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  1. It seems I have fully recovered from COVID-19.

    1. Scar


      Glad to hear it! 

    2. Sonic Shimmer
  2. As the topic says, If Trixie turned into this: How powerful would she be?
  3. I've got the Coronavirus...Just letting everyone know.

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      7ezgif-6-8b5df905f94d.gif.2f5b7f0fc8079fd9919da903ad0c6953.gif I hope you get better, My Friend.  :sunny:

    3. UltimateGhost3


      I know you'll fight it off old friend!

      Just take it easy :mlp_wink:

    4. Asbel Lhant

      Asbel Lhant

      Thank you. All of you.:( I'm doing better now aside from a cough.

  4. Well by that I mean sometimes it's just not there when I'm viewing a thread. And before anyone asks, yes, I tried disabling some of my browser add-ons. Maybe I'll be able to take a screenshot of it soon to show what I mean if you don't know already.
  5. Heck yeah. Great franchise. I still need to watch the TV show.
  6. Short answer: Yes. And that's what I'm going to have to leave it at for their sake as well as mine...
  7. Boomer's design is a definite improvement. But the other two don't look right. I wonder why they changed them.
  8. I jinxed myself. Happened to me not long after I replied here.
  9. I'm surprised I haven't seen one of these yet. I remember database errors from back in 2013.
  10. My fave was Livewire. But I eventually couldn't find it anymore.
  11. Tough question. I'd say either Rarity or Fluttershy. Leaning towards Fluttershy.
  12. I believe the common ones are 3 feet while Celesita and Luna are 6 feet and 5 feet respectively. But don't quote me on that. Heard it from an unofficial source.
  13. The 90's were a lot more ballzy than today's shows. Times have changed and there's a lot they don't allow anymore that they used to.