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  1. Slaigh

    Ponify the World!

    How about Loubreeziana? This was absolutely brilliant!
  2. Slaigh

    Ponify the World!

    No. It shall be called.. Whinneighapolis!!
  3. Slaigh

    Ponify the World!

    Yup, it's what we call a high pitched noise that horses sometimes make... it could just be a southern thing though
  4. Slaigh

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    63621 *cleasn blood off stairs with super saline solution* This is why I can't have nice things. 63622
  5. Slaigh

    Ponify the World!

    Little Rock (capital of Arkansas) = Filly Rock Conway = ...Allieway? Also, why is Minneapolis not Whinnyapolis?
  6. Slaigh

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    This moves incredibly fast now.. OG=Original Gangster And hello Rising shine 63610
  7. Slaigh

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    So I'm pretty sure my last contribution was like 3200 and something... the post number is now >60K I can be an OG? 63594
  8. Slaigh

    Gaming So... I broke Minecraft...

    I place making a sphere in Minecraft right below succesfully dividing by zero. You sir, are lucky you did not destroy our universe.
  9. So er, I made a colored version of my idea, and in a fit of procrastination from studying for my two tests tomorrow I made some banners... Here is the combined banner, for occasions when the Celestia & Luna are to publicly appear together. (Eg an award ceremony): (Spoilered because massive) Shall I post the rest of the banners in the 'artist' thread to avoid public spoilers? Or is it fine to post them here? (or should I make a private thread on the Tartus site forums?) Anyway here is a colored version of the sketch if someone wants to play around with it:
  10. Slaigh

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    I'm good with it. aaaaaand 3050!
  11. Slaigh

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    3041! 3042 ???42 reference plz??? Ninjas Edit 2.0: I'm indifferent to the new rule, but I can kinda see it as a cheat though..
  12. Maybe Equestria is strictly a matriarchal (insert Mare-triarchy pun here) society, so though Shining Armor and Blue Blood are Princes, they hold no real power so they couldn't take official "royal" command. Similar to the way in the US President's wife has an official title, she has no real designated power. I'm still ok with the original idea though.
  13. Wait... I never even heard of ... what? ..But I'm still ok with this.
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