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  1. Hi evryone, im just letting evryone know that you are allowed to add me on skype but please post your forums name in the messages, becus some things happend wich caused me to think i cant trust much people anymore after what happend. And for the people who want to offend me, please leave me alone becus if you choose to contineu such behavior againts me, im willing to take heavy action.
  2. Welcome to the forums, i hope you have a awsome time here!
  3. Dont worry, are you familiar with 2d fighting games? i also make those, mostly dbz 2d fighting games.
  4. There arent any pony fps games indeed (except for l4d2 and gmod but those are just addons im talking about a whole game) If you could help me it would be great
  5. Hi Evrypony, im looking for people who are willing to help me make fps games, i know i have said this earlier, but the stress is just getting me to much and im never able to finish my games alone, the furthest i can get is making a demo but thats ofcourse not really something... And please, i know many people on the forums are not interested in my games, but please, help me out with this, and even if you dont know how to make fps games dont worry, i can teach you all in a blink of a eye. Just post your skypename in the post section (if you have skype ofcourse) or pm me. Stress is getting me to much, please help out a 14 year old boy to make his dream come true.
  6. Hello fellow bronies and pegasisters. As some of you know i make 2d fighting games and fps shooters. This time im working on a huge project that is a 2d fighting game about dragon ball z. But the problem is im literly stressing myself to death becus of the amount of work it requires to get it done. I really beg you, please help me making the game and whe can make this game come true (Since there arent that much dragon ball z games on pc except for mugen but yeah, there are to much mugen dbz games). And dont worry if you dont know anything about making 2d fighting games, this doesnt require any skill, it will only require your input. If you are willing to help me that would be really awsome, if you want to help make a post with your skype name (if you have it ofcourse and if you dont have skype pm's are also good but not the easiest way for me to communicate) and i will personally teach you how to use the engine via skype, also calling with skype might be the best way since it has sharing screens etc. I hope to see you guys around! Ps: If you are willing to help and once the game is decent, your name will be put in the credits
  7. Hi evryone, im happy to announce that my new fighting game in is in progress! As the game: Dbz Burst Limit inspired me to do this, i got tons of ideas to make it even better, but i cant without your help! If you want to play the game, you can! The demo is done so you are able to download it now from this link: For the people who are afraid of viruses or dont trust this link, dont worry i posted a virus scan
  8. Ah sorry i dint knew, its kinda hard for me somethimes to understand where i have to post where but soon or later i will learn it It would be awsome if you could find your oc for me, since im really in a mood to import people's oc's in the game engine
  9. Hi, i give peope the oppertunity to get their oc's in a 2d fighting game! What is needed to get your oc in the 2d fighting game project: 1. You will need some poses or a spritesheet of your oc but i must not be to big or else it will look bad ingame. 2. post what kind of attacks your oc would have, like punching kicking, special abilities etc. 3. what kind of pony is your oc? Pegasus, earthpony, unicorn etc. (Alicorns are allowed but dont make it to overpowered due the power that alicorns have. thats all guys. Hope you to see your oc's!
  10. Hi evryone, Im looking for people who want to be help me with my new game project by voice acting, making designs or graphigs etc. and many more! (if you know something atleast you want to help with hehe) The engine i use for my project is: Zeq2 Beta 1 Are you interest to help me? The following things are needed in your post: What kind of thing are you good in? like gfx, voice acting, art etc How do you want to contact me? (Skype, PM etc) Whats the reason you want to help me? (Optional) And ofcourse i will put your name in the credits. The screenshots are below
  11. Not trying to be rude Krake but please watch this video watch it all the way to the end

  12. Im sorry i coudlnt help you guys on the forums, and im terribly sorry you guys had to suffer from my depression, im worthless anyways, becus who needs me anyways?

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      Oh idk what happened there, i didn't wanted to spam i swear.

    3. Silver Blade

      Silver Blade

      Your not worthless, as I have said before... I was gone recently because of the death of a friend.. And I didn't get to tell you, but remember that presentation I was makeing in suicide? A little kid asked about your story (I had briefly mentioned you) and I told him about you. that inspired him to make a motivational speech at his school as well. It turned out that the speech he gave SAVED someone (I found out by a staff member) from hurting himself. If you wanna talk, MSG me. It migh...

  13. And there goes the second monster energy! In! My! Mouth! *Drinks Monster Energy*

  14. well time for me to drink atnother can of monster energy again