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  1. Grandma kisses is the only episode from the Hillenburg Era I hate. I didn't like the way Grandma was giving Patrick the grandson treatment even though they are not related and the fact that she was keeping everything "baby" related from Spongebob. I saw that as peer pressure.
  2. ok thanks will to be honest with you am from wales where your name come from hope you will like the UK when you move thanks for reply
  3. are you from the UK?? If you don't what to answer the question it's up to you am just asking because am from UK and you says your name is welsh
  4. I'm just wondering if you get annoyed I do for some reason if you don't do you know someone who dose? sorry if I spell something wrong
  5. the anime I like are H20 footprint in the sand Air Vampire Princess Miyu Uta No Prince-sama (1000 love) Cardcaptor Sakura Full Moon o Sagashite (This list is just some of the anime I like. I watch a lot of anime and if I continue, the list will never end)
  6. Powerpuff girls - When the Rowdyruff boys were revived. They were better as one-off villains. After their revival, they became more of a nuisance than a threat. SpongeBob - After the movie. Some episodes after that are decent but most are poor. Tom and Jerry - When they toned down the violence Ed, Edd n Eddy - When they started going to school but I loved the tv movie.
  7. I chose mine because Applejack is my favourite character and I wanted a username that was catchy and uncommon. I watched Apple family Reunion and saw baby applejack and then my username came to me.
  8. I have a mixed opinion on this episode. I enjoyed the songs particularly "true, true friends" and Pinkie was hillarious. (ALICORN PARTY!) I dislike the idea of Alicorn Twilight because the other characters might not be as important in season 4. Don't get me wrong,I will watch season 4 but I am hoping that all of the characters have a share of importance and I am a bit worried about the writing as this season had quite a few episodes I did not like.
  9. applebaby


    I watched the show because I wanted to know what it was like and I fell in love immediately. I adore RPG video games and handheld consoles from Nintendo.