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  1. thx but im im wai not as qt as u r bby :* :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. Yeah Aniki said pretty much everything there is to say. I don't think Danny is bad, he just isn't as good as Jontron. I gave him a chance and stuck with Game Grumps a few more weeks after Jon left but it wasn't the same. For me Game Grumps isn't Game Grumps anymore, it's just another game show now.
  3. at least I have you on skype...but still sad that you leave :c
  4. Happy birthday! *Cuddles* :3

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      *rubs cheek against yours* thank youuuu~

  5. happy birthday, man! *throws party at you* catch!

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      thank you, dude~ *catches* PARTEY ALL DAY!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, your profile picture looks adorable!

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      Awww thank you

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      Your picture is even more adroable tho

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      It's adorable.

      Thanks though!

  7. I deleted this post the character limit made it difficult tho
  8. I had that problem quite a few times, but I'll start a new project tomorrow anyways. If I'll run into it I'll send you a PM, thanks dude.
  9. Thanks, but nah, the problem isn't dissonance. The sounds sound consonant but they just don't compliment each other. Instead of fitting together like in good songs they just sound seem to fight for the attention of the listener. It will take you much hard work and a lot of time to make something good, something other people would like to listen to. (Just sayin, I know a lot of people who gave up because it was too much work.) You'll need a program to make music, a DAW (stands for Digital Audio Workstation). FL Studio/ Fruity Loops, Ableton Live and Logic are some famous ones but there are more and it all comes down to what feels the most comfortable to you. Just google for some DAWs, download a few demos and mess around with em. Go on Youtube and search for tutorials on how to use your DAW and make songs, that helped me a lot . Also go to the My Little Remix,a forum for brony musicians. There are great guys over there who'll help you if you have trouble with making music. Please use the search function there though, before making a "new-to-music-how-do" thread there. There are more then enough of these on mlr
  10. How do I make sounds that work together well? Cuz I make these sounds that sound okay when played on their own, but when I play them together they sound so different from each other that it's unpleasant to listen to them.
  11. Let's bring this thread back to life with some Julio Bashmore If you have a bit more time you should check out his Essential Mix. God that mix is awesome, I've listened to it over and over again
  12. Do you think Slipnot is worse then One Direction or do you think One Direction is better then Slipnot?
  13. You heard something on the internet? It sure must be true! There are some Bronys who clop. So, are all Bronys Cloppers? No. There are some black people who are criminals. So, are all black people criminals? No. There are some men rape women. So, are all men rapists? No Just because a few of these people are something doesn't mean that the rest of them are. There are some Molestia supporters who stalk PinkiePony. So, are all Molestia supporters like that? No. You are starting to sound like these brony haters we just look down and sadly smile at. If that is true then probably no one here and no one of the normal Molestia supporters will defend those creeps. Open your eyes, brony. As said, just because some of the people who like Molestia acted immature does not mean that all of the over 50 thousand followers are like that. As I also said in my last post here, "Learn to take a fucking joke" isn't hatemail, it just means that the DWM supporters should learn to take a fucking joke. Nothing is funny about rape. But jokes are funny. You can make jokes about everything and it will always be funny. The question is if the topic is to dark for you to laugh about.