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  1. They have to appear eventually, especially after Parental Glideance confirmed that she never got much support from them
  2. Honestly they just need to find a way to make them cuter
  3. Spoiler

    They'd honestly have to make some excuse not to bring him along
  4. Hasbro does this with a few of their theatrical movies unfortunately. With the original MLP movie, anyone who was voiced by a major celebrity was brought to the forefront(like Danny DeVito), all the humans in the first Bayformers were the ones in the forefront of all the advertising and none of the actual Transformers got any real promotion due to them being famous celebrities and this trend would continue throughout the franchise(with the exception of Bumblebee who got lucky). And probably the most infamous example was the 1986 TF movie, where everyone's favorite characters were killed off just so they can push the new characters whom, except for Arcee,l were all voiced by celebrities. To drive the point further, Arcee was the only main character to not be credited in the beginning due to her being voiced by Susan Blu instead of a celebrity like Orson Wells, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack, etc., Thankfully I know Hasbro's not gonna do the same to the mane 6, and they still seem to be getting some attention in the advertising(even though the VAs aren't, which is still bullshit). While they push the new characters, I don't think they're gonna be taking the spotlight completely away from the mane 6....hopefully When you've been working with a cartoon series for so long, and finally get that movie you wanted, only to find out popular celebrities are being pushed to high heavens just for this one movie and get a lot of the credit while you have to sit there in the back is really shitty honestly
  5. Everyone already assumed this
  6. Spoiler

    I really hope so. I don't know why, but I actually have a good feeling about this finale(well, barring the "Haber writing it" part)
  7. I'd totally be up to see Danny DeVito in any way
  8. Best pet - Can't decide between Gummy, Angel, and Tank, they're all so funny and adorable Worst - Hard time between Owlicious and Winona, but went with Owl. Winona is just kind of "the dog" just kind of bland and forgettable. Owlicious just pisses me off. I mean Angel is an asshole but at least he's a funny asshole. Owl is just a prick
  9. Bayonetta for GWG August!

    1. Kyoshi


      Been wanting that one for a while. Never got a chance to buy it, but now I don't need to. :D

  10. I dunno. The first superhero episode we had was MMDW, which....yeah, the nasty reception that episode got might have scared them off a bit. Power Ponies, while a fun episode, didn't turn the fandom on fire much either. Maybe they don't really think they can do much more with the concept, which sucks because I'd love another episode like PP Yes. I actually thought it was great myself, one of the most underrated episodes in the entire show
  11. Yaks are really tough
  12. It goes on to another channel or Netflix. Hasbro will keep making episodes as long as the toys sell It's also worth noting that Rescue Bots is getting a sequel series rather than ending outright
  13. Gaming

    I mean the VA was funny, but I still can't get over X sounding like a little girl. Megaman I can accept but not X Plus, Mark Gatha was an excellent X
  14. Gaming

    The platform it was on is usually the thing fans blame its failure on. It's a really good remake but an audience on the PSP just wasn't there. Granted the PSP picked in sales long after and the game would go on to have decent sales afterwards but the game was deemed a failure by Capcom's standards unfortunately. It's a shame, would have loved a remake of X4 with competent voice acting
  15. Might as well bump the "Episodes your worried about" thread Right now it's probably "It Isn't the Mane thing about you" as it could easily turn into a Rarity Torture porn She also a major writer in Transformers Prime and Rescue Bots