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  1. Asbel Lhant

    I am taking my leave

    I realized that I needed to get on one last time to reply to this. I sometimes thought that too but that can't be right when they act so understanding and kind to everyone else on here when they're sad except for me...That proves what I said to be true that they don't think I have the right to be upset or that I deserve any kindness for what I've been through...
  2. Asbel Lhant

    I am taking my leave

    I have no idea where to put the thread for this and no one told me where when I asked so I'll just leave it here. I didn't want to have to do this but I just can't be here anymore. This site has been like a second home to me and I've loved it here. But I really need to leave now. I've made way too many enemies on here to stay. And now my being here is just a constant reminder of all the stress, pain and misery I've been through on this site. I've joined this site and tried to just be myself. And at first I thought I had finally found a forum that understood me and where everyone was like one big happy family and I wouldn't be judged. But no one here understands me. And every attempt I've made at trying to make peace and come to an understanding with those I've unintentionally hurt or offended has all been for naught. Everyone thinks that I'm either a jerk or just a drama bitch who just wants people to feel sorry for me and that I just like to guilttrip people because I have nothing better to do with my time. Nobody believes the real truth about me...Nobody knows or can see that I'm just a sad, lonely, desperate, broken man who just needs and wants friends, love and a family...And nobody knows how much happier and nicer and easier to get along with I'd be if I just had those things... And besides my Asperger's, Another reason I can come off as a jerk and have a tendency to lash out at people is because of my cold black broken heart...And that's the truth. I am an extremely emotionally disturbed person who just wants to be loved and accepted... And not only that but I have no freedom of speech here at all. If I say anything bad at all about some character or franchise I'll get jumped on and ganged up on by a bunch of people. And the mods on here will often perceive what I do as Abusive Behavior. I seriously don't understand at all why there's so much hypocrisy on here...because despite it being encouraged on here to be respectful and accept others for who they are that apparently doesn't apply to me...I'm not accepted at all for who I am... But I think the most infuriating thing of all is how I'm constantly accused of guilttripping. Apparently I can't even complain about it or say anything about it when someone's wronged me or it's guilttripping because no one ever wants to admit they're wrong and/or apologize to me and all think that I don't have the right to get upset...I have gotten a few apologies on this site from people who wronged me but they all turned out to be fake... And even despite my admittedly unorthodox points of view on certain subjects and different eccentric behavior because of my Asperger's, I still get judged and criticized by people. So I think it would be for the best if I just leave. If anyone wants to talk I'll be on Skype: prince.max101
  3. Asbel Lhant


    Screw Attack has apparently gotten low on ideas now and is starting to answer fan requests. Ganon VS Bowser was a very heavily requested fight. And so is Rachet and Clank VS Jak and Daxter.
  4. Asbel Lhant


    Putting an overgrown fire-breathing turtle against a powerful demon wizard. ...Not a very good idea.
  5. Asbel Lhant

    General Is modesty just as dead as chivalry?

    Aye.. Nowadays we live in such a sex-saturated world that the words "hard", "wet" and "moist" are forever tainted.
  6. Asbel Lhant

    Movies/TV Recommend some good TV-MA Anime

    Oh I forgot to mention Kill la Kill. It's also worth a try.
  7. Asbel Lhant

    Movies/TV Recommend some good TV-MA Anime

    Do you have Cable? Try Akame Ga Kill, Parasite the Maxim, and Samurai Champloo. If not try Afro Samurai, Berserk, and Code Geass.
  8. Asbel Lhant

    Animation Anyone like cartoons based on video games?

    Definitely. Sonic SAT AM was one of the greatest shows ever. Now I just want Fire Emblem to get a new animated series. Preferably an anime. And one that has a dark and gritty style like Attack on Titan.
  9. Asbel Lhant

    Nightmare Rainbow Dash

    Something like this maybe:
  10. Asbel Lhant


  11. Asbel Lhant


  12. Asbel Lhant

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    It's still a moot point though. Because the show is obviously never going to have any swear words in it.
  13. Asbel Lhant

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    Or any swear word. That goes without saying. But I would love to hear them say things like: "Celestiadamn", "Flankhole", "Buck off" "What the Tartarus?" etc. XD
  14. Asbel Lhant

    S06:E03 - The Gift of Maud Pie

    I was so happy to see Maud again!
  15. Asbel Lhant