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  1. Impressive work with a mouse. You don't have a tablet to use?
  2. well this thread descended quickly. There isn't already one of these?
  3. Updated my profile! My new about me page is done x3

  4. Stargazer Nights

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    @@Custos Umbra, shh that's part of the ruse. ...nevermind. And no, it wouldn't appear to be. Though it has struck up this conversation here. o.O edit: spelling
  5. Stargazer Nights

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    @@Custos Umbra, Stargazer says that his studies in Astronomy show they don't control the sun and moon, they just use it as a power ploy to make other ponies worship them. or it's just so late i'm making things up now.
  6. Stargazer Nights

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    @@White, someone cares. I care. As for me, I'm thinking about my path in life if I'm posting my thoughts on a pony forum at 6:39 am after an all-nighter when I have to work later today.
  7. ohmygoodness, i forgot how much of a lurker I am on forums. I really don't tend to post much outside of my own threads.

  8. Stargazer Nights

    Gaming Clash Royale

    I'm level 5 right now :3 I've tried all of SuperCell's major games except Hay Day, and have enjoyed them all. I'm pretty serious in Clash of Clans being a near-max Town hall 9, but lately it's been a bit of a chore with all the farming. As for the whole pay-to-win aspect, I'm ambivalent. I've only put about 20 bucks into Clash of clans, but haven't put a dime into any of the others. I really don't find it as rewarding when you buy things in these games. That's just my opinion though.
  9. Well, looks like I won't get to really work on any art today. :s Off to work for the night!

  10. My favorite song from the album is the title track. But my favorite song to play is Orion. Love the Bass for it.
  11. Sweet OC =w=

    1. Stargazer Nights

      Stargazer Nights

      Thanks! :3 He's been a long time in development. I just recently decided to finally get him all established and fleshed out. xD

    2. Satsuki Kiryuin

      Satsuki Kiryuin

      Haha congrats x3

  12. Daily update for Stargazer's stuff is up! :3

  13. Stargazer Nights

    General What is your dream job?

    Have you heard of Extra Credits? They're a channel based around video games and they have great advice for people looking to get into the industry. I, at one point, was interested, but alas I have not the dedication for such a career.
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