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  1. Been getting into Moby recently. He's got some good stuff.
  2. One of my friends says the Xbox 360 version is good. i personally haven't had a chance to play it just yet.
  3. Moby has some relaxed songs I really enjoy.
  4. The best thing to do is to just not give a fuck. Everyone messes up and embarrasses themselves from time to time.
  5. Brazil just got rekt.

  6. Frame rate would be more impotent for me. Generally anything over 40 is acceptable for me as it's smooth enough to not distract me from the game.
  7. Recess is a good album. it sounds new but at the same time most of it still has the signature Skrillex feeling to it. Relevent Gif:
  8. I don't get the negativity on modern music. I can guarantee that past music had absolute stinkers too, it's just no one really talks about them. As for music I'm mostly modern but that mostly because of my preferred genres of music so I don't really listen to anything before the 90's.
  9. The new Flume remix has been on repeat for me I love it.
  10. Daft Punk along with Deadmau5 and Justice were one of the groups that got me into music. According to I have over 3000 listens so I'm pretty much an addict. Relevant image:
  11. One of my favourite new Deadmau5 songs. Still unreleased though. Also a cool Disclosure remix my friend showed me the other week.
  12. Deadmau5 is easily one of my favorite musicians and was responsible for getting me into dance music. Some favourites at the minute: