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    RPing, writing fanfics, surfing the Internet, watch MLP, come up with crazy ideas and whatnot. I like cheese. Good day to you, fellow bronies.

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  1. Before I forget, the Ace Combat series has absolutely one of the best music I've heard. Try listening to Liberation of Gracemaria. Now imagine pegasi aces fighting to liberate Equestria.
  2. Lily_Mae

    What is something you want to be good at?

    I want to be good at making video games. Takes time and effort but I'm working towards it. Wanted to be good in drawing too guess I'll stick with stick men and stick ponies for the time being. Always wanted to create a comic of my own.
  3. Don't get me started on Nine Tails. Couldn't beat that idiot no matter how much I tried.
  4. Ah, Command Mission. A game that intrigued and frustrated me.
  5. Too bad Capcom ditched good games like Onimusha and Megaman for Marvel vs. Capcom. Speaking of Megaman, have some Zero.
  6. Here's how I rank it: 1. Soki 2. Roberto 3. Tenkai 4. Jubei 5. Ohatsu But no matter the rank, I love Onimusha's music as a whole. Not only Dawn of Dreams but Onimusha 3 too.
  7. Lily_Mae


    Katsaridaphobia - fear of cockroaches. Don't ask me why but I just find them disgusting and ugly. I feel more invincible with a can of insect spray in my hand.
  8. One of the best. I love listening to it while writing my MLP fanfic. It makes things so much more epic.
  9. Nothing weird about liking video game music. I made quite a number of friends who love video game music too. If you ask me, they certainly have more 'soul' to them than modern music. I frequently listen to it too. Surely music like this tells a lot: (Onimusha, Onimusha, where art thou, Onimusha?)
  10. Lily_Mae

    How has the show positively affected your life?

    MLP hasn't changed much of my life though it did let me make a few good brony friends (the sane ones at least). I'm still my normal, cynical, fiction-writing self and hey, it's the way I like. But there is one thing I agree with the show is that Friendship, in a way, is magic. No human lives alone after all and a group of friends can change the world
  11. Just an update: Donitz has joined in as programmer. Yes, you heard me right. The creator of Story of the Blanks and Twilight QWOP.
  12. I'll be sure to inform you once it's done. Just need to get a few people to work on it in order for it to be made. Otherwise, there won't be any game
  13. Hey hey, it's Halloween season and you know what that means. That's right, ghosties. Anyway, I have an idea for a short point-and-click horror game. All I can say is that involves AJ having a nightmare about an infernal machine. Shouldn't reveal too much, otherwise I'd spoil the story even before it's made. I don't intend for it to be a long game. It's a short one, perhaps about 5 - 10 minutes long. I have the story and gameplay mechanics worked out. I'm looking for a Flash programmer, animator, and composer to help make the game a reality. Feel free to PM me if you're interested and I'll tell you what you need to know. I look forward to working with you.
  14. Lily_Mae

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    I'm kanto-50, profile pic is a picture of the Demon of Razgriz (Ace Combat fans should recognize it). I don't mind chatting and voice chatting (don't mind my broken voice). I'm a gamer and I love classical and video game soundtracks so you know what we can chat about. I live halfway across the world at time zone GMT +8 so if you're from the US and it's morning, it'll be night for me and vice versa. Hope you don't mind staying up a bit late if you feel like chatting during the weekends