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  1. Ironhide has some junk in the trunk 


    1. VG_Addict


      Who are your top 5 favorite Transformers?

    2. Prowl


      1) Bumblebee
      2) Soundwave
      3) Sideswipe
      4) Prowl
      5) Optimus

  2. Rainbow Rocks Rainbow Rocks or My Little Pony The Movie?

    I dunno, I think the MLP Movie nudges it out a bit, though I feel RR had better villains and RR had a better use of the mane 6 as opposed to the Movie(which didn't do much with AJ, and practically forgot Fluttershy existed)
  3. Season Two

    Honestly find S2 kinda overrated, like the good episodes are really good, but the bad episodes are really bad. And on hindsight, the season overall is pretty freaking mixed
  4. Besides wasting a ton of character spots on palette swaps, costumes and baby versions, the worst part was getting rid of notable characters like Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr(who didn't come back on Deluxe) on top of leaving out characters that people would love to see back(like Warts, Geno, Pauline, to name a few) Also I'm not a fan of how they wasted a good chunk of the roster on Bowser's rejected sperm as well
  5. Spoiler Spike's development (S8 spoilers)

    It honestly should have happened sooner, but at least it's happening. I guess they didn't want to give two characters wings in close proximity
  6. S04:E04 - Daring Don't

    Honestly watching this episode again I had a blast, and if anything it gets way more hate than it deserves
  7. Coldest Winter my ass it's been 80+ degrees for the past week here in California
  8. Gaming Most unheard of games, that you know?

    That was a really good game, that's up there with War/Fall of Cybertron and Devastation as my fav. Transformers game
  9. Why do people hate bronies so much?

    Some fans can be pretty in your face and overbearing. And honestly a lot fans can just be downright unpleasant people to be around
  10. Musical Manslaughter: 10 Things I Hate About Music

    As far as overplayed anything for me it usually depends on the song I'll never get tired of these Though in case of Queen, there are still better songs than those two(like Bohemian Rhapsody or Don't Stop Me Now)
  11. Thoughts On the New Equestria Girls Mini Chibis

    Could be worse, could be the orginal MH knockoffs or the new Barbie knockoffs. These look fine, but I think I'll stick to the normal minis
  12. I need to watch the 80s GI Joe cartoon again

  13. Ironhide was a pain in the ass to transform

  14. Gaming Dark Souls Switch Remaster Hype

    Might give it a go as i’ve always wanted to try this series. And the prospect of playing this game on the go is great
  15. In regards to Donald Trump's "shithole" comment, I'm not saying he's right or wrong, but he basically answered his own question

    1. VG_Addict


      The Trump presidency isn't a dumpster fire. It's a landfill fire.