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  1. One spot left then Times a-wasting fellow bronies Sign up now and don't lose your chance to join the Manehatten CMC!
  2. [sIGN-UPS ALMOST CLOSED!] Only two slots in the RP left, and in two weeks time this RP is going live, with or without them. Join up while you can, because I guarantee it shall be fun! With the last two slots, the fun will only be DOUBLED! Heh, memes...
  3. Alright everyone, My new RP is going live in no more than Two Weeks. Last two slots to be filled, and then it's showtime!

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    2. Sentienthydra


      Yep, I'm counting you and Alex as two of the peeps already onboard :)

      Are you onboard?

    3. Derpular


      Yes. Just making sure I was.

    4. Sentienthydra
  4. @, Well that depends on how fast we can gather players, but we need to start it soon, otherwise everyone will begin to lose interest I'd prefer to have 5 players for a standard group, So call it.. 2 more players and we can begin building characters in earnest, if a week from now we have nt got any more, we'll try for one, the week after and we'll just go for it with however many we have I don't want to wait that long after all Feel free to recruit if you wish
  5. Young lady, CHEW YOUR FOOD! Honestly, you just ate an entire Hydra without masticating. I thought you were supposed to be a dentist
  6. DOn't worry, I'm not going to go all railroad DM on you, I like to give people at least the Illusion of choice
  7. Careful what you say around a DM, I might take that as a challenge We'll see about 'never' reaching stage three. We will see...
  8. Good Don't worry too hard though, it's a lighthearted adventure at first, so you won't kill anyone or injure them... much.
  9. Sentienthydra

    Gaming PETA is at it again

    This, This should be made into a joke PETA article.It has to be done now I wonder how fast they'd try to get it taken down. It'd be even better if it was altered to not breach copyright, then it couldn't be taken down without great difficulty.
  10. Alright buddy, good points well made. Solo dragon it is Please be prepared to get greed growthed though, that's too much of a Fun mechanic to be ignored. *Maniacal laughter*
  11. Sentienthydra

    Gaming PETA is at it again

    You're using logic against a PETA argument? ~It won't work, they CRAAAZY! You can't fight crazy with logic, just ask Pinkie Pie Other zerg have feelings, it's just that those feelings are all of unending bloodlust
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