda swamped. But hey, shoot me a note if you've got something amazing in mind. If ya can move me, I maybe just might put your name on "THE LIST". ... the good list, not the bad list. XD Also, Freaking awesome video, I hadn't seen that one, heheh.
  15. :WhiteLightning:

    Fond Memories

    Canterlot was beautiful any time of year but there are always moments filled with a greater beauty that stick out in Rocket's mind even today. Moments that beg to be noticed like a glistening pool catching the sunlight at just the right angle, beckoning you to come closer and investigate, then relax in its shimmering allure. The time she spent as a filly in Canterlot was always with one purpose, to be with her Father, Tempest Valor. Benig a captain in Celestia's Royal Canterlot Guard, he had many responsibilities that kept him from Cloudsdale almost year round. But all that time apart vanished in the cooling breeze when she got to visit him. Those times she remembered as well as a crystalline dream, the sights, smells, sounds.... almost tangible even now after all this time. - - "Dad!" She screamed with excitement, no sooner than her hooves began to move her with as much speed as she could muster, tearing through a patchy crowd with little regard. She had only one thing in mind and the chastising remarks of any other pony fell on deaf ears and beneath the clatter of hoofbeats on the stone passing under her. The same as every visit, she raced from the train like a bolt of white hot lightning, locking on the single target she spied from the window whilst pulling into the station. She dashed as quickly as her hooves could carry her, excitement mounting with every step and, the same as every visit, tried her hoof at tackling dear old dad, only to succeed in staggering herself for a moment. The same as every visit. "How've you been, Gracie?" Valor asked, smiled and laughed, just as excitedly as his pint-size assailant, pulling his cherished cargo close to him in an embrace that melted her cares away. The trip, the tough days at school, the countless stormy nights, none of that was even there anymore, none of it was real. Here she felt safe, and he felt whole, just as it ought to be. After some time, the two began walking. Or rather, Valor began walking while Grace spent her time bounding around him in a circle, excitedly retelling a dozen stories that melded one into the next with the slightest turn of events - and never taking a breath between. - - Those were the moments that made everything alright. Those were the moments that made her smile, both then and now alike. Those were the moments she held onto the tightest. The moments where no matter what happened, she could always hear her Father's voice echoing across the distance as clearly as though he were standing directly in front of her. His message, always so clear, always the same and always exactly what she needed.... "Everything's going to be okay, Gracie. Everything's going to be just fine."