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  1. Only through Comedians like Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyer, John Oliver, Jon Stewart etc.,
  2. spoiler I never said they didn't care about her. Like I said earlier, they usually mean well, and they clearly love her, but a combination of many things(like a busy schedule, important events, etc.,), would cause them to not spend much if any time with Dash, causing some unintentional neglect. I'd also like to think they had Rainbow Blaze take care of her most of the time, who is probably her uncle(they're most likely related). They'd be like Filthy Rich, or Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats: a good person at heart, but doesn't translate well into a good parent Bear in mind, this is all pure speculation/headcanon, so don't take it to heart
  3. spoiler

    Not to sound heartless, but from a storytelling perspective, it does spice things up a bit. I mean, so far the worst we've gotten was Rarity being different from her parents(but nothing bad), bickering siblings, and Fluttershy's brother being a prick. Giving them some real tension could lead to a lot more interesting stories They confirmed not to long ago that that stallion isn't her dad, and that other pony was just a generic BG pony for the longest time :/
  4. spoiler

    I'm calling it. They're gonna be incredibly successful/famous parents who are quite different from RD(who didn't want to follow in their footsteps), and while they usually mean well, they're often neglectful and distant of their daughter
  5. The Order 1886 still blows

  6. Usually pretty fun, I especially like most it when romancing is used to actually improve characters through gameplay, though I still enjoy the story parts(Persona 4 is still one of my all time favorites)
  7. I was about to say I dunno if it counts since it's supposed to be bad, but c'mon. Snips and Snails rapping. That shit is just asking for your ears to bleed Aside from that it's pretty hard, since I enjoy most of the EQG songs
  8. It still amazes me how we still have yet to get a proper FiM game
  9. I think at the end of the day, I think that's the point of CinemaSins, and even then, I feel like these only work when the movie is really bad or has tons of problems(like The Last Airbender and Dragonball Evolution)
  10. Not only are these plots overdone and cliche, they're really lame and are almost always end up as my least favorite episodes in the entire show
  11. It was kinda funny at first but then people drove that to the ground and now people still keep acting like the guy shot their dog. Like I still think he's a really lame character, but when even the show constantly panders to people who hate him by shitting on him(by getting turned down by SciTwi several times) and you still get people blowing blood vessels over the fact that he exists
  12. After S6, I'm keeping my expectations low. Might be healthier for me
  13. It's already one big toy commercial, only way they could top it is if they named characters based on other Hasbro characters in obvious ways(like naming animals after the Littlest Pet Shop cast based on the same species, a band named after Jem and the Holograms, or naming a bunch of Pegasi after Seekers/Aerialbots, etc.)
  14. Oh thank god Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Force Awakens EDIT: Fug I forgot about the first Chronicles of Narnia, loved watching that with my mom