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  1. My friend on Skype known as Pinkemina lover is making a pony game and is looking for a C++ or Java Programmer. Let me know before hand if you wish to help my friend out so that I may let her know of incoming staff. Thanks in advance for the help, and we hope to see you as part of our staff! ~ Void Chaser
  2. Ok Times Core, thanks! And SCS sir/ma'am, I honestly had no clue where else to post it! XD Thanks for putting it in the right place though!
  3. My friend on Skype by the name of Pinkemina Lover needs help in creating this custom MLP game! The thing that she needs help with, is character creation and environmental structures/texturing. I hope that somepony would be willing to help out my friend, so thanks in advance to those who choose to help! ~ Void Chaser
  4. Thank u, I hope u get a chance to read my fic!
  5. Ok, I guess I'll try. I'd like to record videos but I don't have a capture card for my PC or Xbox One. The update for live streaming on the Xbox One console come out next Tuesday! The same day as Titan Fall comes out!
  6. Yep, it sure is! But sadly though, I don't have many views. And the views I DO have, gave me a bad like/dislike ratio. :'(
  7. Fluttershyfan94: OMG DERPY NYAN NYAN!!!! And thanks! lol Equerio: Well, my 'art' lies within writing. If I actually try to draw something, it'll suck really bad. I've already attempted drawing a pony, but I couldn't even create the basic structure. But thanks though, I hope we can be friends on here!
  8. You know that Golden Harvest is actually known as Carrot Top right?
  9. Wish I could get a better view on my fic.

  10. Thanks, and I hope u like my fic!
  11. Thanks u all, I hope everypony gets a chance to read it! Wait, I'm part of the muffin group now?! Watch out for Derpy!!! XD
  12. Thank u, I hope u get to read my fic as well! I have Kingdom Hearts Dearly Beloved playing while I think of the game called Legends of Equestria. Truly hits the heart where it feels like home! :') I have already posted a topic regarding my fic and nopony has seen it. :'(
  13. Thank u, I hope u get a chance to read my fic thus far!
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