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  1. Isn't it obvious? I'd replace her with Sunset Shimmer. I have nothing against Starlight. But in my opinion she has no reason to exist. She just feels like a watered down version of Sunset Shimmer. She's similar but not as interesting or as well-written.
  2. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Unless the SEGA Genesis stuff on the PC counts.
  3. I do see and understand the appeal of it in TV Shows. Just not in RP. In real life you have to go to school and take quizzes and solve math problems. In videogames you don't. (Unless it's shitty educational ones like what AVGN reviewed) Hence the comparison.
  4. Life always ends up screwing someone somehow if it didn't already.
  5. I am just curious about why this genre is so popular and why everyone seems to love it so much. It's pretty boring if you ask me. I can understand liking it when it's on TV. Some Slice of Life TV Shows can be great and really entertaining. Like The New Looney Tunes Show for example. But what I really wanna know is why do so many people like to RP it? That defeats the purpose of roleplaying if you ask me. I RP to ESCAPE the shitstorm that is reality. I'd much rather do things that I can't actually do in real life when I RP. Like fight and kill monsters and villains and embark on perilous adventures and quests while playing as my Knight, Mage and Samurai etc. But if I'm playing some human or pony who's going to school and struggling there with bullies and teachers or getting along with their family or some other mundane common problems that I or some other human in real life could realistically be dealing with then what's the point? Imagine if most videogames were about quizzes and math or playing sports and none of them involved killing things or had any boss fights etc. To me that's what this is like.
  6. She's pretty much a clone of Fluttershy. She'd likely sound like Hinata from Naruto or Orihime from Bleach.
  7. You have great taste in TV shows.

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      I do? lol How do you mean?

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      Asbel Lhant

      The threads you made of course.

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      Oh, thanks!

  8. At the very least, I'm sure it at least won't get the Teen Titans Go treatment. But sadly yes. They just don't make Western Cartoons like they used to anymore. At least some new animes are still good.
  9. I'm so autistic that you can't even touch my shoulders or upper arms. It sucks.
  10. Was the finale not canon after all? That's a relief.
  11. Another old favorite of mine. I couldn't help but find it entertaining despite it's silliness. I even loved the old GBA game Mascaritas of The Lost Code. I wished they would make more games where you could play as the other students. Like Potato Potata Junior and Cindy Slam etc. And cover more seasons in the games than just the first season.
  12. Now that I'm more mature hopefully things will start to go better for me on here.

  13. I tried Demon Slayer/Kimetsu No Yaiba lately and so far I absolutely love it. Best anime I've seen since Bleach and Inuyasha.