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  1. Aaaand it's snowing again.

  2. Loaded up all of my epub's in my reading software. Turns out I had 1666 epubs on my harddrive.

  3. Just read the first writing of Lovecraft. Fuck to the hell yes.

  4. Ah the joy of editing

  5. Ah, the wonderful process of writing, editing and revision. If only my cover-art would arrive so I could post some pony words for the world to see!

    1. Starlight Sky

      Starlight Sky

      Awesome!! xD


      Got most the editing done over the weekend, then? Either way, great to hear it's almost there. If you still want another proofreading, I could give feedback today; otherwise, I don't feel my earlier edit really qualifies for such credit :P

    2. Vrilix


      That's strange, I don't remember seeing your edit at all. Did you leave comments pointing out the mistakes or something? Because if you did, then it might have been my editor who corrected it.

  6. Just wrote two chapters for a fic. Now I just need to get it proofread, as well as acquiring some cover-art.

  7. Just finished watching FMA:Brotherhood. That ending hit me right in the feels. Good thing it's 1:15 am, nobody will see me like this right now.

  8. Feeling kinda guilty as I haven't been able to keep the deadlines for the authors I'm editing for. - When I say deadlines, I mean my own personal deadlines that say that I have to turn in an edited version max. two days later.

    1. ProjectRKA


      Give yourself a week to edit them, mate. Then you won't have to stress so much about it. :)

    2. Vrilix


      I'm one day behind, and I've already turned in a document with half of it corrected. I can edit the rest of it in about 20 min. and the author haven't fixed the errors I pointed out yet. Also, the authors won't let me spend this much time on it either xD

  9. So now I'm an editor/proofreader for one of the first fics I ever read. And it's a crossover with a franchise I grew up with. So much win.

  10. So my math teacher had to explain some functions for us, but then some pupil asked what binary was. Now it's taking up all class. life ftw.

  11. So what happens when a teacher force her pupils to listen to a podcast featuring politicians, comedians and celebrities debating over how to solve the old "Do I look fat in this dress" Issue, only to have them analyse each and everything they? Shenanigans.

  12. So I was going over the files for my fanfiction reading. I need a proper mic before I publish anything.

    1. Starlight Sky

      Starlight Sky

      No tech rec(ommendation) here, but that sounds like an awesome project :)

    2. Vrilix


      I've found something, I just need to order it. If all goes well, I'll have it withing three weeks. -.-

  13. So I actually recorded a reading of a fanfic. I still need to edit it and stuff, so I guess it'll be uploaded sunday or monday. Still, it's great to finally have done something! ^^

  14. So I just finished watching FMA 2003. Holy shit.

  15. Biology classes are so easy that I can sleep through them -.-

    1. Starlight Sky

      Starlight Sky

      I can sleep through any class! I just close my eyes and...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    2. Vrilix


      I can't do that, then I would have to go off of 4chan. Because I'm usually browsing the internet or reading fanfiction whenever I'm in class. So I don't have any reason to go to sleep. xD

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