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  1. Ok to whoever is alive on this page ,not so long ago i tried out my blue/white deck and i basically it failed miserably because my deck basically depended on me drawing another blue that doesn't require me to draw other blues that allow me to play it so after playing the game i decided to change to a white/purple so what i wanted to ask is if anyone else playing white/purple can recommend me what cards i can use.(Forest owls should be like in every deck)
  2. rarity has to be at a problem in order to flip because her effect says "when you score at least 2 point at this cards problem one score phase,turn this card over"which means you score a bonus or play "creme de la creme" when you solve a problem with rarity there but that's for rarity but i do believe rainbow dash has to be at a problem face off involving a trouble maker to flip
  3. Her ability is "When you move this card to a problem,you may move another one of your characters to the same problem for free."
  4. By easy problem card i meant easy starter card sry if that was confusing,in my case and easy starting card for me would be "Emergency Dress Order" or "Cloudbursting" since "Emergency Dress Order" requires 1 white power and one other power and "Cloudbursting" requires one blue power and one other power. I want to ask you what guys use for tokens like marbles,coins,calculator,etc
  5. well my strategy is basically to put rarity on a easy problem card and then next turn put a timber wolf on my problem and put a friend card there also and keep solving it and adding cards to it after first turn i would earn the bonus and flip rarity. then add friend cards and another timber wolf to my opponents problem and i would have cards with inspired on my home so my opponent would not be able to solve problems even if they manege to move a card to a timber wolf it would just add +2 to moving cards there and keeping in mind that i would continue to add friend cards so my opponent would
  6. the griffon Empire if that is where one of them may be located,and the episode will probably be centered around rainbow dash
  7. So I was wondering if anyone knew if there is going to be Some sort of meetup for the new Mlp tcg? near sandy springs ga or atlanta.
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