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  1. isded

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    so he's also a cutie just like me?
  2. isded

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    thx but im im wai not as qt as u r bby :* :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  3. isded

    Web Thoughts on Game Grumps?

    Yeah Aniki said pretty much everything there is to say. I don't think Danny is bad, he just isn't as good as Jontron. I gave him a chance and stuck with Game Grumps a few more weeks after Jon left but it wasn't the same. For me Game Grumps isn't Game Grumps anymore, it's just another game show now.
  4. isded

    a short goodbye

    at least I have you on skype...but still sad that you leave :c
  5. isded

    Why Are Bronies Disliked?

    I deleted this post the character limit made it difficult tho
  6. I had that problem quite a few times, but I'll start a new project tomorrow anyways. If I'll run into it I'll send you a PM, thanks dude.
  7. Thanks, but nah, the problem isn't dissonance. The sounds sound consonant but they just don't compliment each other. Instead of fitting together like in good songs they just sound seem to fight for the attention of the listener. It will take you much hard work and a lot of time to make something good, something other people would like to listen to. (Just sayin, I know a lot of people who gave up because it was too much work.) You'll need a program to make music, a DAW (stands for Digital Audio Workstation). FL Studio/ Fruity Loops, Ableton Live and Logic are some famous ones but there are more and it all comes down to what feels the most comfortable to you. Just google for some DAWs, download a few demos and mess around with em. Go on Youtube and search for tutorials on how to use your DAW and make songs, that helped me a lot . Also go to the My Little Remix,a forum for brony musicians. There are great guys over there who'll help you if you have trouble with making music. Please use the search function there though, before making a "new-to-music-how-do" thread there. There are more then enough of these on mlr
  8. How do I make sounds that work together well? Cuz I make these sounds that sound okay when played on their own, but when I play them together they sound so different from each other that it's unpleasant to listen to them.
  9. isded

    Music Scootaloodles: House music thread

    Let's bring this thread back to life with some Julio Bashmore If you have a bit more time you should check out his Essential Mix. God that mix is awesome, I've listened to it over and over again
  10. Do you think Slipnot is worse then One Direction or do you think One Direction is better then Slipnot?
  11. isded

    Your opinion on Molestia?

    You heard something on the internet? It sure must be true! There are some Bronys who clop. So, are all Bronys Cloppers? No. There are some black people who are criminals. So, are all black people criminals? No. There are some men rape women. So, are all men rapists? No Just because a few of these people are something doesn't mean that the rest of them are. There are some Molestia supporters who stalk PinkiePony. So, are all Molestia supporters like that? No. You are starting to sound like these brony haters we just look down and sadly smile at. If that is true then probably no one here and no one of the normal Molestia supporters will defend those creeps. Open your eyes, brony. As said, just because some of the people who like Molestia acted immature does not mean that all of the over 50 thousand followers are like that. As I also said in my last post here, "Learn to take a fucking joke" isn't hatemail, it just means that the DWM supporters should learn to take a fucking joke. Nothing is funny about rape. But jokes are funny. You can make jokes about everything and it will always be funny. The question is if the topic is to dark for you to laugh about.
  12. isded

    Your opinion on Molestia?

    ... ... ... Are you trolling us right now? "Article 19 of the ICCPR states that "[e]veryone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference" and "everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression"" (from Wikipedia) Saying that the Molestia Tumblr encourages rape and is harmful to women is an opinion (a pretty stupid one, but yes it is one). Now if you post an opinion against something on the internet you have to expect and be able to handle some backlash. If you for instance write under a MLP video on Youtube: "OMGZ MLP SUCKZ FUK TIS SHOW!!!!1!!11" You have sucessfull stated your opinion. But people will reply to your comment and say "Technically it's pretty good, it has even won prizes for it's good animation." (if they are intelligent) or "NO FUK U, MLP ROKS" (if they are fucking dumb) These people are arguing with you by stating their opinion. Now how big this backlash is depends on what you're saying and where you saying it. If you post your comment about how bad MLP is under an Anti-Brony video you will probably get a few or none negative responses to your comment. If you post the same comment under an MLP video you will get very many negative responses, because people who watch MLP videos usually like them and therefore are much more likely to disagree with you. So far nobody has done something wrong because everybody is only stating their opinion. Now if you get many negative responses you've probably posted your comment in the wrong neighborhood or what you said was pretty fucking stupid or even both. But nobody supresses you. If you can't handle that many people disrespect your opinion too fucking bad, maybe you just should have ignored the whole thing and not have started the arugment. At the end of the day these messages are just text form strangers, nobody will hurt you no matter how dumb/unfitting/controversial your comment was. Now taking down the content you don't like, just because you don't like it isn't just opinion stating anymore, that's the freedom of speech and expression. Because telling people to stop being butthurt is E-war and forming a fucking movement to take down a Tumblr isn't at all. Seriously? Telling someone to "learn to take a joke" is silencing? That isn't even an excuse that's the fucking truth. Why would they want to excuse rape jokes, the Tumblr is called "Ask Princess Molestia" for gods sake. No, if the haters would have been more mature with handeling people criticising their criticism, that's when the whole drama would never have happened
  13. isded

    hi! the name's pix ! anyone wanna be meh buddies?

    Welcome pix! I would love to be your friend If you want to meet new ponies, how bout checking out the Skype Exchange Thread. Just add a few people to your contacts and start talking. Btw love your profile pic
  14. isded

    Your opinion on Molestia?

    You do that, dude! People like you make the world a better place! I'm sure if you manage to take down the Molestia-Tumblr all the raping in the world will stop. ... See, this is why I don't like modern feminists either. If Anita Sarkeesian makes ten new videos about how videogames portray women in a wrong way, thats good for her, she found something to pass time and can scam poeple over Indigogo, Kickstarter or what ever the fuck she used to "fund" her videos. But does she make the world a better place? No. She just wastes her time on stupid shit like telling the world why a harmless video games opresses women while she could be on the street protesting, so that women get the same wages as men. Or that men get the same time in jail in men if they broke the law, if she would be for equal rights. Same fucking thing here. Why do people always get their panties in a twist if they hear a rape/racist joke? If they don't want to laugh about it because they think the topic is to dark to make jokes about it, that's totally okay. But they shouldn't get mad about it because it will hurt nobody. Racists hate black people/asian people/whomevertheyhate because they are dumb or brainwashed, not because they heard a stupid joke. Rapists rape woman because they want sex mot because they heard a stupid joke So for the love of Celestia, if you don't like something and want to boycott it, stop and ask yourself: "Does this harm anybody?" If the answer is no then LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE!!! You know how you can actually help? You can be useful and donate something to organisations who actually help. Here you go: Everything DWM art will acomplish is waisting your time and maybe ruin the fun for the people who like the Molestia Tumblr if you somehow manage to take it down. For stupid people (and most of the media) we're 30yo-fat-virgin-horsefucking-pedophiles. If we make a too big fuss about the whole thing we also will be rapists in the eyes of those people. Intelligent people will still cut straight to the bullshit and don't judge us by the actions of single persons. Nothing will change.