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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Isnt brony con UK like in august its a bit early to start planning....
  3. I'm fina

    1. Darkshift


      I'm finally back on the forums I remembered my password

  4. Happy Birthday

  5. Darkshift drew his bow as he heard noise,startled he had a look of venom in his eyes.Constanlty hearing the faintest noise of a hoove step Darkshift kept turning attempting to find someone.He wondered for a split second where these hoove steps where coming from,could he already be mad?Darkshift felt the frost on his fur and startled he drew his bow some more and kept patient.
  6. Darkshift felt his bow whilst the harsh weather kept draining his energy.His teeth knocking together so many times it's a common sound.Darkshift turned blocking his eyes from the wind to check his materials,he had a couple of flasks and a few tins of food "Safety better not be far"Darkshift told himself whilst checking his quiver and noticing 20 arrows.
  7. All Darkshift could think about was the next chapter of his life being filled with partying and having a blast, he was so excited that the idea of studying wasn't in the question now.He knew he was early so he was happy to see his dorm and pick his bedroom after that he began unpacking his supplies.
  8. Erm I'm pretty sure that is called speed art but I'm possibly wrong. I'd show it all from the start because remember these style videos usually last 5-10mins so take longer and use more detail.
  9. Errrr What's Wheel Of Fortune? Ok,so it's a game show,but I have never heard of it before in my life. Then again it doesn't sound like a very good show
  10. I'll add you on Skype right nowJust so you don't think it's a weirdo adding you my Skype is RogyBoyHFC Stupid character limit again.
  11. Here's my opinion I think if we should sart the RP and if two new people do apply we allow them to join and carry on the story from the point it's on.
  12. Oh yeah Dota 2,TF2 and Minecraft. I'm interested in helping admin and editing for free. Now I just have to keep writing until the character limit is over.
  13. I tend to only go for local ones like The Humber Half Mile because I don't really enjoy doing stuff like full on marathons,I'm too lazy for that.