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Posts posted by Jeric

  1. 12 hours ago, Splashee® said:

    You stop having nightmares around the age of 13

    Or was that something else?

    They can continue throughout your life. I have them from time to time and I am 43. Most of the time they align with experiences, conversations, or thoughts I have had the previous day. If dreams are your minds way of processing memory for 'storage' this makes a lot of sense. 

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  2. This argument is really over before it began, because I can’t restrict emoticons or reactions at a forum level anyway. I mean it’s possible with modifications to the source code, but I have better things to do with my time than intervene technically in something that can just be ignored. 

    For consistency sake, I’m not in favor of managing to the exception. A few people who annoy others with emotes doesn’t justify the hours it would take to research, develop, and implement a restrictive system. I mean, I’ll just tell people how I feel when I see over reliance for smugness. 

    For clarification and transparency sake, and since I speak for myself, I have personally shown concern with how debate is currently moderated and how users have conducted themselves. Not all tools are being used as I feel that they should have. I have suggested a temporary closure of debate pit after another Administrator suggested that they might be on board with its permanent closure. Other staff have suggested specific topics be restricted (as we current do have a few banned topics). None of this has been fully vetted or discussed among Administrators or other Moderators. 

    The situation is certainly more fluid. What would make this a non-issue would be taking a step back and everyone not taking every opinion as a personal attack. Schadenfreude is not a death threat, criticism of an organization is not in and of itself racist, and 80% of the reports I see are basically whining. That whining may actually cause several staffers to start reacting. 

    I am not asking for peace and harmony. I’m far to pragmatic for that. But can you all in debate please stop using the report button like a tattle button? 

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  3. 16 hours ago, Scar said:

    To be entirely honest, why do we even need a political section on this forum at all?

    It has been suggested that the forum may be more palatable without one. It exists only to keep hot-button political debate separated from general discussion. Way back when (before I joined the community) it was an attempt to isolate political discourse from general topics. 

    16 hours ago, Scar said:

    It's not meant to be a debate forum. 

    It is, though it finds itself in between a raging dumpster fire that comes with allowing any and all responses, and classical debate. The first doesn't fit this forum's general purpose. The second doesn't have adequate participation as most users here lack the ability to follow one of the accepted formal debate and rhetorical structures. No questioning period, no rule that assertions contain qualified proof, limits on new arguments introducing in rebuttal, etc. 

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  4. The Federal Government should revisit their position on criminalizing marijuana. Medical uses should be permissible at the State level with Physician Rx. From a moral standpoint, I see no issue with recreational marijuana, and would support a referendum in my State to decriminalize possession. Those are the easy opinions I hold on this issue.

    The more complicated ones have to do with employers having the right to screen Each argument has an strong counter argument. When the rights of a sole proprietor come into direct conflict with the rights of an individual, and that individual is an actor who has agency over the cause of the action that the employer disallowed  ... it is often hard to just go with my gut. It hasn’t been legally tested in any robust way in my country, so limited precedent leaves it up to my personal preference ... and I honestly don’t know. 


  5. The technical solutions proposed would be phenomenal, but are not implementable at the moment. As far as changes to the policy, I can address how I instruct the moderation team and how I have handled poor quality posts in the past. 

    I do not, and have never liked, shutting down a topic just because the kickoff was not as well written or as well formed as I would have liked. What defines a well written posts, like most topics in moderation, tends to be difficult to explain. Moderation and Administration has, on numerous occasions, tried to find simple litmus tests to qualify what would constitute a poor OP. Different staffers had different ideas. 

    My personal opinion follows a few very simple to meet 'tests' 


    1. Is the post constructed in a way that it can be understood? 
    2. Is there an attempt at communication with others happening?
    3. Is the OP a likely troll post?
    4. Is it repetitive/generalized/or a simple salutation


    The status update and blog rule was created during a time and place where we didn't want what amounted to quick strike 'chatty' OP's. Users should not create a topic in General Discussion asking "How is everyone doing today?" We also wanted to avoid massive lists from everyone with their own personal episode/character rankings. These are actually topics that ARE better suited as status updates and blogs. There are also specific topics that you can chat in with a casual drive by hello or rankings. 




    If I am went to the doctor today and he had horrible bedside manner and I created a topic that had the following 


    TITLE : Ugh My Doctor Sucked!

    Body: Man, just came back from the doc and he just told me stop whining and get off the couch! Seriously? What a jerk!



    This is the type of topic that would find itself possibly locked with the user told to make it a status update or blog. I have pointed out that we as a forum want traffic. We want people to look at our users content. Status updates are not indexed. Blogs may indexed (just tested this and saw some of mine) be but as you pointed out it is not as visible as a post. That, to me, is besides the point. That example I have up there, has actual conversational value. The topic can take shape as many different, yet interesting, discussions. I could easily reply many ways to that complaint about bedside manner. This is what I would often tell the staff, "This is a salvageable topic". Mods have the ability to adjust the title to match the conversation, and I have encouraged them to actually guide conversation in these topics instead of locking them. I want a conversational forum. Users do not need to write a five paragraph structure to create a discussable topic. 



    I'll relay my thoughts to the team again. What will not be happening is a removal of the rule because there are legitimate reasons it exists. The enhancements discussed within this thread are great ideas, but not something that anyone can commit to at the moment. 

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  6. MLPForums and Forum staff have no authority to reverse bans on other services provided, just as admins and mods of other Poniverse sites cannot effect our decisions and processes. 

    We will usually direct you to an Admin there. As that has been done, closing this. 

  7. 5 hours ago, You said:

    As it strike me as the issue still being pretty prevalent, what about this suggestion?

    Not going to respond to this just yet, though I want to make it known that my responses above were as a user since I was retired at the time, so my commentary regarding staff tendency to close topics was not a reflection or representation of official policy. Unfortunately, one of the limits to user groups is that it retroactively alters posts made prior to the change in group. 

    To put not so fine a point on my comments — I was not a fan of locking topics solely because of a lack of effort on the OP. I’ll comment further on any possible solutions at a later time. I just wanted to give some historical context to my earlier posts so there wasn’t any confusion. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Goat-kun said:

    I believe that we got our answer. Political skirmishes aren't allowed outside the debate pit. You'll still be able to talk about stuff that is or can become political in nature, but you won't be able to roll out in full battle gear unless you are going spelunking.


    Nailed it! 

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  9. 13 minutes ago, China (100% NOT China) said:

    Honestly, I wonder if covid19 should get considered a political topic as a whole. Yes, it impacts us heavily in daily life. But any innocent status update about freetime gatherings with others, about masks, about lockdowns sucking....they can just turn into all the political explosion quickly. I feel it is close to impossible to reply to them without being political at all.

    It also somewhat comes down to I just want to do or say this, and every response to it, especially if not agreeing with me, is considered political and should be deleted.

    Don't get me wrong, I am fully acknowledging this is complex and a dilemma. Merely pointing out here it is.

    Nope. We aren’t doing this. There is a reason I’m not itemizing and breaking this stuff down to some sort of granular absurdity. I addressed this earlier. You know what we are talking about when we say we want political content to stay in Debate. Ain’t gonna be no rabbit hole of what-ifs today. If you want to know what what we are talking about then spend a few minutes on a political forum, a media website (CNN or FoxNews), or any interest group that is highly connected to politics. 


    This guy would understand XD


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  10. I think separating social commentary discussion that the show brings up directly or indirectly is a bit problematic which is why we aren’t going to be doing that. Same with other media like non-pony shows and gaming. You can’t really have a discussion of The Last of Us 2, for instance, without touching on the content within the game that has set out to bring its point of view on a current social element. 

    This is mostly about keeping the shit storm surrounding current events off the main status feeds, and keeping IRL politics in its proper space to discuss. 


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  11. Another important item is that when Ponies start to touch on a social or political issue, this is allowed and encouraged to be discussed in the appropriate framing in the regular Pony areas. We aren’t going to lock a thread about the show itself when an episode/comic/etc goes political or has social commentary. Again that is common sense. What isn’t reasonable would be a topic “Would AJ vote for Trump”. :P



    Social Gathering Topics and Blogs that discuss faith and lifestyle in a non debate centric environment are still permitted in General Discussion and Blogs. 

    Anyone 13 years and older should be able to distinguish between a social thread and a topic meant to invoke debate. 

    “[insert religion] Thread -  A place to discuss [insert religion] themed topics” is obviously okay. 


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  13. Administration also understands that this means new users to MLPF will not be able to engage in Debate Topics in any venue on out site until they have made 100 posts and have full access to Debate.


    The decision to make sure “hot button” topics stay in debate will be unpopular for some. We know this. We also know some may decide to leave the site. Even with this, it was fully agreed upon and implemented and isn’t changing. What is considered “political” is fluid and requires rational judgement so there will be no itemized breakdown of what constitutes a political status update or blog. 

    Debate has its place on this site, and some come here to escape it. Some come here for it. Never should the two meet. 




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  14. I’m very familiar with this software over the years as it was a favorite among games who liked to modify save files to hack games and such.

    Many YouTubers that focus on mobile gaming use BlueStacks as their emulator if choice to do recordings. I don’t have any use for the software since I have an active development account and Android Studio allows emulation on modern devices and games (YMMV depending on your laptop or desktop since it’s a resource hog :P )

  15. Most are leftover from my Philly upbringing. 

    Bagel I pronounce beg el. 
    Water will occasionally come out as waddah. 
    Compass sounds .... like romp and not some

    The one that no one know where it came from is how I say wafer. It is pronounced way-fer. I pronounce it wah-fer if I’m not catching myself. 

    On 5/14/2020 at 3:46 PM, Mini said:

    rural” makes my mouth feel weird when i say it and it comes out like I’m speaking with my mouth ful

    That word and me don’t get along either. 

  16. Wow. It was actually right before large venues started to close down in March. We cancelled a cruise as we were not about to take any chances with that nonsense so Cindy and I took a trip to Tampa (where we had dinner with @~C. Discord~ ). We caught a museum and the zoo while we were there. 

    Anyway, I normally visit my local zoo a few times a year. Zip line fun over elephants is always worth a smile!

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