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  1. Cutie Mark Headline

    “From a young age I always loved reading the Everfree Press. I would wake up every morning and run downstairs to read it after my parents were done with it. I started writing for my school newspaper when I was around Sharpie’s age, but wasn’t very good at first. I couldn’t write any articles the other fillies and colts wanted to read. I almost gave up, but then I read an interview about a newspony that was retiring from the Everfree Press. He talked about how perseverance and working hard got him to where he was today. I was inspired and wrote an amazing story covering each of the main interests ponies had in our school like cooking, art, and music! It was after the story was published and my classmates praised me for my work that my cutie mark appeared! Since then I’ve made it my life’s work to write the best stories possible, and that’s what I’m doing now for the Everfree Press!” Art credit:
  2. Make your badge custom!

    Credit: feathers Don't forget that our Diamond and Tree of Friendship passes come with a custom badge! We've just started collecting information for these, so if you have ordered one check your email and if you don't, get one!
  3. Staffing Call

    Are you interested in helping out Everfree Northwest 2018? Our staff applications are still open! We love our staff and we show our love for each volunteer by providing a complementary convention staff badge and shirt! Come apply to join our family at: ART: imdrunkontea
  4. Extra!

    Did you know that you can subscribe to a monthly newsletter from Everfree Northwest? Never miss an important announcement again when you subscribe to our newsletter - it’ll get sent right to your email inbox once a month! Check out the EFNW news page to sign up for these handy emails:
  5. We don't want anypony to miss out!

    If you have not yet purchased your badge, you'd better hop on it! Early bird pricing for badges ends tomorrow; visit to take advantage of the deal to while it's still available.
  6. You thought you were excited about Rainbow Dash (Ashleigh Ball) coming to Everfree Northwest? Well our two new VIP guests are even more stoked than you! Sarah Edmondson & Jason Deline, the voices of RD’s parents, have joined the Everfree Northwest 2018 guest lineup! Check out their bios below! Sarah Edmondson is a talented actress with a radiant smile and natural charm. She has an exceptionally diverse portfolio of interests, and dedicates herself with limitless energy and positivity to the worlds of acting and yoga. Born and raised in Vancouver B.C., Sarah first launched her professional acting career on the popular CBC teen soap series, "Edgemont", where she played the love interest to Grace Park’s (Hawaii Five-O) character, Shannon. From there, Sarah went on to numerous lead and supporting roles on SyFy’s "Andromeda", "Continuum", and "Stargate SG-1", USA Network’s "Dead Zone" and Lifetime Television’s "Killer Hair" and "Hostile Makeover". Sarah also guest-starred on J.J. Abram’s hit FOX series, "Fringe", and has been seen in a recurring role as a troublemaker ex-girlfriend on USA Network’s hugely successful dramedy, "Psych". Sarah also didn’t hesitate to step into the role of a psychopathic criminal groupie in Blaine Thurier’s critically acclaimed feature, A GUN TO THE HEAD, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. The launch of this film was on the heels of Sarah’s Leo Award-nominated comedic roles in the short films AWKWARD, which screened at The Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival, and SPARKLELITE MOTEL. As a voice over artist, Sarah has created original voices for characters for Cartoon Network’s "Max Steel", and "Transformers Cybertron", Discovery Kids "Class of the Titans", Hasbro’s "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", and Netflix’s "Dinotrux". Sarah has also voiced characters for numerous popular children’s series including The Rose in France Télévisions’ "Le Petit Prince", and Thea Stilton for "Geronimo Stilton". She can be heard as River in Season One of “Minecraft Mini Series: Challenge of the Spooky Isles” by Mattel Action!. Recently, Sarah was seen in Hallmark’s "Love at First Bark", and "The Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love". She is currently on the set of another Hallmark film, "At Home in Mitford", alongside award-winning actress Andie MacDowell. - A veteran of stage, screen and radio, Jason has voiced thousands of commercials for clients such as Coke, Mitsubishi, Subaru & Movie Central. He has voiced lead characters in several hit cartoons such as Drago in 'Bakugan,' Benkei in 'Beyblade,' Glen in 'Beywheel,' and various characters in series such as 'Totally Spies!,' 'Arthur,' 'MagiNation,' and the upcoming film 'Spark,' and in Ponyville, makes an entrance as Bow HotHoof –Rainbow Dash’s Dad! He did a hilarious turn as the coked-out event organizer in the wrestling/monster comedy 'Monster Brawl' opposite Art Hindle and Dave Foley, and can be seen sporting a moustache as a newscaster in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.' During his stints at various radio stations, Jason’s been an on-air host, writer, director, producer, and creative director. Jason has also starred in, written and directed everything from TV series and commercials, to live theatre and sketch comedy. Often consulted about casting and directing for various productions, Jason has developed a voiceover workshop for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike called Find Your Voice. It gives Jason a chance to instill good habits in voice performers, as well as meet some fantastic, unknown talent that he can keep in mind when casting and directing commercials, games and animated series. Most recently Jason was the casting and voice director for the animated series 'Crack-Duck', and played Officer Tessio in the Robert Zemeckis film 'The Walk.' These two lovely additions to our guest list makes eight so far, with more to come! Read about all currently announced guests at http:/, and stay tuned for what’s coming next! Art by KellyTheDrawingUni
  7. Happy Hearth's Warming!

    Happy Hearth's Warming from our family to yours! Art by:
  8. Show us what you got!

    Do you have some awesome goods you’d like to sell at Everfree Northwest? Vendor hall applications close January 1st so get those forms in on the double! Apply here: before it’s too late! Art by talonsoficeandfire
  9. Read all about it!

    Credit: imdrunkontea Did you know we have a monthly newsletter to help you keep up to date with all the exciting news about Everfree Northwest? You can have Front Page bring you all the news by signing up over at our website: Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your email address, and click the subscribe button!
  10. Games we play!

    Credit: Singingseashelle Do you like to play games? Come on down to and see what kind of games Front Page likes to play, and as always, send her more of your questions!
  11. Rooms are Ready for the holidays!

    Have you heard about our Friendship badges? A Friendship badge is a special add on to any of our Hotel tiers (Silver Seed, Gold Seedling, or Diamond Sapling), that comes with the perks of the Sponsor pass, but for a lower price! Help a friend save $100 off a Sponsor pass by adding a Friendship pass on to your Hotel badge. Check out the perks of the Friendship Badge, located under the Sponsor tier, and bring a friend to Everfree Northwest 2018!
  12. Keeping up with the Mascots!

    Credit: Singingseashelle Mocha and I love to go camping together when I have time off from work. We hike over Mount Reinier to our usual camping spot. Check out to see what I’m up to in my spare time. Feel free to drop me, or my friends, an ask while you’re there!
  13. Are you looking to be a vendor and sell your wares at Everfree Northwest 2018? We would love to have you and see what you’ve got! Please let us know by applying at before it’s too late! Applications close on January 1st. Art credit: talonsoficeandfire
  14. Royal Guard Dispatch Needed

    The Royal Guard is a lot like walking information booths! You help out around the convention and just make sure there's a staff presence in all areas, as well as reporting to the higher ups if any issues pop up. Feel free to email for more information!
  15. Doing your Christmas shopping? What could be better than a pass to Everfree Northwest? Not only are our early bird prices still in effect, but for the holiday season, we now have a gift option on all passes! Available now, just select “Is this a gift?” at check out. You’ll receive an e-ticket that you can send out to anypony or print out to put inside a holiday card. If you already purchased a badge and need our new e-ticket gift option, please email with your confirmation code and we’ll get it to you. We also have a brand new badge option debuting for the holidays! Introducing Spirit badges! Can’t make it to Everfree Northwest, but still want to get your hooves on some sweet swag? Then pick up a Spirit pass today! We’ll mail you a package after the convention full of awesome merch and other surprises. We even have an option for our international fans! Check out our early bird prices and new passes at: These deals won’t last forever!