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  1. Hello Forum Friends! Everfree Northwest wants to make sure you are able to stay in the loop as we put out announcements for 2019! As we move forward into our eighth annual convention, we will be focusing our announcements out of our main social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. You can also find us on Instagram, Deviantart, and of course here on the Poniverse forums, but to stay informed on all convention announcements, we recommend following one (or all) of our three main social media accounts. Any questions about the event? Don't hesitate to reach out across any platform, or email info@everfreenw.com! We look forward to seeing you all in Seaddle May 19-21, 2019.
  2. Join us this Sunday as we participate in Seattle's Pride Parade! Here at Everfree Northwest, we welcome and accept people from all walks of life. We are dedicated to celebrating our differences and to creating a safe space for all! Come walk with us! https://www.meetup.com/SeattleBronies/events/248048799/
  3. If you were in attendance to closing ceremonies at Everfree Northwest 2018, you already heard mention of this, but executive staff positions are being restructured for 2019. If you are interested in applying for one of these executive staff positions (Chair, Vice-Chair, Events Department Head, Guest Relations Department Head, Public Relations Department Head, Operations Department Head) the application can be found here: https://goo.gl/thQkm5 Please be mindful of all of the responsibilities involved in applying for one of these executive positions, and take care when filling out your application! The form must be completed by June 17th to be considered for executive staff positions for EFNW 2019.
  4. The "cookie van" is still running! It runs at all hours. Usually every 15 minutes during the day time. You can always call the hotel and ask when the next shuttle is.
  5. Happy Veteran’s Day from the Everfree Northwest team! Thank you veterans for your service! credit: johansrobot
  6. Volunteer Staff Applications Now Open!

  7. Hey there everypony! Have you ever been curious about our mascots, old and new? We now have a page with bios for all our characters, available on our website! They also have their own twitter accounts, so you can follow along on their adventures! https://everfreenw.com/archive/2016/about/characters/
  8. Can conventions who've been on MLP Forums for a long time submit their mascots as OCs?