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  1. Legends of Equestria. WhiteLightning will be logged in this weekend. HOLLA.

  2. Because I have to show off... Name: White Lightning Type: Pegasus Gender: Male Appearance: Light Brown coat, Shaggy, Dark brown mane and tail, Green eyes. Cutie Mark: A single, simple, encircled white lightning bolt Hobbies: Relaxing, slacking off and cutting up when not at work (Primary occupation includes manufacturing of storm clouds.), Additional Details: White Lighting has a talent and calling for producing beautiful storms himself, he's something of an artist when it comes to the dangerous line of work. The calling chose him, as a colt, when he got too curious about the storms while on a school tour to the Cloudsdale weather factory. Stricken by a bolt, he awoke several days later, with his cutie mark. When not working, he's "one of the good ones", telling jokes and stories, regaling friends and strangers alike with limericks and humerus verses. He is known to be very approachable, with the undeniable allure of a soft-spoken confidence that can be seen in his stride alone. Name: Rocket Grace Type: Pegasus Gender: Female Appearance: Light tan coat, short, fiery red mane and tail accompanied by orange streaks, Ice Blue eyes. Cutie Mark: A single missile with accompanying wings on either side. Hobbies: Being a general antagonist to friends and foes alike, Rocket spends most of her time being snarky and snide. She enjoys being with friends, and in loud environments, markets, gatherings, clubs, anywhere she will blend with the crowd even while being loud and boisterous. Rocket also enjoys solo flights, largely because she's one of Equestria's fastest fliers. As a speedster, she doesn't boast her skill, though this is largely in contrast to her boasting nature. Additional Details: Gifted with incredible Wing Power, Rocket enjoys tearing through the clouds. When she's not doing that, or with friends, she is known to enjoy her time alone, in silence. During these times, she's known to be abnormally approachable, and not her usual caustic self. In public, she is quite rude and pushy, and some even joke (not to her face) that her name is a direct reflection of her nature - That she is with a Rocket's Grace, direct and quick in nature, often with devastating results. It stands to argue that Rocket can be more than domineering, though some see that she could be destined for greatness if she were to assume a softer side and a leadership role. Her father, a Captain in Celestia's Royal Guard, is one of those who see's the brighter side of her future.
  3. Fillies and Gentlecolts, Music to my Ears Extended, Available for DL;

  4. Art, art, art... artartartartart aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrtttt!

  5. I thought I'd pop in with my latest to share with you guys! A little something I whipped up with White Lightning and Rocket Grace enjoying a day of playing in the powder. Enjoy!
  6. So its no secret that my two favorite villains of the series are Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon respectively. I'm tempted to do a few more so I can get the whole villain set, but I figured I'd see what the response is to these first. Feast your eyes.
  7. Digitigrade stilts hurt your feet.

  8. Art, Art, Arty-art-artartart-art!

  9. Weeelllll, I guess its bed time. Goodnight nobody!

  10. Hey no worries, and thanks! I could probably do more research on such things from time to time, What can I say? I shoot from the hip XD
  11. I'm probably a little late to the party here, but I recently watched Equestria Girls, I wasn't aware that it was available til recently when a friend let me borrow a copy. I do tend to ramble on so let me break from the usual here and cut to the chase - I rather enjoyed it. Despite having graduated from both high school and the high school mentalities some years ago, I found myself pulled into this movie quite a bit. I wasn't at all put off by the HS element in there, I attribute this to great storytelling on the part of the studio. Honestly, it was a lot like a regular episode sans pony for the bulk of it. I also enjoyed how it wasn't set apart from the usual canon, but rather, it was just another one of Twilight's tests, it even continued the next step of her beginnings as a princess. I think now would be the time to point out that all I'm really doing is going on about how I liked it and nothing more. Honestly, this post doesn't even warrant a reply, heheh. Just thought I'd state my piece. Sometimes its good to just get those thoughts into black and white, right? Anyways, I wasn't looking forward to this movie much, and what little I was, was with a great deal of cautious optimism. I was not disappointed, and I have impossibly high standards! XD I guess at the very least, this post could serve to say "hey, if you were putting it off, see it at some point." Its pretty alright. Like a long episode. Also, we need 1 hour episodes, who's with me?!
  12. I like to pop in from time to time and share some of my latest things with folks. I dare say, I feel I'm getting better at this pony thing. What cha think of my latest epicness? This all was brought on in thought when I wondered to myself of my OC's. What would they do in the event of the war between the NLR and TSE? When Night and Day clashed, which sides do these two go to? It was of some interest to me to find each of them and their characteristics veering far away from who they are currently. Rocket followed in her Father's footsteps and swore allegiance to the Solar Empire, Lightning was betrayed, trust broken and sunny disposition lost forever to the Night. Enjoy-joy your art, its good for your eye holes.